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154 Documents Found in Legislative Session 92 (2021-2022)
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House HF2595 1 05/06/2021 Text icon Long Mental illness training included in judicial education program.
House HF2584 2 05/03/2021 Text icon Long Governor's power to grant pardons clarified.
House HF2539 12 05/10/2021 Text icon Long Sign and release warrant proceedings provided.
House HF2535 1 04/17/2021 Text icon Klevorn India Day established on August 15 every year.
House HF2533 1 04/16/2021 Text icon Long Peace-officer-involved death prosecutorial authority assigned to attorney general, and money appropriated.
House HF2529 3 04/20/2021 Text icon Frazier Peace officer authority to stop or detain drivers for motor vehicle equipment violations limited.
House HF2520 2 04/16/2021 Text icon Greenman Congressional and legislative district redistricting principles and procedures provided.
House HF2519 5 04/19/2021 Text icon Keeler Criminal sexual conduct provisions modified and clarified, and new sexual extortion crime created.
House HF2457 4 04/21/2021 Text icon Freiberg A house resolution urging Congress to pass federal legislation granting statehood to the people of Washington, D.C.
House HF2448 2 04/15/2021 Text icon Baker Minnesota Recovers Task Force temporary subcommittee established; local disaster mitigation, response, and recovery improvement subcommittee and grant funding provided; reports required; and money appropriated.
House HF2301 4 04/06/2021 Text icon Kresha Minnesota public school literacy gap closure grant program created, report required, and money appropriated.
House HF2216 4 04/14/2021 Text icon Long Municipal utilities paying unusually high prices for natural gas in February 2021 loan program established, program established to defray high natural gas bills from February 2021 price spike for low-income households, and money appropriated.
House HF2143 11 04/29/2021 Text icon Marquart Save our stages grant established, entertainment venue tax relief provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2110 4 04/12/2021 Text icon Long Omnibus energy bill.
House HF2109 1 03/10/2021 Text icon Long Solar photovoltaic device installation in state-owned buildings funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2108 1 03/10/2021 Text icon Long Closed loop heat exchanger definition added, and closed loop heat exchanger specified as environment well for chapter 103I purposes.
House HF2083 3 03/17/2021 Text icon Lippert Transportation fuel carbon intensity reduction standards established, account created, report required, and money appropriated.
House HF2081 3 03/15/2021 Text icon Reyer State building energy guidelines required to incorporate provisions on addressing climate change resiliency.
House HF2054 4 03/17/2021 Text icon Christensen Resource plans required to include efforts to minimize facility retirement worker impact.
House HF2044 7 04/13/2021 Text icon Lippert Nonprofit corporation established to finance and leverage private investment for clean energy, report required, and money appropriated.
House HF2019 2 04/09/2021 Text icon Xiong, T. Nonprofit infrastructure grant program funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2017 2 03/22/2021 Text icon Reyer Advisory Task Force on State Employment and Retention of Employees with Disabilities recommendations adopted, and report required.
House HF2005 1 03/08/2021 Text icon Long Public labor relations modified.
House HF1988 1 03/08/2021 Text icon Long State construction and sustainability provisions changed.
House HF1987 1 03/08/2021 Text icon Long Emission goals for existing buildings modified.
House HF1986 1 03/08/2021 Text icon Long Democracy Dollar coupon program enacted, political contribution refund program repealed, and rulemaking authorized.
House HF1929 3 03/25/2021 Text icon Bahner Children's mental health grant service type modified, and money appropriated for the first psychotic episode and first mood disorder grant programs.
House HF1921 1 03/04/2021 Text icon Gomez Property tax relief provided for properties damaged by fire or vandalism.
House HF1919 8 04/17/2021 Text icon Gomez Minnesota made a sanctuary state for immigration enforcement purposes, and state and local officials restricted from cooperating with federal immigration enforcement efforts.
House HF1863 4 03/11/2021 Text icon Long Major political party permitted to file petition to prevent improper designation by candidates name on official ballot.
House HF1836 3 03/22/2021 Text icon Morrison Digital well-being education and training promoted for health, mental well-being, and learning of Minnesota students relating to digital media use; Minnesota-based organization collaborating with communities for digital well-being promotion funding provided; and money appropriated.
House HF1817 2 03/08/2021 Text icon Frazier Corrections; reentry services including employment and economic development and education funding provided, mentorship to boys in grades 6 to 12 funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1774 3 04/27/2021 Text icon Frazier Health care guaranteed to be available and affordable for every Minnesotan; Minnesota Health Plan, Minnesota Health Board, Minnesota Health Fund, Office of Health Quality and Planning, ombudsman for patient advocacy, and auditor general for the Minnesota Health Plan established; a 1332 waiver requested; rulemaking authorized; and money appropriated.
House HF1762 12 04/16/2021 Text icon Hollins No-knock search warrants regulated.
House HF1761 8 04/09/2021 Text icon Hollins Probation revocation prohibited for certain violations unless the person is a risk to public safety.
House HF1753 4 04/12/2021 Text icon Huot Food relief infrastructure need funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF1750 5 03/25/2021 Text icon Christensen Energy Transition Legacy Office established, transition communities and worker advisory committee created, state transition plan development required for communities and workers impacted by power plan retirement, and money appropriated.
House HF1747 8 04/26/2021 Text icon Boldon Child care assistance rates modified, and commissioner of management and budget directed to forecast basic sliding fee child care assistance program.
House HF1729 3 03/11/2021 Text icon Jordan Healthy and hunger-free school program created.
House HF1691 16 05/03/2021 Text icon Hornstein Crimes motivated by bias reporting expanded; crimes of assault, property damage, and harassment motivated by bias amended; Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training required to update training in recognizing, responding to, and reporting bias crimes; and money appropriated.
House HF1668 1 02/25/2021 Text icon Stephenson Electric vehicle purchase preference established for state fleet, motor vehicle dealer employee training certification required, rebates provided for electric vehicle purchases, utilities required to file plans with the Public Utilities Commission to promote electric vehicles, grants awarded to automobile dealers to defray cost of manufacturer certification allowing electric vehicle sales, and money appropriated.
House HF1654 5 03/11/2021 Text icon Moller Law enforcement and family members enabled to petition a court to prohibit people from possessing firearms if they pose a significant danger to themselves or others by possessing a firearm, and money appropriated.
House HF1648 5 04/14/2021 Text icon Hollins Criminal defenses and authorization limited for the use of force relating to a victim's sexual orientation or identity.
House HF1592 2 03/01/2021 Text icon Richardson Energy grantees and utilities required to submit annual diversity report.
House HF1589 7 04/15/2021 Text icon Richardson Catalytic converter sale to scrap metal dealers regulated, and criminal penalties provided.
House SF1470 12 05/11/2021 Text icon Hausman Property eviction; Executive Order 20-79 nullified, and governor prohibited from issuing landlord and tenant law modifications, and 504B requirements modified.
House HF1428 5 04/26/2021 Text icon Acomb State greenhouse gas reduction goals amended, governmental actions required to be consistent with goals, and report frequency increased.
House HF1412 8 04/09/2021 Text icon Morrison Health care service and consultation telehealth coverage modified.
House HF1397 1 02/22/2021 Text icon Long Community solar garden program modified.
House HF1396 1 02/22/2021 Text icon Long Minnesota Child Protection Background Check Act modified to conform with federal law inclusion of elderly and individuals with a disability, and criminal history check extended to licensees and county or city employees and volunteers.
House HF1395 2 02/25/2021 Text icon Long Elections provided as free, fair, and equal; and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF1358 9 04/16/2021 Text icon Freiberg Terminally ill adult end-of-life option established.
House HF1354 2 04/06/2021 Text icon Gomez Minnesota SafeStreets funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1307 6 04/06/2021 Text icon Edelson Healthy children's meal requirements established at restaurants to be implemented on a phased-in basis, and enforcement provided.
House HF1278 10 04/26/2021 Text icon Boldon Early care and education affordability and workforce compensation established, report required, and money appropriated.
House HF1267 6 05/06/2021 Text icon Long Correctional facility safety provided.
House HF1207 1 02/18/2021 Text icon Long Elections; candidate permitted to request their residential address to be classified as private data when candidate has reasonable fear to the safety of the candidate or their family.
House HF1200 14 03/22/2021 Text icon Richardson Paid family, pregnancy, bonding, and applicant's serious medical condition benefits provided; employment leaves regulated and required; data classified; rulemaking authorized; and money appropriated.
House HF1189 2 02/22/2021 Text icon Long Public Utilities Commission regulated process created to allow electric utilities to reduce customer cost when generating plants are retired, account established, and retiring electric generating plant worker transition services provided.
House HF1172 1 02/18/2021 Text icon Lippert Public Utilities Commission required to develop utility incentives to interconnect third-party distributed energy resources.
House HF1163 4 03/11/2021 Text icon Winkler Noncompliant driver's license or Minnesota ID card requirements modified; changes made related to eligibility, proof of lawful presence, primary and secondary documentation, and data practices; technical changes made; and money appropriated.
House HF1162 5 03/10/2021 Text icon Pinto Aiding and abetting felony murder sentencing task force established, and report required.
House SF1160 2 04/29/2021 Text icon Morrison Health care service and consultation telehealth coverage modified.
House HF1152 5 04/09/2021 Text icon Long Clean Slate Act established, and automatic expungement process provided for offenders.
House HF1121 8 04/09/2021 Text icon Hollins Sex offense statute of limitations eliminated.
House HF1102 9 04/06/2021 Text icon Hanson, J. Home and community-based waiver assessment requirements modified for people temporarily entering health care facilities.
House HF1074 5 03/10/2021 Text icon Winkler State and local jail and prison inmates required to be housed in publicly owned and operated jails and prisons, and state and counties prohibited from contracting with private prisons.
House HF1066 3 02/15/2021 Text icon Davnie Tourism improvement special taxing district creation authorized.
House HF1041 6 03/25/2021 Text icon Keeler Increase Teachers of Color Act in higher education strengthened, and student teacher grants and teacher shortage loan forgiveness provisions modified, report required, and money appropriated.
House HF1031 8 04/16/2021 Text icon Stephenson Omnibus commerce bill.
House HF1024 11 03/25/2021 Text icon Pinto Department of Early Childhood established, and rulemaking authorized.
House HF1020 5 03/10/2021 Text icon Gomez Persons under correctional supervision participation in the medical cannabis program without facing sanctions provided.
House HF0992 2 02/25/2021 Text icon Long Jailhouse witness use in criminal prosecution requirements established, reports required, victim notification required, and data classified.
House HF0984 8 05/10/2021 Text icon Lislegard Outside contractors required to have apprentice-level training to perform work at high-hazard facilities.
House HF0977 1 02/10/2021 Text icon Acomb State building solar energy system loan fund established, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House SF0972 18 04/22/2021 Text icon Stephenson Omnibus commerce bill.
House HF0947 14 04/16/2021 Text icon Pinto Delinquent children and youth in detention facility visual inspection prohibited, delinquent children and youth in detention facility disciplinary room time prohibited, and delinquency and detention age raised to 13 years old.
House HF0922 13 03/15/2021 Text icon Long Corrections; guidelines for use of restraint on juveniles established, general public excluded from delinquency hearings, juvenile arrest alternatives provided, and juvenile risk assessment provided.
House HF0912 1 02/10/2021 Text icon Acomb Cold weather rule coverage period extended.
House HF0909 6 04/26/2021 Text icon Hassan Student absence from school modified for religious holidays.
House HF0904 10 03/01/2021 Text icon Frazier Flavored tobacco and tobacco related product sale or offer prohibited, and penalties authorized.
House HF0900 10 03/17/2021 Text icon Keeler Shelter resident rights and shelter provider practice task force established, reports required, and money appropriated.
House HF0895 2 02/10/2021 Text icon Youakim Underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage required for motorcycles.
House HF0876 7 04/06/2021 Text icon Frazier Right to vote restored to individual convicted of a felony upon completion of any term of incarceration imposed and executed by a court for the offense.
House HF0868 5 04/12/2021 Text icon Hollins First Amendment; a resolution memorializing Congress to overturn Supreme Court decision Citizens United v. FEC, clarification required from Congress that rights protected under the Constitution are rights of natural persons and not artificial entities and spending money to influence elections is not protected under the First Amendment, and Congress asked to provide clarification in constitutional amendment.
House HF0858 7 04/26/2021 Text icon Kotyza-Witthuhn Dog and cat sale by retail pet shops prohibited.
House HF0843 6 03/25/2021 Text icon Stephenson General education basic formula allowance increased by two percent per year, basic formula future increase linked to inflation rate, and money appropriated.
House HF0840 8 03/04/2021 Text icon Morrison Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness mining restriction modified.
House HF0835 5 03/04/2021 Text icon Her Eviction due to nonpayment of rent notice requirements created, eviction case court file discretionary and mandatory eligibility expanded, rental discrimination prohibited based on tenant's public housing assistance receipt, and pending eviction case court action public access limited.
House HF0833 9 04/19/2021 Text icon Her Postconviction relief petition court hearing modified.
House HF0831 3 02/25/2021 Text icon Long Energy code adoption for new commercial buildings modified.
House HF0801 12 03/25/2021 Text icon Morrison Prescription drug affordability board and prescription drug affordability advisory council established, prescription drug cost reviews and remedies provided, report required, and money appropriated.
House HF0800 12 03/25/2021 Text icon Wolgamott Meat and poultry processing workers provided safe workplaces, rulemaking authorized, report required, and money appropriated.
House HF0754 1 02/04/2021 Text icon Long Racial impact screening of certain legislation required.
House HF0753 1 02/04/2021 Text icon Long Peace officer-initiated use of force cases required to be prosecuted by a special prosecutor, Board of Special Prosecution and a special prosecutorial office established, grand jury use prohibited in certain peace officer-initiated use of force cases, and money appropriated.
House HF0751 2 02/10/2021 Text icon Acomb Beneficial building electrification goals established to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve public health.
House HF0750 3 02/10/2021 Text icon Acomb Urban reforestation funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0728 8 05/15/2021 Text icon Lee Redevelopment appropriation bond issuance authorized for areas damaged by civil unrest, report required, and money appropriated.
House HF0704 6 04/09/2021 Text icon Lee Ethnic studies requirement created, Ethnic Studies Task Force created, rulemaking authorized, report required, and money appropriated.
House HF0701 11 04/15/2021 Text icon Lippert Soil-healthy farming goals established, soil-healthy farming financial incentives created, data collection required, data classified, and money appropriated.
House HF0694 8 03/18/2021 Text icon Pinto Firearm transfer criminal background checks required, and transferee permit disqualification grounds modified.
House HF0662 3 03/04/2021 Text icon Long Redistricting; incarcerated person allocation required based on last known address.
House HF0646 2 02/04/2021 Text icon Lee Bus deployment governed in the seven-county metropolitan area based on vehicle emissions.
House HF0640 9 04/22/2021 Text icon Gomez Local unit of government permitted to establish civilian oversight council for oversight of law enforcement.
House HF0633 10 03/01/2021 Text icon Bierman Individual and small group health plan offerings required to include predeductible, flat co-pay on prescription drug option.
House HF0614 7 03/10/2021 Text icon Pinto Gross misdemeanor maximum incarceration term set at 364 days.
House HF0611 3 03/08/2021 Text icon Noor Supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) gross income limit modified.
House HF0603 5 02/11/2021 Text icon Jordan Public labor relations modified.
House HF0600 23 05/13/2021 Text icon Winkler Omnibus cannabis bill.
House HF0594 2 02/04/2021 Text icon Frazier Money bail use for offenses limited during pretrial release.
House HF0593 12 04/22/2021 Text icon Frazier Peace Officer Standards and Training Board required to revise peace officer conduct standards.
House HF0550 4 03/04/2021 Text icon Jordan Climate justice instruction required by school districts and charter schools.
House HF0523 2 02/01/2021 Text icon Elkins Road usage charge imposed, report required, and money appropriated.
House HF0521 10 04/06/2021 Text icon Morrison Medical assistance postpartum coverage extended.
House HF0519 3 05/14/2021 Text icon Lippert Badoura; state forest nursery facility funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0507 3 03/08/2021 Text icon Lee Minneapolis and St. Paul; redevelopment appropriation bonds issued for areas damaged by civil unrest, and money appropriated.
House HF0478 11 04/15/2021 Text icon Feist Criminal charges against veterans with service-related disorders discharge and dismissal required.
House HF0469 8 05/03/2021 Text icon Moller Seizure training and seizure action plan required in schools.
House HF0450 5 03/04/2021 Text icon Richardson Right to counsel provided in public housing eviction actions.
House HF0400 10 03/08/2021 Text icon Her Termination of lease upon infirmity of tenant established.
House HF0399 9 03/08/2021 Text icon Her Landlords prohibited fees expanded, and landlord entry restricted and improper entry fees amended.
House HF0398 9 03/08/2021 Text icon Her Residential lease implied covenants amended, tenant remedies against landlords for repairs provided, and tenant allowed to request emergency repairs at court.
House SF0395 7 03/18/2021 6 Text icon Moller Uniform Recognition and Enforcement of Canadian Orders for Protection Act enacted.
House HF0353 1 01/28/2021 Text icon Lippert State peatland report required, and money appropriated.
House HF0336 15 04/09/2021 Text icon Becker-Finn Drivers' license suspension authority by commissioner of public safety modified, retroactive driver's license reinstatement provided, technical changes made, and report required.
House HF0330 6 03/01/2021 Text icon Davids Catalytic converter purchase requirements established.
House HF0315 10 04/09/2021 Text icon Howard Emergency services grant funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0310 20 03/22/2021 Text icon Becker-Finn Child maltreatment mandatory reporters expanded.
House HF0306 15 04/16/2021 Text icon Frazier Criminal and traffic surcharge waiver or reduction authorized; courts required to consider indigency or hardship before imposing fines, fees, or surcharges; and notice required.
House HF0296 5 03/08/2021 Text icon Noor Parental contribution fees eliminated on services for children with disabilities.
House HF0288 9 04/06/2021 Text icon Edelson Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling grant funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0279 6 02/08/2021 Text icon Long Uniform probate code harmless error provision sunset removed.
House HF0278 3 02/01/2021 Text icon Long Electric utility renewable energy standard obligations modified, and Public Utility Commission authority modified to issue site permit for electric generation facilities.
House HF0265 6 02/22/2021 Text icon Hassan Eligibility expanded for discretionary and mandatory expungements for eviction case court files, and public access limited to pending eviction case court actions.
House SF0258 6 05/10/2021 Text icon Long Uniform probate code harmless error provision sunset removed.
House HF0164 30 05/17/2021 29 Text icon Stephenson Energy Conservation and Optimization Act of 2021 established.
House HF0149 6 03/17/2021 Text icon Jurgens School meal lunch aid provisions modified.
House HF0148 13 03/17/2021 Text icon Davnie Nonferrous mining permit determinations required before issuance.
House HF0121 7 04/06/2021 Text icon Hertaus Small brewer packaging requirements modified.
House HF0113 8 03/11/2021 Text icon Moller Uniform Recognition and Enforcement of Canadian Orders for Protection Act enacted.
House HF0108 9 03/22/2021 Text icon Noor Credit information requirement or use for employment purposes by employers or prospective employers prohibited.
House HF0089 7 03/10/2021 Text icon Elkins Elections; ranked-choice voting provided for in federal and state office elections; jurisdictions authorized to adopt ranked-choice voting for local offices; adoption, implementation, and use of ranked-choice voting procedures established; municipalities allowed to use electronic voting systems with reallocation feature; and rulemaking authorized.
House HF0079 21 04/29/2021 Text icon Wazlawik Food packaging chemical use regulated, rulemaking required, and money appropriated.
House HF0075 12 03/08/2021 Text icon Moller Vehicles and property subject to forfeiture limited, innocent owners provided property recovery, federal equitable sharing program participation modified, reports required, and money appropriated.
House HF0040 9 02/15/2021 Text icon Howard State rent assistance program established for low-income cost-burdened households, and money appropriated.
House HF0039 19 04/09/2021 Text icon Carlson Rehire and retention protections provided for laid-off workers during a declared emergency, civil penalties imposed, and money appropriated.
House HF0022 1 01/07/2021 Text icon Sundin Cloquet Area Fire District funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0020 7 02/22/2021 Text icon Hassan Tenancy at will termination modified, and residential tenant notice of grounds for eviction required before action may be brought.
House HF0012 14 04/29/2021 Text icon Hausman Eviction and nonrenewal of lease procedures provided for during and after a peacetime emergency, expungement of eviction actions filed during and after a peacetime emergency allowed, and home foreclosures and contract for deed termination prevented during and after a peacetime emergency.
House HF0010 9 03/25/2021 Text icon Stephenson Clean Energy First Act established.
House HF0009 12 04/13/2021 Text icon Greenman Omnibus elections bill.
House HF0007 22 04/06/2021 Text icon Olson, L. Earned sick and safe time provided, rulemaking authorized, civil penalties imposed, reports required, and money appropriated.
House HF0005 9 03/25/2021 Text icon Pinto Early learning opportunities, educational supports, and services to children grant funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HR0001 8 01/25/2021 Text icon Long A resolution condemning violence and violent rhetoric directed at our United States Capitol and state capitols, and affirming support for democracy, rule of law, and the certified results of Minnesota's election.