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16 Documents Found in Legislative Session 90 (2017-2018)
for Chief Authors of "Hilstrom"

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House HF2648 1 05/04/2017 Text icon Hilstrom Cosmetic fragrance ingredient disclosure required.
House HF2452 1 03/20/2017 Text icon Hilstrom Architectural barrier notice provisions amended.
House HF2445 1 03/16/2017 Text icon Hilstrom Statute of limitations amended.
House HF2288 1 03/09/2017 Text icon Hilstrom Emergency responder training funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2086 2 03/07/2017 Text icon Hilstrom Opioid prescribing improvement program participation expanded.
House HF1996 1 03/02/2017 Text icon Hilstrom Prescribers and dispensers of controlled substances continuing education required.
House HF1692 2 02/27/2017 Text icon Hilstrom State and local prison inmates required to be housed in publicly owned and operated jails and prisons, and state and counties prohibited from contracting with private prisons.
House HF1040 1 02/09/2017 Text icon Hilstrom Commerce Fraud Bureau authority to apply for or execute search warrants clarified.
House HF1014 1 02/09/2017 Text icon Hilstrom Minnesota prescription monitoring program agency access provided to identify and investigate inappropriate prescribing or dispensing of controlled substances.
House HF0989 1 02/09/2017 Text icon Hilstrom Minnesota minimum wage use in garnishment provided.
House HF0916 2 02/13/2017 Text icon Hilstrom Law enforcement required to maintain collection boxes for disposal of noncontrolled substances and pharmaceutical controlled substances.
House HF0911 2 04/20/2017 Text icon Hilstrom School contractor employee benefit eligibility provided.
House HF0910 3 02/23/2017 Text icon Hilstrom Disabled veterans homestead created maximum exclusion amount extended to veterans with a 100 percent temporary disability rating, and maximum excluded amount increased to $400,000.
House HF0897 3 03/02/2017 Text icon Hilstrom Pharmacies required to maintain collection boxes for disposal of legend drugs as pharmaceutical waste.
House HF0728 5 02/13/2017 Text icon Hilstrom Veterans support funding provided including support for domestic abuse prevention, mental health services, chemical abuse treatment, veterans homelessness prevention, compensation to honor guards, and veterans courts; veterans nursing home tax credit provided; and money appropriated.
House HF0727 3 02/06/2017 Text icon Hilstrom Chemicals of high concern in children's products regulated.

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