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198 Documents Found in Legislative Session 89 (2015-2016)
for Authors of "Drazkowski"

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Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3971 1 04/25/2016 Text icon Drazkowski Mistakenly billed tax refunds modified.
House HF3960 5 05/16/2016 Text icon Hertaus Balanced federal budget; a joint resolution making a formal application to Congress to call an amendment convention for the purpose of an amendment to the Constitution requiring a balanced federal budget.
House HF3912 2 04/20/2016 Text icon Anderson, S. Research credit modified.
House HF3911 2 04/15/2016 Text icon Davids Township officer local appeal and equalization course training waived.
House HF3903 1 04/14/2016 Text icon Drazkowski State employee out-of-state travel restricted.
House HF3902 1 04/14/2016 Text icon Lucero Nonessential state employee travel prohibited, and report and audit required.
House HF3767 1 03/31/2016 Text icon Drazkowski Riparian buffer requirements repealed, and appropriations canceled.
House HF3758 2 04/01/2016 Text icon Drazkowski Tax increment financing; permitted use of increments clarified.
House HF3723 6 05/12/2016 Text icon Drazkowski Temporary use of rights-of-way permit requirements modified.
House HF3660 2 04/01/2016 Text icon Drazkowski Occasional sales of lodging exempted from the sales and use tax and lodging tax.
House HF3659 1 03/29/2016 Text icon Drazkowski Passenger rail requirements on project development process, state fund use, eminent domain, and land use and acquisition established; and technical changes made.
House HF3644 6 05/21/2016 Text icon Wagenius Sewer availability charges imposed on eating and drinking establishments that add or expand outdoor seating regulated.
House HF3594 1 03/24/2016 Text icon Drazkowski Income and business taxes eliminated, and sales tax replaced with a fair tax.
House HF3585 12 05/20/2016 Text icon Drazkowski Labor agreements and compensation plans ratified, affirmative approval required before interim implementation of state employee collective bargaining agreements, exclusive representatives prohibited from requiring political contributions, and open meetings required.
House HF3480 4 03/29/2016 Text icon Newberger Noise complaint addressing process created, Pollution Control Agency rulemaking with respect to noise from wind projects required, and Public Utilities Commission docket on wind project siting required.
House HF3470 4 04/04/2016 Text icon Vogel Municipality use of public utility license, permit rights, or franchise fees to raise revenue notice, hearing, and reverse referendum provided.
House HF3396 2 04/28/2016 Text icon Gruenhagen Human Rights Act provisions governing gender specific accommodations clarified.
House HF3374 6 04/20/2016 Text icon Lohmer Family planning service fund grant distribution requirements modified, entities eligible for family planning grants specified, grant recipient reporting and publication required, and health commissioner required to apply for and distribute federal Title X funds for family planning services.
House SF3368 18 05/21/2016 168 Text icon Drazkowski Temporary use of rights-of-way permit requirements modified.
House HF3282 1 03/17/2016 Text icon Schomacker County based purchasing plan contract negotiations modified.
House HF3150 4 03/31/2016 Text icon Whelan Abortion data required to be reported by physicians or facilities modified.
House HF3034 2 04/25/2016 Text icon Drazkowski Legislative auditor directed to conduct financial audits of spending related to refugee resettlement costs, and money transferred.
House HF3028 1 03/14/2016 Text icon McDonald Eminent domain; attorney fees provided.
House HF2985 1 03/14/2016 Text icon Quam Household size methodology for pregnant women under medical assistance clarified.
House HF2974 3 03/23/2016 Text icon McDonald Temporary or seasonal agricultural workers with an H-2A visa exempted from overtime requirements.
House HF2970 6 05/11/2016 Text icon Vogel Debt limit established.
House HF2936 1 03/10/2016 Text icon Backer Agricultural containment facility exemption repealed.
House HF2933 1 03/10/2016 Text icon Lucero Health insurance premium subtraction provided.
House HF2927 7 05/09/2016 98 Text icon Nash Service signs at two intersections or interchanges permitted.
House HF2915 2 04/07/2016 Text icon Albright Federal funds received by the state annual report required.
House HF2905 1 03/10/2016 Text icon Zerwas Schools honoring students' Do Not Resuscitate, Do Not Intubate, and Allow Natural Death orders required.
House HF2865 3 04/06/2016 Text icon Whelan University of Minnesota appropriations in fiscal year 2017 modified, University of Minnesota fiscal year 2018 funding provided, legislative findings made related to the disposal of fetal tissue use in academic research, and money appropriated.
House HF2819 2 03/14/2016 Text icon Drazkowski Night vision equipment use when hunting predators allowed.
House HF2734 2 03/23/2016 Text icon Quam Oronoco; wastewater collection and treatment facilities funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2730 1 03/08/2016 Text icon Drazkowski Public money or eminent domain use to host a world's fair prohibited.
House HF2726 2 03/10/2016 Text icon Drazkowski Federal firearm laws restricting or limiting firearms provided to be unenforceable in Minnesota.
House HF2704 15 05/16/2016 Text icon Scott Vehicle forfeiture provisions modified to include more than one owner of a vehicle.
House HF2669 1 03/08/2016 Text icon Drazkowski Greater Minnesota internship program repealed.
House HF2634 3 03/23/2016 Text icon Green Ditch buffer provisions modified.
House HF2603 6 04/01/2016 Text icon Green Notice, public hearing, and response to questions and comments required before purchasing real property with public money.
House HF2598 2 03/10/2016 Text icon Green Legacy amendment replaced with funding for deficient roads and bridges and for clean water, conforming changes made, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF2590 4 03/29/2016 Text icon Green No-net-gain policy for state acquisition of real property established.
House HF2519 1 03/08/2016 Text icon Green Family planning grant reviews provided.
House HF2489 1 03/08/2016 Text icon Anderson, M. Civil court judge application of foreign law prohibited.
House HF2487 1 03/08/2016 Text icon Anderson, M. Brewer taproom wine license issuance authorized.
House HF2484 1 03/08/2016 Text icon Anderson, M. Traffic regulation conviction punishments modified.
House HF2479 1 03/08/2016 Text icon Anderson, M. Business license fees regulated.
House HF2466 3 03/16/2016 Text icon Anderson, M. MNsure and Minnesota Rules governing MNsure repealed.
House HF2461 2 03/10/2016 Text icon Quam Internet service machinery and equipment exemption provided.
House HF2368 1 05/17/2015 Text icon Lucero Automated license plate reader technology independent audit prior to data collection required.
House HF2364 2 05/17/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Labor negotiation open meetings required.
House HF2362 2 05/17/2015 Text icon Green Counties allowed to file no net gain policies, and land sales required.
House HF2360 2 05/17/2015 Text icon Green Suspicion based substance abuse screening and testing pilot program established for Minnesota Family Investment Program applicants and recipients, and report required.
House HF2323 1 05/12/2015 Text icon Quam Body camera data classified, and storage and access to body camera data regulated.
House HF2309 1 05/06/2015 Text icon McDonald Electricity, natural or artificial gas, propane, and water sold to restaurants reduced sales and use rate provided.
House HF2260 3 03/03/2016 Text icon Lien Agricultural land valuation based on its production value study provided, report required, and money appropriated.
House HF2258 2 04/23/2015 Text icon Anderson, M. State legislator term limits provided.
House HF2256 3 05/07/2015 Text icon Anderson, M. Individual income and corporate franchise taxes repealed.
House HF2199 4 04/22/2015 Text icon Koznick Tax rates and brackets modified.
House HF2143 1 04/07/2015 Text icon Zerwas Ambulance service exemption extended.
House HF2111 2 03/26/2015 Text icon Liebling Managed care and county based purchasing plans serving state public program enrollees financial reporting clarified and modified, subcontract requirements set, administrative cost requirements modified, not allowable administrative expenses clarified, and third-party financial audits and ad hoc audits required.
House HF2103 1 03/25/2015 Text icon Gruenhagen Collective bargaining contracts forbidden in which the cost exceeds the growth in private sector gross domestic product.
House HF2092 1 03/23/2015 Text icon Anderson, M. Public assistance programs various changes made.
House HF2077 4 04/30/2015 Text icon Drazkowski School building bond agricultural credit provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2050 2 03/23/2015 Text icon Albright Metropolitan Land Planning Act modified to eliminate authority of the Metropolitan Council to require local comprehensive plan amendments in response to council policies, plans, and system statements.
House HF2019 2 04/07/2015 Text icon McDonald Annual city celebration sales tax exemption provided.
House HF1993 3 03/08/2016 Text icon Drazkowski Defense of Dwelling and Person Act; use of force in defense of home and person modified, duty to retreat eliminated, and burden of proof placed upon the state relating to justifiable use of force.
House HF1949 2 03/23/2015 Text icon Whelan School board required to publicly inform parents of a decision to keep available instructional materials a parent considers harmful to minors.
House HF1922 3 03/25/2015 Text icon Hornstein Damage causes and types for which railroads are responsible specified.
House HF1831 2 03/12/2015 Text icon Green Property tax credits for overvalued property required.
House HF1830 2 03/12/2015 Text icon Green Counties required to enter into joint operating agreements with towns or townships.
House HF1822 1 03/12/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Public funding for aesthetic enhancement in road projects prohibited.
House HF1815 2 03/16/2015 Text icon Quam Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation commissioner and board prohibited from providing loans or grants to entities engaged in political activities.
House HF1776 5 04/16/2015 Text icon Pinto Violent Crime Coordinating Council and multijurisdictional investigations expanded to include combating sex trafficking crimes, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agent funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1736 3 03/19/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Estate tax repealed.
House HF1735 1 03/11/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Southeastern Minnesota pilot program for issuing additional deer licenses to landowners with deer damage established, and website for connecting landowners suffering deer damage with deer hunters required.
House HF1731 2 03/12/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Rent constituting property tax percentage reduced.
House HF1707 6 04/30/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Environment and natural resources trust fund payment account established, trust fund payments to counties provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1706 3 03/11/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Outdoor heritage trust fund account established, trust fund payments to counties provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1705 1 03/10/2015 Text icon Drazkowski State general tax refund for businesses authorized.
House HF1684 1 03/10/2015 Text icon Gruenhagen Executive branch required to maintain no more than one supervisory employee for every 15 employees.
House HF1679 1 03/10/2015 Text icon Yarusso Alternative website publication provided.
House HF1671 2 03/12/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Reverse referendum allowed.
House HF1648 1 03/09/2015 Text icon Whelan Parental review of curriculum clarified.
House HF1646 1 03/09/2015 Text icon Schoen Motorcycle headlamp requirements amended.
House HF1574 1 03/09/2015 Text icon Quam Requirements for residential program staff to make food purchases using resident EBT cards established.
House HF1560 4 04/01/2016 Text icon Gruenhagen Patient's affirmative consent or nonconsent required for each item when requested to release health records.
House HF1559 5 03/26/2015 Text icon Gruenhagen Electronic health record provisions changed.
House HF1546 8 04/07/2015 Text icon Miller Athletic team participation provided, and Student Physical Privacy Act established.
House HF1544 3 03/26/2015 Text icon Nash Premium cigar definition modified, and premium cigar maximum tax reduced.
House HF1509 1 03/05/2015 Text icon Nash Microdistilleries allowed to sell bottles at off-sale.
House HF1497 5 03/08/2016 Text icon Urdahl State high school graduation requirements modified, and students required to demonstrate knowledge of civics as a condition of receiving a high school diploma.
House HF1491 3 03/10/2015 Text icon Lesch Unmanned aerial vehicle use by law enforcement regulated.
House HF1460 7 03/21/2016 Text icon Drazkowski Human services commissioner required to contract with a vendor to verify the eligibility of medical assistance and MinnesotaCare enrollees, and money appropriated.
House HF1459 2 03/05/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Statements of proposed taxes provided to be mailed in October, and deadlines within the property tax system modified.
House HF1450 7 04/07/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Small cities assistance program established.
House HF1448 2 03/19/2015 Text icon Anderson, M. Sale of donated land required.
House HF1436 1 03/04/2015 Text icon Quam Basic needs revenue established, revenue reserved for essential uses identified by school boards, and limited-term relief from state mandates provided.
House HF1434 11 03/08/2016 Text icon Anderson, M. Firearm suppressor possession and use prohibition repealed, chief law enforcement officers required to complete federal certifications relating to suppressors in a timely manner, and appeal process for denial of certification provided.
House HF1371 1 03/02/2015 Text icon Anderson, M. State Lottery net proceeds dedicated for local roads and bridges.
House HF1334 1 03/02/2015 Text icon Quam Vehicle parking violation surcharge credited to highway user tax distribution fund.
House HF1322 5 03/23/2016 Text icon McDonald Herbicide purchase exemption created.
House HF1289 2 03/04/2015 Text icon Hackbarth Right of individuals to keep and bear arms protected, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF1275 1 02/26/2015 Text icon Lucero Green Acres land value determination by county assessors provided.
House HF1256 1 02/25/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Goodview and Minnesota City; railroad crossing quiet zone construction funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF1245 1 02/25/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Legislator's leave of absence from public employer entitlements repealed.
House HF1212 2 03/11/2015 Text icon Quam Agricultural property taxation changes made, and valuation exclusion for homeowners over age 65 created.
House SF1191 7 05/08/2015 30 Text icon Scott Best interests of the child standards, custody, parenting time, maintenance, child support, judgment, and award provisions modified; Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act provided; and technical changes made.
House HF1164 5 04/13/2015 Text icon Zerwas Commercial motor vehicle road test requirements for school bus endorsement modified, and third-party testing provisions for school bus companies modified.
House HF1163 6 04/07/2015 Text icon Zerwas School bus driver's license endorsement issuance requirements modified.
House HF1089 14 04/11/2016 Text icon Rarick Firework manufacture, sale, and use regulated.
House HF1068 1 02/19/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Administrative subpoena issuance standards modified, and disclosure required.
House HF1050 1 02/18/2015 Text icon Drazkowski School board approved revenue authority reverse referendum authorized; and public school employees prohibited from using public funds and resources to advocate, pass, elect, or defeat a political candidate, ballot question, or pending legislation.
House HF1049 2 03/25/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Soil and water conservation district block grant funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1032 1 02/18/2015 Text icon Anderson, M. Malt liquor 3.2 percent classification abolished.
House HF1031 1 02/18/2015 Text icon Anderson, M. Catch and release angling without license authorized.
House HF1030 1 02/18/2015 Text icon Anderson, M. Withholding taxes on wages abolished, and payment of estimated taxes on wages provided.
House HF1028 1 02/18/2015 Text icon Anderson, M. Military retirement pay tax subtraction provided.
House HF0984 6 04/07/2015 Text icon Drazkowski State general levy phased out over six years.
House HF0968 4 03/08/2016 Text icon Hertaus Commercial-industrial property first tier exemption provided from the state general levy, and state general levy amount reduced.
House HF0922 5 04/13/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Local referenda related to spending required to be conducted on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.
House HF0920 4 04/20/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Rail project expenditure and other powers restricted.
House HF0902 2 02/18/2015 Text icon Hancock Term limits placed on legislators and executive officers, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF0830 7 04/16/2015 Text icon Lucero Federal Gun Control Act; firearm sale and purchase permitted in any state where lawful under the act.
House HF0822 1 02/12/2015 Text icon Green Groundwater resource temporary reduction authorized for calcareous fen management plan.
House HF0794 14 04/16/2015 7 Text icon O'Driscoll Land surveying statutory sections streamlined and simplified, and technical and conforming changes made.
House HF0787 5 04/11/2016 Text icon Pugh Abortion funding from state-sponsored health programs limited.
House HF0782 2 03/23/2015 Text icon Runbeck Reverse referendum approval of debt issuance provided.
House HF0767 1 02/12/2015 Text icon Lucero Veterans exempted from firearms safety certificate requirement.
House HF0756 1 02/12/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Wabasha County; transportation commissioner required to sell a parcel of land located north of Elgin.
House HF0723 2 03/11/2015 Text icon Lucero Municipal liquor store related provisions modified.
House HF0710 2 02/23/2015 Text icon Koznick Motor vehicle lease sales tax revenue allocation modified.
House HF0706 1 02/09/2015 Text icon Miller Gifts included in the estate modified.
House HF0700 3 02/19/2015 Text icon Davids Cigarette annual indexing requirement repealed.
House HF0677 1 02/09/2015 Text icon Lucero Gasoline sales below cost regulated.
House HF0666 5 02/23/2015 Text icon Peterson Executive branch official salaries legislative approval required, and salary increases rescinded.
House HF0633 1 02/05/2015 Text icon Runbeck Grant program to finance public infrastructure for cities using a portion of the city local government aid program to fund the grants established.
House HF0625 2 02/12/2015 Text icon Runbeck Unpaid balance of purchase price of tax-forfeited lands provided lower rate of interest.
House HF0620 1 02/05/2015 Text icon McNamara Overweight vehicle annual permits established.
House HF0596 3 03/19/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Bonded debt authorizations approved after June 30, 2015 levied against referendum market value.
House HF0592 2 02/23/2015 Text icon Franson Microdistillery authorized to sell its own products at on-sale.
House HF0591 3 03/09/2015 Text icon Franson Fishing without a license eligibility modified.
House HF0570 3 03/05/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Aquatic invasive species aid repealed.
House HF0538 4 04/01/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Political contribution refund and public subsidy program and related expenditure limits repealed.
House HF0533 1 02/02/2015 Text icon Nash Start Seeing Motorcycles special license plates established, and money appropriated.
House HF0512 4 03/23/2015 Text icon Norton Child support work group established, and money appropriated.
House HF0500 5 03/04/2015 Text icon Bennett List of offenses authorizing a denial or revocation of a teaching license by the Board of Teaching or School Administrators Board expanded.
House HF0493 2 02/05/2015 Text icon McDonald Estate tax repealed.
House HF0486 1 02/02/2015 Text icon Kahn Alcohol consumption by those under 21 allowed.
House HF0485 2 02/09/2015 Text icon Kahn Alcohol consumption by those under 21 allowed.
House HF0484 2 03/05/2015 Text icon Urdahl Eligible utility cooperatives authorized to receive state grants to match federal disaster assistance.
House HF0483 2 02/05/2015 Text icon Anderson, P. Wood burning heater regulation prohibited.
House HF0482 4 02/23/2015 Text icon Wills State general levy automatic inflation eliminated.
House HF0478 1 02/02/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Conservation officer vehicles required to be marked.
House HF0475 2 02/26/2015 Text icon Quam Sponsored agriculture education community experts allowed.
House HF0465 9 05/04/2015 Text icon Scott Best interests standards in custody or parenting time proceedings modified, and technical changes made.
House HF0463 1 01/29/2015 Text icon Green Public agency limited in amount it may pay to acquire real property or an interest in real property.
House HF0462 1 01/29/2015 Text icon Green Legacy fund appropriations eligibility modified.
House HF0456 9 02/25/2015 Text icon Scott Vehicle forfeiture actions burden of proof shifted to prosecution in innocent owner cases relating to off-highway vehicles, DWI, designated offenses, controlled substance offenses, fleeing offenses, and prostitution offenses; and homestead exemption expanded.
House HF0451 3 04/07/2015 Text icon Laine Recognition of parentage effect related provision modified, recognition form changes made, obligor definition modified, basic support modified, method for determining potential income for child support determinations modified, and consumer reporting agency requirements for nonpayment of child support established.
House HF0436 4 03/02/2015 Text icon Franson Hands Off Child Care Act adopted.
House HF0419 2 03/23/2015 Text icon Anderson, S. County aid to cover increased health care cost provided.
House HF0389 2 01/29/2015 Text icon Barrett State resource usage for mileage based user fee prohibited.
House HF0388 2 01/29/2015 Text icon Barrett State grantees required to use federal E-Verify program.
House HF0387 2 01/29/2015 Text icon Barrett State resource usage for mileage based user fee prohibited.
House HF0372 11 04/16/2015 Text icon Nash Firearm notice of possession at the Capitol complex requirement amended.
House HF0362 5 05/04/2016 Text icon Quam Federal government operations; a resolution memorializing Congress to call a convention to propose amendments to the United States Constitution to impose fiscal constraints on the federal government, limit power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and limit the terms of office for its officials and members of Congress.
House HF0333 13 04/14/2016 Text icon Newberger Legislative approval of a state plan to comply with federal regulations regarding emissions from existing power plants required.
House HF0327 12 03/25/2015 Text icon Scott Right of citizens to be secure from unreasonable searches and seizures provided to include protection against unreasonable searches and seizures of electronic communications and data, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF0310 2 01/29/2015 Text icon Pugh Light rail transit facility construction approval by city, county, and town required.
House HF0305 5 03/23/2015 Text icon Fabian Minnesota Personal Protection Act amended to recognize the North Dakota permit to carry a pistol as being valid in Minnesota.
House HF0302 1 01/22/2015 Text icon Fabian Muzzleloader scopes allowed.
House HF0300 7 04/13/2015 Text icon Lohmer Social Security benefit subtraction allowed.
House HF0289 2 01/26/2015 Text icon Quam Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) and general assistance programs screening for controlled substances required, certain individuals made ineligible for MFIP and general assistance benefits, and rulemaking provided.
House HF0287 2 03/11/2015 Text icon Quam Agricultural homestead classification for property allowed.
House HF0257 2 03/09/2015 Text icon Quam Rural service district establishment required in cities containing agricultural property.
House HF0231 3 02/02/2015 Text icon Loon Intoxicating liquor off-sale sales permitted on Sundays.
House HF0229 4 02/16/2015 Text icon McDonald Individual subtraction provided for the value of the use of an employer provided fitness facility, and corporate subtraction provided for fitness facility dues for employees.
House HF0215 4 02/18/2015 Text icon Howe Motor vehicle part sales estimated tax revenue allocated to the highway user tax distribution fund.
House HF0208 2 01/26/2015 Text icon Gruenhagen Public fund usage to promote or defeat ballot question prohibited.
House HF0200 6 04/11/2016 Text icon Hilstrom Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act enacted.
House HF0197 1 01/15/2015 Text icon Miller School boards authorized to implement flexible learning year programs without approval by education commissioner.
House HF0184 4 02/12/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Aquatic invasive species prevention program requirements repealed.
House HF0131 1 01/12/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Sunday intoxicating liquor off-sale pilot project established.
House HF0130 3 01/22/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Sunday intoxicating liquor off-sale authorization by municipalities permitted.
House HF0115 2 01/14/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Intoxicating liquor off-sale permitted on Sunday.
House HF0106 2 02/16/2015 Text icon Garofalo Eminent domain; Buy the Farm option established for real property owners whose property is taken for intercity high-speed rail use.
House HF0096 5 02/05/2015 Text icon Albright Estate tax conformed to federal exclusion amount.
House HF0095 6 02/12/2015 Text icon Newberger Hydropower sources that may satisfy renewable energy standard size limitation eliminated.
House HF0059 3 02/05/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Motorcycle profiling policies established.
House HF0050 3 01/14/2015 Text icon Drazkowski Aquatic invasive species prevention program requirements repealed.
House HF0039 1 01/08/2015 Text icon Davids Speeding citations based on location tracking prohibited.
House HF0024 1 01/08/2015 Text icon Quam Public union release time restricted.
House HF0023 1 01/08/2015 Text icon Quam Law enforcement agencies required to comply with federal immigration detainers.
House HF0022 1 01/08/2015 Text icon Quam Quarantined and isolated persons provided protections.
House HF0011 1 01/08/2015 Text icon Garofalo Zip Rail line expenditures and planning prohibited.
House HF0005 7 03/19/2015 Text icon Mack MNsure; commerce commissioner required to seek federal approval, salary limit imposed, health plan approval rates specified, notification of enrollment information required, individual coverage option provided, product lines prohibited, small business health care tax credit expansion proposal required, MNsure organizational changes made, background checks required, and exemptions removed.
House HF0004 24 03/10/2016 Text icon Kelly Omnibus transportation policy and finance bill.