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45 Documents Found in Legislative Session 93 (2023-2024)
for Authors of "Pinto"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF1074 1 01/30/2023 Text icon Brand Minnesota Initiative Foundations funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1071 1 01/30/2023 Text icon Keeler Minnesota Indian Family Preservation Act changes made.
House HF1022 1 01/30/2023 Text icon Pinto Evidentiary examination of victims payment costs provided in cases involving domestic assault by strangulation.
House HF1021 1 01/30/2023 Text icon Pinto Contingency fund established to pay costs associated with installation of solar photovoltaic array.
House HF0973 1 01/30/2023 Text icon Pinto Massage therapy and Asian bodywork therapy licensure established, fees established, and criminal penalties provided.
House HF0639 3 01/25/2023 Text icon Bahner Community solutions for healthy child development grant program established, and money appropriated.
House HF0602 1 01/19/2023 Text icon Pérez-Vega Eviction prohibited for nonpayment of rent when application for rental assistance for tenant is pending.
House HF0601 2 01/26/2023 Text icon Her Lost and stolen firearms required to be reported promptly to law enforcement.
House HF0597 4 01/30/2023 Text icon Kraft Grant program established to provide financial assistance to cities to address climate change, and money appropriated.
House HF0552 3 01/30/2023 Text icon Kotyza-Witthuhn PFAS in juvenile products prohibited.
House HF0541 2 01/30/2023 Text icon Pinto Right to vote restored to individuals convicted of a felony upon completion of term of incarceration imposed and executed by court for the offense.
House HF0503 1 01/18/2023 Text icon Pinto Reintegration license for individuals released from custody established.
House HF0487 1 01/17/2023 Text icon Hollins No charge provided for phone calls for health care by persons incarcerated in county jail.
House HF0456 4 01/30/2023 Text icon Pérez-Vega Expansion of voluntary prekindergarten and school readiness plus program made permanent, and money appropriated.
House HF0444 5 01/30/2023 Text icon Keeler Homeless Youth Act modified, and money appropriated.
House HF0424 4 01/30/2023 Text icon Bahner Definition of qualified domestic violence-related offenses amended to include additional crimes.
House HF0396 3 01/30/2023 Text icon Becker-Finn Safe storage of firearms and ammunition required, locking device required to be included in each firearm transfer, and criminal penalties imposed.
House HF0368 1 01/17/2023 Text icon Hanson, J. Malicious and sadistic conduct involving race, gender, religion, sexual harassment, sexual orientation and sexual exploitation prohibited.
House HF0317 3 01/26/2023 Text icon Her Landlord and tenant provisions modified, and termination of lease upon infirmity of tenant established.
House HF0286 4 01/26/2023 Text icon Becker-Finn Civil legal service funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0274 4 01/26/2023 Text icon Freiberg Commission created to redesign the official state flag and official state seal, and report required.
House HF0238 2 01/17/2023 Text icon Pinto Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) general citizenship requirements modified.
House HF0226 1 01/11/2023 Text icon Moller Prosecutor-initiated sentence adjustments established, and sentencing reporting required.
House HF0211 2 01/23/2023 Text icon Keeler Indigenous Peoples' Day school observance required, and Indigenous Peoples' Day established as state holiday and Christopher Columbus Day eliminated as state holiday.
House HF0210 3 01/26/2023 Text icon Bahner Separate medical assistance reimbursement provided for long-acting reversible contraceptives.
House HF0197 3 01/17/2023 Text icon Bahner A resolution memorializing Congress to resolve that the requirements have been met to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and that it shall now be known as the Twenty-Eighth Amendment to the Constitution.
House HF0150 7 01/25/2023 Text icon Pinto Child care stabilization base grants and early learning scholarships modified, and money appropriated.
House HF0093 6 01/30/2023 Text icon Pinto Slavery or involuntary servitude prohibited as criminal punishment for crime, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF0092 3 01/11/2023 Text icon Jordan Elevated blood lead concentration level lowered from ten micrograms of lead to 3.5 micrograms.
House HF0047 5 01/23/2023 Text icon Hansen, R. Pollinator research funding provided, money transferred, and money appropriated.
House HF0044 12 01/30/2023 Text icon Feist School districts required to provide access to menstrual products for students, operating capital aid increased to fund school district purchases of menstrual products, and money appropriated.
House HF0043 4 01/30/2023 Text icon Feist Gross misdemeanor maximum term of incarceration set at 364 days.
House SF0033 2 01/30/2023 Text icon Huot Office of the Attorney General enhanced criminal enforcement funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0029 11 01/30/2023 Text icon Huot Office of the Attorney General funding provided to provide enhanced criminal enforcement, and money appropriated.
House HF0025 6 01/25/2023 Text icon Frazier Violent crime reduction and clearance support account established to support violent crime reduction strategies, grants established for crime and violence prevention and for evidence-processing technology and crisis response teams, supplemental funding provided for the force investigations unit, special revenue accounts established, report required, money transferred, and money appropriated.
House HF0024 7 01/23/2023 Text icon Jordan Authority modified to ensure safe drinking water, drinking water revolving fund provisions modified, grant program established to replace lead drinking water service lines, grant program established for mapping lead service lines, report required, and money appropriated.
House HF0015 3 01/09/2023 Text icon Frazier Law enforcement and family members enabled to petition a court to prohibit people from possessing firearms if they pose a significant danger to themselves or others by possessing a firearm, and money appropriated.
House HF0014 3 01/09/2023 Text icon Pinto Criminal background checks required for firearm transfers, and grounds modified for disqualification of transferee permit.
House HF0013 8 01/23/2023 Text icon Pinto Child care assistance rates modified.
House HF0011 3 01/09/2023 Text icon Howard State rent assistance program established for low-income, cost-burdened households, and money appropriated.
House HF0009 6 01/18/2023 Text icon Kotyza-Witthuhn Individual income provisions modified, dependent care credit expanded, great start child care credit established.
House HF0007 16 01/26/2023 Text icon Long Electric utility renewable energy standard obligations modified, utility cost recovery provided, wind projects exempted from certificate of need proceedings, low-voltage transmission lines included in definition of solar energy generating system for siting purposes, provisions supporting local energy-related employment added, Public Utility Commission authority modified to issue permits for electric generation facilities, and technical changes made.
House HF0004 16 01/30/2023 Text icon Gomez Noncompliant driver's license or Minnesota identification card requirements modified and related changes made, including on eligibility, proof of lawful presence, primary and secondary documentation, and data practices; technical changes made; and money appropriated.
House HF0002 3 01/26/2023 Text icon Richardson Paid family, pregnancy, bonding, and applicant's serious medical condition benefits provided; employment leaves regulated and required; data classified; rulemaking authorized; and money appropriated.
House HF0001 11 01/19/2023 Text icon Kotyza-Witthuhn Fundamental right to reproductive health established.