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189 Documents Found in Legislative Session 79 (1995-1996)
for Authors of "Johnson, J.B."

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
>Senate SF2892 2 04/02/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Extended area telephone service rates regulation
>Senate SF2866 4 03/22/1996 Text icon Merriam Nuclear waste dry cask storage provisions modifications
>Senate SF2865 2 02/28/1996 Text icon Morse Local government units solid waste collection and disposal services retroactive sales tax exemption
>Senate SF2864 2 02/28/1996 Text icon Pappas Mississippi River critical area heavy industry facilities prohibition
>Senate SF2835 2 02/16/1996 Text icon Kelly Payment of claims against the state
>Senate SF2834 2 02/15/1996 Text icon Mondale Wild, scenic or recreational river bridges size restriction
>Senate SF2779 9 03/26/1996 Text icon Morse Oxygenated gasoline requirements exemptions
>Senate SF2772 2 02/08/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. North west company fur post interpretive center construction bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF2728 2 02/07/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Migrant farmworkers health and socioeconomic data study
>Senate SF2717 2 02/05/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Tenth judicial district juveniles detention pilot project
>Senate SF2716 2 02/05/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Watercraft license fee modifications or increases
>Senate SF2713 2 02/05/1996 Text icon Novak Electricity Utility Mercury Emissions-Reduction Act of 1996
>Senate SF2689 2 02/05/1996 Text icon Krentz I-394 parking ramp use incentives
>Senate SF2658 2 02/05/1996 Text icon Stevens Kanabec county courthouse restoration and upgrade bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF2641 2 02/01/1996 Text icon Sams Snowmobile trails board and fund establishment
>Senate SF2607 2 02/01/1996 Text icon Finn Snowmobile trails board and fund establishment
>Senate SF2563 2 02/01/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Child Boating Safety Act
>Senate SF2562 2 02/01/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. AFDC recipients checks pick up requirement
>Senate SF2515 7 04/01/1996 Text icon Anderson Railroad employees interests protection after acquisition
>Senate SF2446 3 02/14/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Telecommuting and telecommunication resources community dialogue process establishment and telecommuting day declaration
>Senate SF2445 16 03/28/1996 410 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Game and fish provisions modifications
>Senate SF2438 2 01/29/1996 Text icon Anderson Parenting school conference and activities employment leave eligibility expansion
>Senate SF2427 2 01/29/1996 Text icon Vickerman Renewable energy supplies purchase encouragement
>Senate SF2419 9 04/02/1996 Text icon Piper Women veterans memorial plaque
>Senate SF2416 2 01/29/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. St. Croix valley heritage center appropriation transfer
>Senate SF2404 2 01/29/1996 Text icon Kelly St. Paul science museum bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF2392 2 01/29/1996 Text icon Finn Battle Point historic site bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF2369 2 01/25/1996 Text icon Mondale Environmental education advisory board transfer and membership and duties modifications
>Senate SF2363 6 03/07/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Juvenile petty offense definition clarification and right to counsel and contempt provisions modifications
>Senate SF2362 2 01/25/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Sales tax exemption permanency for wind energy conversion systems
>Senate SF2361 2 01/25/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Acupuncturists dietitian and nutritionist licensing requirements exemption
>Senate SF2360 2 01/25/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Mississippi River critical area steam generating facilities and metal materials shredding projects prohibitions
>Senate SF2352 2 01/25/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. School districts secondary pupil unit weightings adjustment and appropriation caps repeal
>Senate SF2337 5 03/18/1996 Text icon Hottinger Public utility mergers regulation
>Senate SF2263 2 01/25/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Independent school district 138, North Branch; additional lease levy authority
>Senate SF2262 2 01/25/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Intrastate telecommunications carrier or local telephone company customers service change authorization notice requirement
>Senate SF2261 3 02/12/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Sanitary districts road maintenance and repair authority
>Senate SF2238 6 03/12/1996 Text icon Novak Electric utilities biomass fuel use requirement modifications
>Senate SF2222 2 01/25/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Statewide comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure strategy
>Senate SF2140 2 01/22/1996 Text icon Morse Pollution control agency budget reductin for failure to meet pollution reduction goals
>Senate SF2136 2 01/22/1996 Text icon Ranum Domestic abuse cases electronic monitoring devices use
>Senate SF2134 10 03/15/1996 Text icon Betzold Motor vehicle forfeiture for conviction of crime of fleeing a peace officer; forfeiture actions district court fees exemption
>Senate SF2132 2 01/22/1996 Text icon Riveness New metropolitan airport construction prohibition
>Senate SF2118 6 02/15/1996 Text icon Sams Safe house additional programs
>Senate SF2056 7 03/12/1996 Text icon Novak Trade and economic development department economic development programs modifications
>Senate SF2044 4 01/25/1996 Text icon Wiener Domestic assault in presence of children penalty increase
>Senate SF2034 3 01/22/1996 Text icon Riveness Motor vehicle registration tax and fees exemption for rescue vehicles
>Senate SF2024 2 01/18/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Independent school district 2144, Chisago Lakes; permanent fund transfer
>Senate SF2017 3 01/29/1996 Text icon Merriam Welfare fraud law expansion
>Senate SF2016 3 01/29/1996 Text icon Merriam Controlled substance crimes restitution awards to government entities
>Senate SF2011 8 02/26/1996 Text icon Wiener Criminal vehicular operation crimes expansion
>Senate SF2005 2 01/18/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Public safety officers survivor benefits educational benefit eligibility expansion
>Senate SF1990 3 01/25/1996 Text icon Betzold Sex offenders registration law expansion and release conditions
>Senate SF1989 3 02/22/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Senior nutrition programs
>Senate SF1988 2 01/18/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Minnesota Business Finance, Inc. assets and liabilities transfer
>Senate SF1986 2 01/18/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Cemeteries accounts and records examination procedures clarification and cemetery transfer authority expansion
>Senate SF1968 9 02/29/1996 Text icon Beckman Firefighters or emergency medical services personnel assault penalty increases
>Senate SF1963 3 02/08/1996 Text icon Chmielewski Sandstone elementary school renovation bond issue and appropriation
>Senate SF1954 3 01/25/1996 Text icon Sams Life support transportation services licensing procedures modification
>Senate SF1949 3 01/25/1996 Text icon Sams Medical assistance mental retardation community based services contractual alternative payment demonstration project
>Senate SF1938 8 02/26/1996 Text icon Krentz Juveniles detention authority continuation
>Senate SF1925 10 03/06/1996 298 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Housing finance agency single family housing programs requirements technical modifications
>Senate SF1924 3 01/18/1996 Text icon Kramer Community criminal justice intervention grant program
>Senate SF1918 4 02/07/1996 Text icon Belanger Community crime control initiatives grant programs
>Senate SF1907 3 01/18/1996 Text icon Marty Violence victims state services goals establishment
>Senate SF1898 4 02/07/1996 Text icon Lesewski Public safety officers survivor benefits educational benefit eligibility expansion
>Senate SF1861 16 04/03/1996 470 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Waste management act provisions modifications; legislative commissions committees, subcommittees or task forces appointment authority
>Senate SF1860 3 01/18/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Aquatic farm provisions; ripe wild rice harvesting season and provisions removal; youth hunting residency requirement elimination; duck blind, decoy and fishing provisions and hatchery eggs or fry disposal priorities modifications
>Senate SF1840 3 01/18/1996 Text icon Betzold Sex offender registration requirements expansion to child pornographers
>Senate SF1824 11 03/19/1996 Text icon Laidig Drivers license revocation for crime of fleeing a peace officer
>Senate SF1813 4 02/05/1996 Text icon Belanger State building code accessible parking spaces location requirements
>Senate SF1786 2 05/22/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Farm generated wind energy production facilities rate policies
>Senate SF1781 2 05/22/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Seat belts or child passenger restraint systems use or nonuse admissibility as evidence
>Senate SF1757 3 02/19/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Restore the White Pine Act
>Senate SF1729 2 05/19/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Health insurance alternative treatments coverage study
>Senate SF1724 2 05/19/1995 Text icon Chandler Motor vehicle paint, thinner and reducer sales regulation
>Senate SF1701 8 05/18/1995 Text icon Kelly Payment of claims against the state
>Senate SF1680 2 04/24/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Environmental high impact areas toxic waste reduction
>Senate SF1670 17 05/19/1995 224 Text icon Kroening Omnibus jobs, housing and economic development appropriations
>Senate SF1662 9 03/12/1996 Text icon Berglin Alcohol consumption by pregnant women warning sign posting requirement
>Senate SF1655 5 03/12/1996 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Local government units sustainable development
>Senate SF1635 2 04/05/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Environmental justice study
>Senate SF1589 2 04/03/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Student teacher contact time increase grant program
>Senate SF1551 17 05/22/1995 245 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Agricultural energy resources development loans and incentives
>Senate SF1495 2 03/29/1995 Text icon Marty Hearing impaired persons independent living skills training and support services pilot project
>Senate SF1483 2 03/27/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Independent school district 911, Cambridge; enhanced curriculum school pilot project
>Senate SF1461 2 03/27/1995 Text icon Morse Sustainable development
>Senate SF1452 2 03/27/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Cambridge regional human services center use modifications
>Senate SF1436 3 03/30/1995 Text icon Limmer Sentencing guidelines modification for failure to stop and give notice at traffic accident sites
>Senate SF1412 3 03/27/1995 Text icon Cohen Sexual assault program grants appropriation
>Senate SF1402 12 05/15/1995 160 Text icon Anderson State employee suggestions program
>Senate SF1400 3 03/27/1995 Text icon Krentz Interagency services for children with disabilities
>Senate SF1399 2 03/23/1995 Text icon Morse Small business workers compensation safety pilot project and injury and illness prevention survey
>Senate SF1398 4 03/30/1995 Text icon Morse Agriculture best management practices loan program modifications; clean water partnership loans with general obligation notes
>Senate SF1386 3 03/30/1995 Text icon Pappas Education provisions modifications
>Senate SF1361 3 03/27/1995 Text icon Berglin Indian child welfare defense corporation compliance grants appropriation
>Senate SF1359 3 03/27/1995 Text icon Ranum Kindergarten preparedness program
>Senate SF1318 2 03/20/1995 Text icon Langseth Telecommuting and telecommuter technology study
>Senate SF1314 10 05/08/1995 Text icon Mondale Environmental improvement pilot program and voluntary response actions provisions modification
>Senate SF1296 2 03/20/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Independent school district 139, Rush City; permanent fund transfer
>Senate SF1288 3 03/22/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Cambridge community college center full campus status
>Senate SF1273 2 03/20/1995 Text icon Anderson Affordable home ownership investment program
>Senate SF1263 2 03/20/1995 Text icon Limmer Residential building contractors regulations modifications and clarifications
>Senate SF1223 2 03/16/1995 Text icon Runbeck Wage payment regulations modifications
>Senate SF1215 2 03/16/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Natural resources commissioner emergency rulemaking authority expansion
>Senate SF1213 2 03/16/1995 Text icon Anderson Home health visiting grant program expansion
>Senate SF1165 3 03/20/1995 Text icon Novak Workers compensation mutual employer self insurance groups creation and operation regulation
>Senate SF1142 2 03/16/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. North West Company Fur Post interpretive center operation appropriation
>Senate SF1141 2 03/16/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. MSRS reemployed annuitant earnings limit retroactive exception
>Senate SF1100 7 04/03/1995 Text icon Bertram Lawful gambling lawful purpose expenditures expansion for real estate taxes and assessments
>Senate SF1094 3 03/20/1995 Text icon Dille Grandparent and great grandparent visitation rights expansion
>Senate SF1085 2 03/13/1995 Text icon Chmielewski Business energy efficient investment opportunities identification grant program
>Senate SF1081 2 03/13/1995 Text icon Frederickson Displaced homemaker program appropriation
>Senate SF1076 11 05/17/1995 203 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Wind energy conversion systems siting regulation
>Senate SF1052 10 05/09/1995 Text icon Reichgott Junge Domestic abuse provisions modification
>Senate SF1051 11 05/15/1995 149 Text icon Frederickson Cellular telephone emergency telephone calls routing notice requirement
>Senate SF1024 5 04/10/1995 Text icon Lessard Parentage determination actions time limit modification
>Senate SF1020 8 05/11/1995 Text icon Novak Workers compensation insurance and benefits modifications
>Senate SF1016 3 03/13/1995 Text icon Kramer Property tax residential property improvements valuation exclusion
>Senate SF1008 2 03/09/1995 Text icon Morse Carbon dioxide emissions environmental review requirements
>Senate SF0981 2 03/09/1995 Text icon Johnston State agencies and local government units architectural and engineering documents certification requirement
>Senate SF0979 19 05/22/1995 260 Text icon Johnston Hazardous materials and waste transportation regulations modification; metropolitan transit social fares adjustment for minors and vehicle security measures appropriation; sound abatement study
>Senate SF0966 3 03/16/1995 Text icon Langseth State bond issue and appropriation for key bridge construction
>Senate SF0958 3 03/16/1995 Text icon Krentz Maximum effort school loan limit modification
>Senate SF0951 3 03/13/1995 Text icon Stumpf Post-secondary education credit bank
>Senate SF0948 4 03/16/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Sales tax exemption for vitamin and mineral supplements
>Senate SF0947 6 03/29/1995 Text icon Krentz Regional arts councils funding
>Senate SF0946 3 03/13/1995 Text icon Anderson Juveniles in out of home placement programs cross validation study
>Senate SF0931 2 03/09/1995 Text icon Morse Extended employment programs audit and funding requirements
>Senate SF0928 2 03/09/1995 Text icon Chmielewski Pine county rural health clinics covered services agreements pilot project
>Senate SF0919 3 03/09/1995 Text icon Frederickson Wetlands protection and management provisions modification
>Senate SF0902 6 03/29/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Wind energy conversion systems property tax exemption modification
>Senate SF0901 2 03/06/1995 Text icon Samuelson Faribault regional center downsizing regulations and catchment area services for persons with developmental disabilities
>Senate SF0896 2 03/06/1995 Text icon Finn Mutual insurance companies gross premium tax rate increase
>Senate SF0895 2 03/06/1995 Text icon Krentz Workers compensation benefits and insurance regulation and employers safety program requirements
>Senate SF0890 2 03/06/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Federal energy standards adoption
>Senate SF0882 9 05/01/1995 Text icon Ranum Patterned sex offender sentencing law expansion and court personnel training requirements; interference with privacy, indecent exposure and escape from custody provisions; search warrants service; statute of limitations suspension
>Senate SF0873 6 04/03/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Isanti county tax-forfeited land sale
>Senate SF0824 2 03/02/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Microenterprise support program
>Senate SF0807 2 03/02/1995 Text icon Novak Small gas utility franchises incidental utility service rate regulation exemption
>Senate SF0799 7 04/26/1995 Text icon Ranum Crimes of murder and manslaughter in the first degree provisions clarification
>Senate SF0792 2 03/02/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Public utilities commission rehearing applications consideration deadline extension
>Senate SF0791 2 03/02/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Public utilities commission rate suspension period extension authority clarification
>Senate SF0790 2 03/02/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Small electric utility franchises rate regulation exemption
>Senate SF0771 3 03/16/1995 Text icon Price Sales tax exemption for city or county correctional facilities projects construction materials and supplies
>Senate SF0768 2 02/27/1995 Text icon Novak Foodshelf program appropriation
>Senate SF0761 5 04/03/1995 Text icon Berglin Food stamp outreach program
>Senate SF0755 4 03/20/1995 Text icon Price Housing developers school impact fee payment
>Senate SF0745 3 03/06/1995 Text icon Riveness Crisis nurseries grant program appropriation
>Senate SF0736 2 02/27/1995 Text icon Chandler Prescription drug price contracts; generic drugs use provisions; state drug formulary establishment
>Senate SF0722 2 02/27/1995 Text icon Morse Local government units environmental legal assistance pilot project
>Senate SF0718 3 03/20/1995 Text icon Sams Law enforcement agencies forfeited firearms sale authority
>Senate SF0700 6 03/20/1995 Text icon Murphy Resolution for Amtrak funding
>Senate SF0696 3 02/27/1995 Text icon Morse Tri-state high speed rail service study phase II
>Senate SF0690 2 02/23/1995 Text icon Krentz Adolescent pregnancy prevention programs equipment grants
>Senate SF0664 3 02/27/1995 Text icon Metzen Public employees retirement rule of 85 reinstatement
>Senate SF0626 6 04/03/1995 Text icon Krentz Parentage recognition by husbands
>Senate SF0604 9 05/09/1995 Text icon Reichgott Junge Children's supervised visitation facilities
>Senate SF0576 3 02/21/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Senior nutrition programs appropriations and administrative funds use report requirement
>Senate SF0568 3 02/27/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Emerging Communications Services Act of 1995
>Senate SF0547 5 04/10/1995 Text icon Morse Environmental education provisions modification and environmental education council establishment
>Senate SF0545 2 02/16/1995 Text icon Wiener Telecommunication devices for communication impaired persons eligibility restriction
>Senate SF0502 2 02/16/1995 Text icon Morse School districts referendum and supplemental revenue reduction formulas modification
>Senate SF0474 11 04/26/1995 75 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Medicare supplement insurance policies reinstatement regulation
>Senate SF0473 3 02/16/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Chisago county Minnesota family investment program participation
>Senate SF0462 20 05/22/1995 247 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Solid waste management provisions modifications and metropolitan council solid waste management duties transfer implementation
>Senate SF0439 3 02/16/1995 Text icon Sams Consumer owned housing demonstration projects for persons with developmental disabilities
>Senate SF0413 4 03/02/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. DWI offenders electronic alcohol monitoring effectiveness evaluation pilot program
>Senate SF0412 3 02/13/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. School districts general education, referendum and training and experience revenue modifications, discretionary aid and levy program creation and supplemental revenue repeal
>Senate SF0398 2 02/09/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. School districts capital expenditure facilities revenue use for equipment
>Senate SF0384 6 03/22/1995 Text icon Langseth Highway user tax distribution fund apportionment modification restriction
>Senate SF0345 2 02/06/1995 Text icon Stumpf Wastewater infrastructure funding program expansion
>Senate SF0323 8 03/29/1995 13 Text icon Anderson Manufactured home park owners retaliatory conduct prohibition clarification
>Senate SF0297 3 02/06/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. DWI offenders electronic alcohol monitoring effectiveness evaluation pilot program
>Senate SF0287 3 03/27/1995 Text icon Lesewski Criminal arraignments interactive video systems use
>Senate SF0275 2 02/02/1995 Text icon Novak Natural gas public utilities performance based gas purchasing regulation
>Senate SF0249 4 02/23/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Multiunit single metered residential buildings utility accounts payment responsibility
>Senate SF0246 3 02/02/1995 Text icon Finn Minnesota family investment program expansion
>Senate SF0212 6 05/22/1995 Text icon Sams Medical assistance home care services reimbursement methodologies modification and reimbursement rates inflation adjustments
>Senate SF0211 2 01/26/1995 Text icon Johnson, J.B. Property tax classification rate reduction for commercial industrial property
>Senate SF0163 7 04/03/1995 Text icon Piper Crime victim and witness advisory council expiration date extension
>Senate SF0102 3 02/09/1995 Text icon Morse Environment and natural resources appropriations
>Senate SF0064 10 03/29/1995 12 Text icon Betzold Foster care facilities for delinquent children local government notice requirements
>Senate SF0062 5 03/22/1995 Text icon Merriam Publicly owned transitional housing program bond sale restrictions exemption
>Senate SF0051 3 01/17/1995 Text icon Solon Health care commission membership increase
>Senate SF0046 7 02/06/1995 Text icon Metzen Lawful gambling gross profits allowable use increase
>Senate SF0043 4 01/26/1995 Text icon Pogemiller Education appropriations limits repeal
>Senate SF0041 4 01/18/1995 Text icon Metzen Property tax classification rate reductions for noncommercial seasonal recreational residential property
>Senate SF0040 3 01/17/1995 Text icon Knutson Constitutional amendment to limit legislative sessions to odd numbered years