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104 Documents Found in Legislative Session 80 (1997-1998)
for Authors of "Olson"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
>Senate SF3413 2 03/31/1998 Text icon Lesewski School personnel licenses or contracts issuance or renewal restrictions
>Senate SF3412 2 03/30/1998 Text icon Olson Mothers jury service exemption
>Senate SF3378 11 03/06/1998 Text icon Pogemiller Omnibus K-12 education appropriations
>Senate SF3366 2 02/23/1998 Text icon Pappas Property tax reform; senior citizens property tax deferral program, tax increment financing, economic and regional development, housing and taconite tax provisions modifications; local government units bonding and levy authority
>Senate SF3356 2 02/23/1998 Text icon Olson Tobacco litigation settlement proceeds deposit requirement and use restrictions
>Senate SF3204 2 02/11/1998 Text icon Olson Delano tax increment financing local contribution election authority
>Senate SF2993 2 02/05/1998 Text icon Pappas School districts early student graduation basic revenue use
>Senate SF2974 2 02/05/1998 Text icon Robling Historical educational programs appropriation
>Senate SF2940 2 02/05/1998 Text icon Knutson School districts special education transitional goals notice requirement; higher education student grants eligible institution definition expansion; Minnesota life college grant appropriation
>Senate SF2935 2 02/04/1998 Text icon Dille Covenant marriages
>Senate SF2845 2 02/04/1998 Text icon Olson Schools student achievement levels increase plans
>Senate SF2816 2 02/02/1998 Text icon Olson Personal flotation or lifesaving devices use requirement
>Senate SF2760 2 02/02/1998 Text icon Pogemiller Minnesota learning resource center establishment appropriation
>Senate SF2755 2 02/02/1998 Text icon Lesewski Independent school district 415, Lynd; permanent fund transfer
>Senate SF2642 3 02/04/1998 Text icon Knutson Income tax brackets and alternative minimum tax exemption amounts modifications
>Senate SF2570 9 03/20/1998 300 Text icon Belanger Tax provisions technical corrections and administrative changes
>Senate SF2526 2 01/29/1998 Text icon Runbeck Income tax rates and brackets modification and property tax reform account allocation elimination
>Senate SF2468 2 01/29/1998 Text icon Olson Education funding provisions modifications
>Senate SF2450 2 01/29/1998 Text icon Olson Watershed districts administrative funds authorized use expansion
>Senate SF2443 2 01/29/1998 Text icon Olson Solid waste management services sales and use taxes collection moratorium clarification and extension
>Senate SF2397 2 01/26/1998 Text icon Olson School recreational facilities use requirements modification
>Senate SF2304 2 01/26/1998 Text icon Wiger Education finance act of 1992 repeal
>Senate SF2286 2 01/26/1998 Text icon Scheid Independent school district 279, Osseo; at risk children instructional services levy
>Senate SF2266 9 03/20/1998 299 Text icon Belanger Gasoline and special fuels tax provisions recodification and clarification
>Senate SF2249 2 01/22/1998 Text icon Olson Property tax rebate, simplification and reform; levy limits extension; income tax subtraction; alternative minimum tax calculation modification; university of Minnesota athletic events ticket tax receipts dedication
>Senate SF2206 2 01/22/1998 Text icon Olson School calendar teacher convention days inclusion prohibition
>Senate SF2185 2 01/22/1998 Text icon Robertson Education provisions modifications
>Senate SF2100 3 01/26/1998 Text icon Knutson Secondary education residential academies program
>Senate SF2059 2 01/20/1998 Text icon Olson Education board abolishment and duties transfer; Faribault academies board establishment; racial segregation prohibition
>Senate SF2020 2 01/20/1998 Text icon Runbeck Property tax rebate for tax prepayments
>Senate SF2016 2 01/20/1998 Text icon Pappas Sales tax exemption for public libraries
>Senate SF1994 2 05/19/1997 Text icon Olson Health care facilities latex products use restrictions
>Senate SF1962 2 05/14/1997 Text icon Stevens Ozone Attainment State Implementation Plan Act
>Senate SF1897 2 04/10/1997 Text icon Johnson, D.E. Education bill of rights for deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing children
>Senate SF1870 2 04/08/1997 Text icon Runbeck Constitutional amendment for special vote on new taxes or tax increases or extensions
>Senate SF1866 2 04/07/1997 Text icon Olson Independent school district 277, Westonka; enrollment options program disabled enrollees tuition costs grant appropriation
>Senate SF1847 2 04/04/1997 Text icon Olson Sales and use tax provisions modifications
>Senate SF1845 2 04/04/1997 Text icon Olson School districts direct payments to cooperative units
>Senate SF1785 4 04/24/1997 Text icon Knutson High school graduation rule local control
>Senate SF1779 2 03/26/1997 Text icon Olson Minnesota school to work student organization foundation provisions modifications
>Senate SF1774 2 03/26/1997 Text icon Kelley, S.P. School districts family connections aid, demonstration site and research study appropriations
>Senate SF1760 2 03/25/1997 Text icon Beckman Youth programs provisions modifications; Minnesota career information system; secondary vocational education program name change; lifework development plans
>Senate SF1729 2 03/25/1997 Text icon Olson Cities maximum speed limits establishment authority
>Senate SF1728 2 03/25/1997 Text icon Pariseau Property tax and education funding reform
>Senate SF1706 2 03/24/1997 Text icon Scheid Financial institutions advertising, prepayment penalties, credit extensions, electronic financial terminals, powers and depository accounts regulation
>Senate SF1674 2 03/24/1997 Text icon Betzold Metropolitan regional park system operation and maintenance appropriation
>Senate SF1668 2 03/24/1997 Text icon Runbeck Property tax classification rate reduction for public golf courses
>Senate SF1667 2 03/24/1997 Text icon Olson Income tax rate reduction
>Senate SF1637 4 04/01/1997 Text icon Olson Sales tax on solid waste management services
>Senate SF1608 2 03/20/1997 Text icon Robling First grade preparedness program grants appropriation
>Senate SF1585 2 03/20/1997 Text icon Robertson Advanced placement and international baccalaureate programs, scholarships and teacher stipends appropriations
>Senate SF1572 2 03/20/1997 Text icon Stumpf Secondary vocational education aid guarantee modification
>Senate SF1536 2 03/20/1997 Text icon Robertson Proposed property tax notice and property tax statement requirements modifications for school districts
>Senate SF1517 2 03/20/1997 Text icon Frederickson Budget reserve account balance increase; refundable income tax credit
>Senate SF1512 2 03/20/1997 Text icon Neuville Post-secondary enrollment options program eligibility expansion
>Senate SF1510 4 03/24/1997 Text icon Olson Property tax and education funding reform
>Senate SF1463 2 03/17/1997 Text icon Robling Municipal state aid street funds apportionment population determination by estimate
>Senate SF1269 3 03/25/1997 Text icon Vickerman Lawful gambling combined receipts tax schedule modification
>Senate SF1254 2 03/13/1997 Text icon Scheevel School attendance options; teachers records expungement and liability protection provisions
>Senate SF1241 2 03/13/1997 Text icon Olson Compulsory school instruction age increase requirements removal
>Senate SF1148 2 03/10/1997 Text icon Vickerman Gasoline tax exemption for fuel used to operate well drilling machines
>Senate SF1116 11 04/29/1997 58 Text icon Higgins Hennepin county public safety communications equipment sites lease, commercial wireless service providers county facilities use authority and housing and redevelopment authority notice requirement and powers restriction
>Senate SF1107 2 03/06/1997 Text icon Kelley, S.P. Sales tax exemption for metropolitan area public safety radio communication system products and services
>Senate SF1104 2 03/06/1997 Text icon Robling Metropolitan area towns election date change authority
>Senate SF1024 3 03/10/1997 Text icon Stevens Correctional facility for recidivists study
>Senate SF0990 2 03/03/1997 Text icon Stumpf Minnesota homework helpline appropriation
>Senate SF0978 2 03/03/1997 Text icon Olson State college and university employees PELRA public employee definition exclusion modification
>Senate SF0969 2 03/03/1997 Text icon Kleis Nonpublic schools guidance and counseling services
>Senate SF0953 2 03/03/1997 Text icon Robertson Education appropriations caps repeal school districts levy adjustment appropriation
>Senate SF0845 2 02/27/1997 Text icon Hottinger Sales tax exemption for court reporter transcripts
>Senate SF0824 2 02/27/1997 Text icon Knutson Governor's council on information policy reform
>Senate SF0811 3 02/27/1997 Text icon Johnson, D.E. Citizens regent candidate advisory council
>Senate SF0774 2 02/24/1997 Text icon Lessard Human rights department provisions modifications
>Senate SF0733 2 02/20/1997 Text icon Knutson School districts secondary student transcripts attendance information inclusion authority
>Senate SF0730 3 03/03/1997 Text icon Krentz Educational accountability
>Senate SF0728 2 02/20/1997 Text icon Novak Property tax classification rate reduction for noncommercial seasonal residential recreational property
>Senate SF0623 2 02/17/1997 Text icon Scheid Education provisions modification
>Senate SF0619 2 02/17/1997 Text icon Olson Education programs appropriations and provisions modifications
>Senate SF0617 3 03/13/1997 Text icon Metzen Physician license surcharge exemptions
>Senate SF0612 15 05/17/1997 153 Text icon Wiger Washington county recorder and auditor treasurer appointment; St. Paul city council members terms general law effect limit
>Senate SF0611 2 02/17/1997 Text icon Scheid School districts alternative education programs equitable funding
>Senate SF0586 2 02/13/1997 Text icon Knutson Constitutional amendment to limit legislative sessions to odd numbered years
>Senate SF0585 2 02/13/1997 Text icon Knutson Schools pornography blocking computer software
>Senate SF0584 2 02/13/1997 Text icon Knutson School district superintendents performance contracts and authorized salary increases
>Senate SF0568 2 02/13/1997 Text icon Wiger Independent school district 625, St. Paul; community based charter school grants eligibility expansion
>Senate SF0534 2 02/13/1997 Text icon Murphy Sales tax exemptions for capital equipment and materials used in providing taxable services
>Senate SF0499 2 02/11/1997 Text icon Terwilliger Vocational technical education council membership, powers and duties modifications
>Senate SF0489 3 02/11/1997 Text icon Runbeck Income tax deductions for individual medical savings accounts and health maintenance organizations coverage authority
>Senate SF0456 7 04/07/1997 Text icon Belanger Property, mortgage registry and deed tax policy provisions and local performance aid qualification requirements modifications
>Senate SF0455 4 02/24/1997 Text icon Belanger Tax provisions modifications; education investment fund and savings tax incentives
>Senate SF0443 2 02/10/1997 Text icon Junge Charter schools and interdistrict open enrollment provisions expansion
>Senate SF0441 5 04/01/1997 Text icon Novak Sales and in lieu tax exemptions for lottery tickets
>Senate SF0419 2 02/06/1997 Text icon Knutson School districts compensatory education revenue program modification
>Senate SF0361 2 02/06/1997 Text icon Pariseau Resolution for constitutional amendment for balanced federal budget
>Senate SF0356 2 02/06/1997 Text icon Olson Education appropriations caps repeal school districts levy adjustment
>Senate SF0267 2 01/30/1997 Text icon Scheid Education provisions modifications
>Senate SF0219 2 01/30/1997 Text icon Langseth Education technology provisions
>Senate SF0124 9 04/01/1997 16 Text icon Vickerman Towns emergency service charges
>Senate SF0113 2 01/23/1997 Text icon Robertson Independent school district 284, Wayzata; school year start before Labor Day
>Senate SF0042 2 01/13/1997 Text icon Lessard Constitutional amendment for extension of state lottery proceeds crediting to environment and natural resources trust fund
>Senate SF0030 2 01/13/1997 Text icon Knutson Constitutional amendment to limit consecutive legislative and executive service
>Senate SF0021 3 01/13/1997 Text icon Olson Education provisions modifications
>Senate SF0011 4 03/26/1997 Text icon Neuville Same sex marriages prohibition
>Senate SF0009 2 01/09/1997 Text icon Robling Education appropriations caps repeal