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39 Documents Found in Legislative Session 82 (2001-2002)
for Authors of "Moua"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
>Senate SF3469 8 05/18/2002 Text icon Anderson Resolution for conveyance of concerns of Minnesotans relating to human rights abuses by Chinese government leaders
>Senate SF3464 2 04/29/2002 Text icon Chaudhary State and local government units foods purchase moratorium
>Senate SF3448 2 03/21/2002 Text icon Orfield Large retail stores use permit actions moratorium
>Senate SF3447 2 03/20/2002 Text icon Wiener Resolution urging food and drug administration emergency contraceptive pills over the counter purchase approval
>Senate SF3369 2 02/21/2002 Text icon Moua Minimum wage increase
>Senate SF3368 3 03/07/2002 Text icon Moua Marriage solemnization provisions modifications
>Senate SF3355 2 02/21/2002 Text icon Moua Minneapolis-St. Paul international airport rest room requirements
>Senate SF3354 2 02/21/2002 Text icon Moua Sales tax exemption for seller prepared bakery products
>Senate SF3306 2 02/20/2002 Text icon Pappas Ethanol producer payments prohibition
>Senate SF3245 4 02/25/2002 Text icon Cohen St. Paul library agency
>Senate SF3230 2 02/15/2002 Text icon Rest Violence and harassment against Minnesota youth task force
>Senate SF3218 2 02/15/2002 Text icon Higgins Children in need of protection relative placement requirement
>Senate SF3195 2 02/14/2002 Text icon Sabo School districts sexually transmitted infection program
>Senate SF3189 8 05/18/2002 Text icon Pappas Independent school district 625, St. Paul and city of St. Paul civil service functions separation validation and retroactive effective date
>Senate SF3163 3 03/04/2002 Text icon Scheid Health insurance coverage for ovarian cancer surveillance testing
>Senate SF3149 2 02/14/2002 Text icon Anderson Property tax valuation exclusion duration extension for older homestead property improvements
>Senate SF3112 2 02/14/2002 Text icon Higgins Sales tax exemption expansion for low income housing construction materials, supplies and equipment
>Senate SF3094 2 02/14/2002 Text icon Kelley, S.P. St. Paul performing arts charter school sponsorship
>Senate SF3079 2 02/14/2002 Text icon Lourey Early childhood learning and child protection facilities construction or rehabilitation grants bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF3053 2 02/14/2002 Text icon Moua Medical assistance eligibility period clarification
>Senate SF3036 4 02/25/2002 Text icon Moua Tax policy and administration provisions modification
>Senate SF3027 2 02/11/2002 Text icon Pappas Higher education undocumented noncitizens as state residents
>Senate SF3019 9 03/04/2002 222 Text icon Ranum Predatory sex offenders registration requirements expansion
>Senate SF3018 3 02/14/2002 Text icon Moua Metropolitan state university St. Paul campus community library and information access center construction bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF3015 15 04/15/2002 331 Text icon Scheid Commerce department insurance fraud prevention division; crime of employment of runners
>Senate SF2973 2 02/11/2002 Text icon Higgins Income tax education credit modifications
>Senate SF2958 2 02/11/2002 Text icon Anderson Income tax credit for affordable housing contributions
>Senate SF2875 7 03/11/2002 Text icon Moua State environmental sustainability policy
>Senate SF2870 2 02/07/2002 Text icon Murphy St. Paul farmers market hall construction grant bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF2867 2 02/07/2002 Text icon Ranum Property and sales tax exemptions for low income housing
>Senate SF2866 2 02/07/2002 Text icon Ranum Sales tax exemption for seller prepared bakery and fruit products
>Senate SF2848 2 02/07/2002 Text icon Moua St. Paul Phalen boulevard contamination remediation grant bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF2806 2 02/07/2002 Text icon Johnson, Dave Fire protection contractor license requirement exemption
>Senate SF2784 2 02/07/2002 Text icon Pappas Ramsey county St. Paul Union depot purchase bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF2783 2 02/07/2002 Text icon Sabo St. Paul and Minneapolis central corridor transitway planning bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF2775 2 02/07/2002 Text icon Murphy Red Rock commuter rail line planning bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF2397 5 02/07/2002 Text icon Moua St. Paul Minnesota neighborhood house immigration and community resource center construction and Minneapolis community development agency building renovation grants bond issue and appropriations
>Senate SF0309 3 02/20/2002 Text icon Wiger Employee invention agreements employer rights forfeiture
>Senate SR0206 2 04/03/2002 Text icon Moua A senate resolution commending Tou Lee for saving his family from their burning house on March 6, 2002