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14 Documents Found in Legislative Session 90 (2017-2018)
for Chief Authors of "Pugh"

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Law Bill
Short Description
House HF2695 2 05/20/2017 Text icon Pugh Electric grid vulnerability to solar storms study required, and money appropriated.
House HF2490 1 03/23/2017 Text icon Pugh Agency managerial compensation increase limited.
House HF2473 1 03/20/2017 Text icon Pugh Work restrictions based on high school attendance for employees 18 or older prohibited.
House HF2354 1 03/13/2017 Text icon Pugh Deadline for entering voter registration application data into the statewide voter registration system provided.
House HF2271 1 03/08/2017 Text icon Pugh Potential election judge lists required to include the names of individuals willing to travel outside of their home jurisdiction to act as an election judge.
House HF2232 3 03/14/2017 Text icon Pugh Fort Snelling Memorial Chapel funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2040 1 03/02/2017 Text icon Pugh Postelection sampling report requirements amended for county auditors and the secretary of state
House HF2039 1 03/02/2017 Text icon Pugh Statewide voter registration system status changes and removals required to be included in public information lists.
House HF2005 2 05/08/2017 Text icon Pugh Health care providers administering vaccines required to disclose information to parents, reports of adverse reactions to vaccines required, and informed consent form content specified.
House HF1616 1 02/23/2017 Text icon Pugh Patient consent required before health care providers and health plan companies may release data to the health commissioner for health research and data initiatives.
House HF1615 2 02/27/2017 Text icon Pugh Tribal vital record keeping, cancer reporting system, and birth defect information system changes made.
House HF1544 1 02/22/2017 Text icon Pugh Data access denial requirements modified for government entities.
House HF1285 1 02/15/2017 Text icon Pugh Adoption rules legislative approval required.
House HF0810 6 04/04/2017 Text icon Pugh Abortion funding from state-sponsored health programs limited.

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