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20 Documents Found in Legislative Session 92 (2021-2022)
for Chief Authors of "O'Neill"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF4806 1 04/21/2022 Text icon O'Neill Board of Regents requested to establish special commission for intercollegiate athletic review.
House HF4243 1 03/14/2022 Text icon O'Neill Monticello; water treatment plant and water utility infrastructure funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF4055 2 03/10/2022 Text icon O'Neill Patient or resident right to have support person present while receiving care or service established.
House HF4006 1 03/03/2022 Text icon O'Neill Personal watercraft operation requirements modified.
House HF3809 1 02/28/2022 Text icon O'Neill Board of Regents; member election by legislature provided when vacancy exists during regular legislative session.
House HF3793 1 02/28/2022 Text icon O'Neill Higher education institution state grant eligibility requirements expanded.
House HF3533 1 02/17/2022 Text icon O'Neill Law enforcement portable recording system grant funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF3532 2 03/03/2022 Text icon O'Neill Presence in stolen motor vehicle prohibited, and criminal penalties imposed.
House HF3279 4 04/08/2022 Text icon O'Neill Crime of organized retail theft established.
House HF3275 2 03/03/2022 Text icon O'Neill Criminal charge dismissal before competency determination prohibited.
House HF2593 1 05/03/2021 Text icon O'Neill Minnesota State Colleges and Universities online course reimbursement required.
House HF2502 2 04/12/2021 Text icon O'Neill Criminal sexual conduct provisions modified and clarified, and new sexual extortion crime created.
House HF2338 3 05/12/2021 Text icon O'Neill Pregnant and postpartum female inmate placement in community-based programs authorized, and reports required.
House HF1320 1 02/18/2021 Text icon O'Neill Drainage and public water laws modified to clarify relationship between drainage repairs and public-waters-work permit requirements.
House HF1099 2 02/18/2021 Text icon O'Neill State-sponsored health program fund use limited for funding abortions.
House HF1098 7 03/11/2021 Text icon O'Neill Courts provided guidance on sentencing veterans for criminal offenses related to a service-related disorder.
House HF1097 3 03/18/2021 Text icon O'Neill Alternatives to Incarceration grant program expanded to address technical violations by nonviolent controlled substance offenders, report required, and money appropriated.
House HF0872 3 02/25/2021 Text icon O'Neill Gang members who possess firearms in public without a permit to carry penalties increased.
House HF0719 1 02/04/2021 Text icon O'Neill Solid waste disposal facility closure requirements modified.
House HF0650 1 02/04/2021 Text icon O'Neill Buffalo; fire station construction materials exempted.