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29 Documents Found in Legislative Session 89 (2015-2016)
for Chief Authors of "Thissen"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3988 1 05/05/2016 Text icon Thissen Traffic citation filing requirements governed.
House HF3918 1 04/14/2016 Text icon Thissen Deferment, forbearance, income contingent repayment, and loan forgiveness programs established; and money appropriated.
House HF3871 2 04/14/2016 Text icon Thissen Strategies to prevent over-enrolling minority students and English learners in special education and dismissing more minority students with disabilities pursued, cultural competency emphasized, and working group to examine the over-representation established.
House HF3714 1 03/30/2016 Text icon Thissen Public hearing after 30-day notice required before imposing an interim ordinance related to housing.
House HF3702 3 04/06/2016 Text icon Thissen College attendance grant program intervention broadened, and money appropriated.
House HF3614 1 03/24/2016 Text icon Thissen Home care licensure classes and repealed home care licensure rules obsolete references removed.
House HF3375 2 03/23/2016 Text icon Thissen St. Paul Teachers Retirement Fund Association contribution rate stabilizer mechanism implemented.
House HF3360 1 03/17/2016 Text icon Thissen Minnesota State Retirement System; member and employer contribution rates increased, and postretirement adjustment amounts reduced.
House HF3136 2 03/30/2016 Text icon Thissen Maximum permissible employer contribution to a laborers pension fund increased.
House HF3025 5 05/21/2016 Text icon Thissen Disparity impact analysis of proposed legislation provided, state agency biannual report on actions taken to address disparities required, and each change item in the governor's budget proposal inclusion of a disparity analysis required.
House HF2882 1 03/10/2016 Text icon Thissen Legislative practices reformed, joint budget targets required, Legislative Commission on Data Practices and Personal Data Privacy study and option recommendation for expanding access to legislative records and meetings required, and public official engagement in lobbying activities for one year after leaving office prohibited.
House HF2832 1 03/10/2016 Text icon Thissen Health and Human Services Coordinating and Finance Board created; Human Services Department restructured; duties from Human Services Department and other state agencies transferred to new state agencies and office, other duties transferred among state agencies, and report required.
House HF2799 2 03/16/2016 Text icon Thissen State research and development authority created, research and development fund established, report required, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2681 2 03/14/2016 Text icon Thissen Income, franchise, and property tax refund provisions conformed to changes in federal law; administrative mechanism provided; account created; money transferred; small business tax refund provided; initiative foundation business finance services promoted; Small Business Bureau duties modified; private letter ruling established; report required; and money appropriated.
House HF2501 1 03/08/2016 Text icon Thissen State educational service award for certain volunteers established, and money appropriated.
House HF2500 4 04/06/2016 Text icon Thissen Student support services program support funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2499 1 03/08/2016 Text icon Thissen State college and university bookstores required to provide a policy of price-matching, University of Minnesota requested to provide a policy of price-matching at bookstores operated in its facilities, and performance goal related to textbook cost reduction enacted.
House HF2458 2 03/10/2016 Text icon Thissen Office of Eligibility Services created.
House HF2457 2 03/10/2016 Text icon Thissen Human Services Department duties relating to licensing programs and facilities transferred to the Health Department.
House HF2456 2 03/31/2016 Text icon Thissen Department of Direct Care Services created.
House HF2455 1 03/08/2016 Text icon Thissen Department of Forensic Services created.
House HF2198 3 03/14/2016 Text icon Thissen Disparities impact notes on proposed legislation provided.
House HF2168 2 04/13/2015 Text icon Thissen Minority business development program funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2150 1 04/07/2015 Text icon Thissen Cost-of-living study contents revised.
House HF2055 1 03/19/2015 Text icon Thissen Electronic mail service providers regulated.
House HF1803 1 03/12/2015 Text icon Thissen Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board employees excluded from Public Employees Retirement Association.
House HF1784 1 03/12/2015 Text icon Thissen One ground for disciplinary action for health professionals eliminated.
House HF1686 1 03/10/2015 Text icon Thissen Public body made liable for unpaid costs when there is no performance or payment bond.
House HF1093 6 03/14/2016 Text icon Thissen Working Parents Act established; wage theft protection, paid family leave, and earned sick and safe time provided; fair scheduling required; penalties imposed; reports required; rulemaking authorized; and money appropriated.