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23 Documents Found in Legislative Session 92 (2021-2022)
for Chief Authors of "Erickson"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF2621 2 05/17/2021 Text icon Erickson Social studies standard adoption requirements established.
House HF2383 1 03/23/2021 Text icon Erickson Eligible locations for shared time services broadened.
House HF2266 1 03/17/2021 Text icon Erickson Teacher candidate grant program and teacher shortage loan forgiveness program modified.
House HF2256 1 03/17/2021 Text icon Erickson On-sale intoxicating liquor licenses authorized for event centers located on a farm.
House HF1528 4 04/06/2021 Text icon Erickson Education savings account created as student learning option, and money appropriated.
House HF1527 2 03/01/2021 Text icon Erickson Locally adopted social studies academic standards provided.
House HF1321 2 02/22/2021 Text icon Erickson Mille Lacs County; local sales and use tax authorized.
House HF1224 1 02/18/2021 Text icon Erickson School board required to publish consulting fees.
House HF1190 1 02/18/2021 Text icon Erickson Education statute style and form changes made, and obsolete statutes repealed.
House HF1187 3 03/22/2021 Text icon Erickson Minnow importing requirements modified.
House HF1069 1 02/11/2021 Text icon Erickson Background checks required, mandatory reporting expanded, and teacher code of ethics in statue codified and code of ethics in rule repealed.
House HF0857 3 03/01/2021 Text icon Erickson Teachers classified as essential employees.
House HF0817 2 02/10/2021 Text icon Erickson Postsecondary enrollment option eligibility expanded.
House SF0628 2 03/22/2021 Text icon Erickson Education; state assessment plan required.
House HF0309 3 02/22/2021 Text icon Erickson Classroom placement and school attendance provisions modified, the world's best workforce modified, student discipline policy requirements modified, teacher code of ethics codified in statute and code of ethics repealed in rule, and school employee contracts restricted.
House HF0261 5 02/08/2021 Text icon Erickson COVID-19; vaccine availability provided for school employees.
House HF0236 2 01/25/2021 Text icon Erickson Education; state assessment plan required.
House HF0063 1 01/11/2021 Text icon Erickson Lake Mille Lacs area economic relief program loans forgiven.
House HF0051 1 01/11/2021 Text icon Erickson University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic partnership grant-making authority clarified relating to regenerative medicine.
House HF0050 2 02/25/2021 Text icon Erickson Small business definition modified.
House HF0049 1 01/11/2021 Text icon Erickson 1837 Ceded Territory Fisheries Technical Committee requirements added.
House HF0048 1 01/11/2021 Text icon Erickson Walleye safe harvest level negotiation required, and report required.
House HR0007 2 04/26/2021 Text icon Erickson A house resolution recognizing the first Thursday in May as a day of statewide prayer, fasting and repentance.