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26 Documents Found in Legislative Session 80 (1997-1998)
for Chief Authors of "Olson"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
>Senate SF3412 2 03/30/1998 Text icon Olson Mothers jury service exemption
>Senate SF3356 2 02/23/1998 Text icon Olson Tobacco litigation settlement proceeds deposit requirement and use restrictions
>Senate SF3204 2 02/11/1998 Text icon Olson Delano tax increment financing local contribution election authority
>Senate SF2845 2 02/04/1998 Text icon Olson Schools student achievement levels increase plans
>Senate SF2816 2 02/02/1998 Text icon Olson Personal flotation or lifesaving devices use requirement
>Senate SF2468 2 01/29/1998 Text icon Olson Education funding provisions modifications
>Senate SF2450 2 01/29/1998 Text icon Olson Watershed districts administrative funds authorized use expansion
>Senate SF2443 2 01/29/1998 Text icon Olson Solid waste management services sales and use taxes collection moratorium clarification and extension
>Senate SF2397 2 01/26/1998 Text icon Olson School recreational facilities use requirements modification
>Senate SF2249 2 01/22/1998 Text icon Olson Property tax rebate, simplification and reform; levy limits extension; income tax subtraction; alternative minimum tax calculation modification; university of Minnesota athletic events ticket tax receipts dedication
>Senate SF2206 2 01/22/1998 Text icon Olson School calendar teacher convention days inclusion prohibition
>Senate SF2059 2 01/20/1998 Text icon Olson Education board abolishment and duties transfer; Faribault academies board establishment; racial segregation prohibition
>Senate SF1994 2 05/19/1997 Text icon Olson Health care facilities latex products use restrictions
>Senate SF1866 2 04/07/1997 Text icon Olson Independent school district 277, Westonka; enrollment options program disabled enrollees tuition costs grant appropriation
>Senate SF1847 2 04/04/1997 Text icon Olson Sales and use tax provisions modifications
>Senate SF1845 2 04/04/1997 Text icon Olson School districts direct payments to cooperative units
>Senate SF1779 2 03/26/1997 Text icon Olson Minnesota school to work student organization foundation provisions modifications
>Senate SF1729 2 03/25/1997 Text icon Olson Cities maximum speed limits establishment authority
>Senate SF1667 2 03/24/1997 Text icon Olson Income tax rate reduction
>Senate SF1637 4 04/01/1997 Text icon Olson Sales tax on solid waste management services
>Senate SF1510 4 03/24/1997 Text icon Olson Property tax and education funding reform
>Senate SF1241 2 03/13/1997 Text icon Olson Compulsory school instruction age increase requirements removal
>Senate SF0978 2 03/03/1997 Text icon Olson State college and university employees PELRA public employee definition exclusion modification
>Senate SF0619 2 02/17/1997 Text icon Olson Education programs appropriations and provisions modifications
>Senate SF0356 2 02/06/1997 Text icon Olson Education appropriations caps repeal school districts levy adjustment
>Senate SF0021 3 01/13/1997 Text icon Olson Education provisions modifications