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81 Documents Found in Legislative Session 79 (1995-1996)
for Authors of "Spear"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
>Senate SF2714 6 03/07/1996 Text icon Terwilliger Crime of manslaughter in the first degree expansion
>Senate SF2609 3 02/23/1996 Text icon Spear Minneapolis convention center expansion bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF2602 3 02/12/1996 Text icon Spear Minneapolis additional special service district
>Senate SF2601 2 02/01/1996 Text icon Spear Public defenders documents at no charge; public defense board prior appropriation use authority
>Senate SF2593 2 02/01/1996 Text icon Spear Lyn Lake Jungle theatre community performing arts center bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF2573 2 02/01/1996 Text icon Kelly Challenge incarceration program eligibility expansion
>Senate SF2465 2 01/29/1996 Text icon Kelly Juvenile crime investigation and prevention grant program
>Senate SF2385 6 02/29/1996 Text icon Spear Probation service providers regulation and probation outcome measurement work group establishment
>Senate SF2357 5 03/22/1996 Text icon Ranum Criminal justice information systems provisions modifications
>Senate SF2340 9 04/01/1996 442 Text icon Marty DWI and criminal vehicular operation provisions modifications
>Senate SF2332 9 03/20/1996 334 Text icon Merriam Physicians sexual misconduct probable cause hearing
>Senate SF2322 7 02/29/1996 Text icon Spear Domestic assault provisions modifications
>Senate SF2315 2 01/25/1996 Text icon Spear Criminal offenders intensive community supervision programs expansion
>Senate SF2305 2 01/25/1996 Text icon Berglin Resolution for republic of Taiwan admission to United Nations
>Senate SF2227 6 03/11/1996 Text icon Kiscaden Controlled substances prescription for intractable pain
>Senate SF2225 2 01/25/1996 Text icon Flynn Metropolitan regional parks and recreation areas acquisition and betterment bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF2199 2 01/25/1996 Text icon Limmer Statute of limitations revival for hemophilia damage actions
>Senate SF2198 7 04/02/1996 458 Text icon Limmer Statute of limitations revival and extension for blood products damage actions
>Senate SF2186 3 01/29/1996 Text icon Mondale Bias crime victims damages recovery
>Senate SF2122 2 01/22/1996 Text icon Kelly Prairie correctional facility prisoners housing contract
>Senate SF2118 6 02/15/1996 Text icon Sams Safe house additional programs
>Senate SF2089 6 02/29/1996 Text icon Anderson Probationers detention or release authority
>Senate SF2070 2 01/22/1996 Text icon Cohen Ramsey and Hennepin counties juvenile violence prevention task forces
>Senate SF2064 3 01/29/1996 Text icon Spear Special series gender coded motor vehicle license plates for impounded plates
>Senate SF2047 3 01/29/1996 Text icon Spear Criminal history background checks provisions modifications
>Senate SF2046 2 01/18/1996 Text icon Marty Special motor vehicle license plates for persons subject to impoundment orders; prior license revocation definition clarification for DWI penalties imposition purposes
>Senate SF2015 2 01/18/1996 Text icon Anderson Athletic programs membership restrictions discriminatory practice exemption
>Senate SF1996 18 03/29/1996 391 Text icon Kelly Child custody visitation orders specificity requirement and dispute resolution programs; child support arrearages interest accrual elimination
>Senate SF1907 3 01/18/1996 Text icon Marty Violence victims state services goals establishment
>Senate SF1783 2 05/22/1995 Text icon Spear Constitutional amendment for filling of vacancy in office of lieutenant governor
>Senate SF1745 3 05/22/1995 Text icon Finn Uniform Statutory Will Act
>Senate SF1702 9 03/07/1996 Text icon Spear Private corrections treatment programs liability standards and limits
>Senate SF1695 2 05/10/1995 Text icon Spear Juveniles fetal alcohol exposure screening and treatment requirements
>Senate SF1690 2 05/08/1995 Text icon Reichgott Junge Constitutional amendment to permit legislative call of special sessions
>Senate SF1680 2 04/24/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Environmental high impact areas toxic waste reduction
>Senate SF1665 2 04/18/1995 Text icon Spear Statewide uniform student assessments
>Senate SF1515 2 03/29/1995 Text icon Kelly Juvenile offenders confinement requirements modifications
>Senate SF1485 3 03/30/1995 Text icon Krentz Dram shop liability for damages caused by intoxicated minors
>Senate SF1457 2 03/27/1995 Text icon Anderson Crime and violence prevention programs
>Senate SF1451 7 05/01/1995 Text icon Berglin Minneapolis additional special service districts establishment authority
>Senate SF1411 2 03/23/1995 Text icon Spear Minneapolis sales tax exemption for charitable organizations
>Senate SF1406 12 05/19/1995 Text icon Terwilliger Public officials salary limits establishment and modification
>Senate SF1355 2 03/22/1995 Text icon Anderson Pistol and semiautomatic military style assault weapons possession and transfer regulations
>Senate SF1311 2 03/20/1995 Text icon Spear Motor vehicle license plates impoundment criteria expansion
>Senate SF1308 2 03/20/1995 Text icon Spear Marijuana and tetrahydrocannabinols use for medical conditions treatment
>Senate SF1286 2 03/20/1995 Text icon Kelly Peace officer education programs and peace officer standards and training board provisions modifications
>Senate SF1274 2 03/20/1995 Text icon Solon Police horse interference prohibition
>Senate SF1269 2 03/20/1995 Text icon Limmer Crime of interference with privacy expansion
>Senate SF1255 9 04/21/1995 70 Text icon Limmer Correctional facilities use of force authority expansion
>Senate SF1248 2 03/20/1995 Text icon Kelly Peace officer education requirements modification
>Senate SF1212 2 03/16/1995 Text icon Merriam Law enforcement agencies booking photographs data classification and release
>Senate SF1205 2 03/16/1995 Text icon Spear Nonfelony enforcement advisory committee duties expansion, reporting deadline and sunset extensions and appropriation
>Senate SF1169 2 03/16/1995 Text icon Anderson Radioactive waste dry cask storage testing requirements
>Senate SF1153 3 03/30/1995 Text icon Spear Trial court judgeship increases
>Senate SF1151 6 04/19/1995 Text icon Spear Peace officers professional conduct regulation
>Senate SF1088 7 04/10/1995 Text icon Krentz Correctional facility inmates civil actions proceedings requirements modification and fees and costs liability
>Senate SF1052 10 05/09/1995 Text icon Reichgott Junge Domestic abuse provisions modification
>Senate SF0993 2 03/09/1995 Text icon Spear Minneapolis on-sale wine and malt liquor licenses issuance
>Senate SF0927 2 03/09/1995 Text icon Piper Business opportunities development grant appropriation
>Senate SF0926 2 03/09/1995 Text icon Piper Low income housing grant appropriation
>Senate SF0883 2 03/06/1995 Text icon Ranum Criminal statutes of limitation suspension during DNA analysis
>Senate SF0880 2 03/06/1995 Text icon Ranum Criminal sexual conduct statute of limitations extension
>Senate SF0825 2 03/02/1995 Text icon Spear Paternity determination in artificial insemination cases
>Senate SF0820 4 02/21/1996 Text icon Metzen MSRS correctional employees retirement plan coverage expansion
>Senate SF0711 2 02/27/1995 Text icon Anderson Public safety peer counseling debriefing evidentiary privilege
>Senate SF0574 10 04/21/1995 53 Text icon Finn Geographic features name change requirements
>Senate SF0512 17 05/22/1995 229 Text icon Spear Vulnerable adults protection provisions
>Senate SF0470 2 02/13/1995 Text icon Laidig Sentencing guidelines modifications requirements
>Senate SF0461 3 02/16/1995 Text icon Kelly Child visitation rights interference or denial as grounds for custody order modification
>Senate SF0418 5 04/05/1995 Text icon Kelly School truancy and safety programs
>Senate SF0399 19 05/22/1995 230 Text icon Knutson DWI motor vehicle forfeiture law extension to snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles and motorboats; limited drivers license issuance prohibition for conviction of DWI violations; impaired driving convictions penalties
>Senate SF0395 2 02/09/1995 Text icon Spear Crime of child endangerment by firearms access expansion and firearms negligent storage penalty reduction
>Senate SF0393 2 02/09/1995 Text icon Spear Delinquent child support obligors names publication requirement elimination
>Senate SF0342 10 05/19/1995 187 Text icon Spear Child abuse investigation provisions modifications
>Senate SF0308 17 05/12/1995 157 Text icon Marty Special motor vehicle license plates issuance conditions modification for persons subject to administrative impoundment orders; prior license revocation definition expansion for DWI criminal penalties purposes
>Senate SF0304 6 03/22/1995 Text icon Marty Gambling advertising and promotion restrictions
>Senate SF0297 3 02/06/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. DWI offenders electronic alcohol monitoring effectiveness evaluation pilot program
>Senate SF0214 11 04/07/1995 30 Text icon Spear Identity concealing prohibition exceptions
>Senate SF0163 7 04/03/1995 Text icon Piper Crime victim and witness advisory council expiration date extension
>Senate SF0123 6 04/26/1995 Text icon Mondale Bias crime victims damages recovery
>Senate SF0038 4 01/25/1996 Text icon Marty Constitutional amendment for unicameral legislature