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24 Documents Found in Legislative Session 91 (2019-2020)
for Chief Authors of "O'Neill"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF4513 1 03/16/2020 Text icon O'Neill Drainage and public water laws modified to clarify relationships between drainage repairs and public-waters-work requirements.
House HF4404 1 03/11/2020 Text icon O'Neill Abortion funding from state-sponsored health program funds limited.
House HF4403 2 03/16/2020 Text icon O'Neill Abortion funding from state-sponsored health program funds limited.
House HF3840 1 02/26/2020 Text icon O'Neill Wright County; temporary on-sale liquor license issuance authorized.
House HF3644 1 02/20/2020 Text icon O'Neill Wright County; dental care facility funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF3490 3 02/20/2020 Text icon O'Neill Firearm possession by gang members in public without permit to carry penalties increased.
House HF3380 1 02/17/2020 Text icon O'Neill Human sex trafficking investigation case policy adoption required by law enforcement.
House HF2992 1 02/11/2020 Text icon O'Neill Solid waste disposal facility closure requirements modified.
House HF2983 6 02/20/2020 Text icon O'Neill Unrestricted sexual assault examination kit; samples required to be tested, retention and storage requirements established, design and publication of a uniform consent form required, searchable database to track the status of testing created, additional lab scientists and software upgrade funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2955 1 02/11/2020 Text icon O'Neill Buffalo; fire station construction materials exempted from sales and use tax.
House HF2802 2 04/03/2019 Text icon O'Neill Organized retail theft crime established.
House HF2279 1 03/07/2019 Text icon O'Neill Ramsey County; local government unit definition modified.
House HF2263 1 03/07/2019 Text icon O'Neill Affirmative approval required before interim implementation of state employee collective bargaining agreements.
House HF2254 2 03/07/2019 Text icon O'Neill County probation officers authorized to supervise adult felons.
House HF2211 2 03/07/2019 Text icon O'Neill Xcel Energy renewable development account annual contributions capped, process for reporting and adjusting expenditures made from account established, and grant process funded by the account administrative procedures amended.
House HF1856 4 03/21/2019 Text icon O'Neill Commissioner of revenue required to issue preliminary valuations by June 15, and providing an explanatory statement and settlement notice required.
House HF1589 1 02/21/2019 Text icon O'Neill Driving while intoxicated provisions amended, and ignition interlock device contract with manufacturer modified.
House HF1356 1 02/18/2019 Text icon O'Neill Monticello; fire station construction exemption provided.
House HF1349 4 02/27/2019 Text icon O'Neill Treatment courts funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1028 3 02/14/2019 Text icon O'Neill Grant program to access local programs to address technical violations by nonviolent controlled substance offenders expanded, report required, and money appropriated.
House HF0480 5 03/20/2019 Text icon O'Neill Criminal sexual conduct definitions amended, criminal sexual conduct offenses expanded for persons in current or recent positions of authority over juveniles, affirmative defenses to criminal sexual conduct charges eliminated, and statute of limitations removed for felony criminal sexual offenses.
House HF0464 5 03/20/2019 Text icon O'Neill Domestic abuse transformation program account established to fund domestic abuse transformation programs, and money appropriated.
House HF0207 2 01/22/2019 Text icon O'Neill Independent School District No. 822, Monticello; special education adjustment modified.
House HF0203 4 03/11/2019 Text icon O'Neill Data sharing permitted to administer the disabled veteran's homestead market value exclusion.