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62 Documents Found in Legislative Session 81 (1999-2000)
for Authors of "Ziegler"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
>Senate SF3829 2 04/27/2000 Text icon Stevens Nursing facilities medical assistance payment rate increase for employee wage enhancements
>Senate SF3828 3 04/25/2000 Text icon Hanson Sales tax exemption for county fair admissions
>Senate SF3820 2 04/10/2000 Text icon Stevens Death penalty for first degree murder
>Senate SF3725 2 03/03/2000 Text icon Ziegler Wholesale produce dealer regulations scope clarification
>Senate SF3723 2 03/03/2000 Text icon Kleis Legislators retirement plan exclusions
>Senate SF3678 6 03/15/2000 Text icon Frederickson Drainage projects funding alternative
>Senate SF3649 2 02/29/2000 Text icon Ziegler Farmamerica grant appropriation
>Senate SF3641 3 03/03/2000 Text icon Marty University of Minnesota personal rapid transit system grants appropriations
>Senate SF3615 2 02/28/2000 Text icon Larson Canada geese crop depredation abatement materials purchase bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF3563 2 02/24/2000 Text icon Robling Church or religious organization child care programs licensing
>Senate SF3561 2 02/24/2000 Text icon Olson North Star Standard High School Graduation Requirements
>Senate SF3537 2 02/24/2000 Text icon Ziegler Rural finance authority loan programs bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF3526 2 02/24/2000 Text icon Ziegler School districts adjusted marginal costs pupil units definition modification for funding purposes
>Senate SF3505 2 02/24/2000 Text icon Olson Gillette children's hospital construction and renovation bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF3483 2 02/24/2000 Text icon Limmer Consumer Privacy Protection Act
>Senate SF3440 2 02/21/2000 Text icon Lesewski Property tax education agricultural credit determination modification
>Senate SF3434 2 02/21/2000 Text icon Ziegler Local or regional workforce identification systems development grants
>Senate SF3370 2 02/21/2000 Text icon Larson Income tax subtraction for personal and dependent exemptions
>Senate SF3324 2 02/17/2000 Text icon Robling DWI repeat violations felony penalties
>Senate SF3306 2 02/17/2000 Text icon Johnson, D.E. Transit systems funding provisions, bond issue and appropriations
>Senate SF3247 2 02/17/2000 Text icon Lesewski Special education programs through private facilities contracts
>Senate SF3197 3 02/17/2000 Text icon Knutson Telephone solicitors registration and regulation
>Senate SF3182 2 02/14/2000 Text icon Ziegler Local government units clean water partnership assistance and boat and canoe accesses and fishing sites improvement bond issue and appropriations
>Senate SF3137 2 02/14/2000 Text icon Ziegler Farmamerica accessibility and security improvements grant appropriation
>Senate SF3136 2 02/14/2000 Text icon Ziegler Sales tax exemption for cemetery upkeep services
>Senate SF3109 2 02/14/2000 Text icon Lesewski Property tax homestead treatment of trust property
>Senate SF3099 2 02/14/2000 Text icon Lesewski Transportation regulation board responsibilities transfer
>Senate SF3086 2 02/14/2000 Text icon Ziegler Pseudorabies control program continuation appropriation
>Senate SF3077 2 02/14/2000 Text icon Lesewski Value added agricultural product processing and marketing grant program expansion
>Senate SF3073 2 02/14/2000 Text icon Hottinger Mankato state university student athletic facilities renovation and restoration bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF3030 2 02/10/2000 Text icon Scheevel Property tax classification rate reductions; personal and dependent income tax subtraction; sales tax rebate; local government units sales tax exemption expansion
>Senate SF3022 2 02/10/2000 Text icon Ziegler Teacher loan forgiveness program
>Senate SF3021 2 02/10/2000 Text icon Stevens Nursing facilities medical assistance operating cost reimbursement floor
>Senate SF2867 2 02/10/2000 Text icon Stevens Public roads repair, maintenance and rehabilitation wetlands replacement bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF2755 4 03/01/2000 Text icon Robling Child care worker new classification
>Senate SF2728 2 02/07/2000 Text icon Lesewski Conciliation court foreign and domestic corporations civil actions jurisdiction
>Senate SF2695 2 02/07/2000 Text icon Dille County boards animal feedlot administrative penalty orders issuance authority and solid and hazardous waste penalty orders issuance authority extension; abated feedlot penalties authorized uses expansion
>Senate SF2669 2 02/07/2000 Text icon Langseth Multicultural development grants bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF2651 2 02/07/2000 Text icon Ziegler St. Clair Le Sueur River erosion control project appropriation
>Senate SF2650 2 02/07/2000 Text icon Ziegler Independent school district 2860, Blue Earth area; type III school van age requirement temporary exemption
>Senate SF2601 2 02/03/2000 Text icon Larson Retailers accelerated June sales, liquor and tobacco taxes payment liability elimination
>Senate SF2582 2 02/03/2000 Text icon Ziegler School districts interactive television levy authority restoration and aid increase
>Senate SF2581 3 02/03/2000 Text icon Ziegler Watonwan county St. James library renovation and expansion bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF2580 2 02/03/2000 Text icon Ziegler Environmental partnership program for individual sewage treatment systems improvement and replacement
>Senate SF2563 2 02/03/2000 Text icon Ziegler Martin county tax-forfeited land sale
>Senate SF2529 2 02/03/2000 Text icon Larson Nursing facilities medical assistance payment rate increases for employee salaries
>Senate SF2504 2 02/03/2000 Text icon Kierlin Charter schools profile of learning alternative
>Senate SF2376 4 02/10/2000 Text icon Day Medical assistance program pharmacies participation conditions
>Senate SF2325 2 02/01/2000 Text icon Kiscaden Ambulance services additional authorized drivers and local government units additional requirements costs reimbursement
>Senate SF2265 2 05/14/1999 Text icon Ziegler Faribault county transit system appropriation
>Senate SF2239 2 04/28/1999 Text icon Larson Teachers retirement annuity selection option
>Senate SF2197 3 04/14/1999 Text icon Kleis Repeat violent offenders life imprisonment; first time sex offenders indeterminate sentencing
>Senate SF2144 4 04/07/1999 Text icon Belanger Income tax rate reductions and bracket adjustments; corporate franchise tax election; property tax classification rate reductions; sales tax accelerated liability elimination; motor vehicle registration flat tax; MinnesotaCare tax repeal
>Senate SF1835 3 04/19/1999 Text icon Piper Blue Earth wastewater funding loan and grant bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF0946 5 04/14/1999 Text icon Vickerman Property tax exemption for electric generation peaking facilities
>Senate SF0783 4 04/28/1999 Text icon Ziegler Faribault and Blue Earth counties quad lakes restoration project appropriation
>Senate SF0586 7 04/22/1999 Text icon Lesewski School districts general education property tax levy agricultural property exemption
>Senate SR0156 2 04/12/2000 Text icon Larson A senate resolution honoring national volunteer week
>Senate SR0154 2 04/11/2000 Text icon Ziegler A senate resolution congratulating Janie Hanson for receiving the Minnesota state high school league triple A award for class A
>Senate SR0138 2 03/17/2000 Text icon Ziegler A senate resolution congratulating Ty Eustice on receiving postseason honors
>Senate SR0137 2 03/17/2000 Text icon Ziegler A senate resolution congratulating Jeff Pfaffinger on receiving postseason wrestling honors
>Senate SR0084 2 05/10/1999 Text icon Ziegler A senate resolution congratulating Kiester middle school for its high scores on the state eighth grade basic skills math test