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89 Documents Found in Legislative Session 88 (2013-2014)
for Authors of "Pugh"

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House HF3383 2 05/16/2014 Text icon Loeffler Federal marijuana medical research; President and Congress memorialized to require the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration to expedite serious research into the medical uses and benefits of marijuana.
House HF3374 2 05/14/2014 Text icon Drazkowski Capital investment; spending authorized to acquire and better public land and buildings and other improvements, negotiated sales use authorized, new programs established, existing programs and prior appropriations modified, and new legislative office building construction and finance authority repealed.
House HF3358 2 04/29/2014 Text icon Zellers Appellate and postconviction relief limited for juvenile sentenced to life without possibility of release that was final before June 25, 2012, and civil commitment petition filing required.
House HF3338 1 04/03/2014 Text icon Albright Sales and use tax exemption provided for used goods and used motor vehicles.
House HF3337 1 04/03/2014 Text icon Albright Term limits placed on legislative and executive officers, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF3317 3 04/01/2014 Text icon Davids Social Security benefit income tax subtraction allowed.
House HF3306 2 03/28/2014 Text icon Hoppe MNsure report required on the number of uninsured enrollees.
House HF3270 1 03/24/2014 Text icon Erickson, S. School liability provisions modified and civil cause of action created.
House HF3190 1 03/19/2014 Text icon Nelson Sprinkler requirements in single-family dwellings prohibited.
House HF3174 1 03/19/2014 Text icon Pugh Parental rights established.
House HF3114 1 03/17/2014 Text icon Pugh Excelsior; The Commons parks and trails fund money appropriated.
House HF3085 2 03/19/2014 Text icon Pugh Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations; a resolution opposing EPA regulations that would expand federal jurisdiction over waters and lands without Congressional approval.
House HF3029 1 03/13/2014 Text icon Franson Affordable Care Act insurance premium increase income tax credit allowed, and money appropriated.
House HF2927 4 03/24/2014 Text icon Holberg Abortion prohibited at or after 20 weeks postfertilization age unless exceptions apply, civil and criminal penalties provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2925 25 05/14/2014 269 Text icon Lesch Imprisonment and Exoneration Remedies Act; exonerated persons compensated, and money appropriated.
House HF2899 1 03/10/2014 Text icon Pugh Excelsior; The Commons funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2873 2 03/17/2014 Text icon Lenczewski Hennepin County; tax-forfeited land conveyance and private sale authorized.
House HF2860 1 03/10/2014 Text icon Schomacker Long-term care savings plan provided, and income tax subtraction provided for contributions.
House HF2859 1 03/10/2014 Text icon Schomacker Individual income tax credit provided for the additional tax paid on early withdrawals from retirement accounts if used for long-term care expenses, and money appropriated.
House HF2800 3 03/17/2014 Text icon Dean, M. Legislative office building construction authority repealed, and remaining money from the project appropriated to the Capitol Building renovation project.
House HF2793 1 03/06/2014 Text icon Scott MNsure data-sharing agreements modified.
House HF2788 1 03/06/2014 Text icon Uglem Metropolitan Council member staggered terms provided.
House HF2722 9 05/01/2014 197 Text icon Mahoney Custody and parenting time provisions changes made.
House HF2703 3 04/07/2014 Text icon Pugh Sales and use tax exempted for local government purchases made under a joint powers agreement.
House HF2668 13 05/05/2014 204 Text icon Hilstrom Courts and elections; errors and omissions petitioners shall also serve the petition on all candidates for the office in which the error or omission is alleged, raised court seal and notarial act requirements eliminated, and application of fine payment to restitution before application to court fines permitted.
House HF2660 8 05/02/2014 200 Text icon Hortman Forma pauperis party proceeding partial payment or reimbursement of costs amended.
House HF2630 2 03/10/2014 Text icon Wills School nutrition policy provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2590 2 03/06/2014 Text icon Loon Sunday liquor sales allowed to be authorized by municipalities.
House HF2532 3 03/27/2014 Text icon Zerwas Sales tax exemption for units of local government modified, and money appropriated.
House HF2479 8 05/05/2014 205 Text icon Hilstrom Housing courts and housing calendars allowed to use referees almost exclusively for landlord and tenant cases.
House HF2454 4 03/10/2014 Text icon Davids Federal tax conformity provided, various tax provisions repealed and exemptions reinstated, and money appropriated.
House HF2307 20 05/08/2014 Text icon Schoen Drug overdose prevention and medical assistance provided, and liability limited.
House HF2289 1 02/25/2014 Text icon Pugh Water utilities required to provide alternative water metering systems, and procedures established for entry to private property.
House HF2288 14 05/15/2014 Text icon Atkins Law enforcement required to secure a court order in order to receive cell phone tracking data.
House HF2281 26 04/10/2014 Text icon Winkler Legislators' privilege from arrest clarified, and driving while impaired specified as a breach of the peace for purposes of the Minnesota Constitution.
House HF2280 2 03/10/2014 Text icon Anderson, S. School districts authorized to seek reimbursement of unpaid school meals money from the Education Department.
House HF2279 2 02/27/2014 Text icon Lohmer Crime of nonsupport of spouse or child; definition for support added.
House HF2271 2 03/19/2014 Text icon Erickson, S. Teachers; performance-based pay system provided.
House HF2270 6 05/09/2014 Text icon Erickson, S. Intermediate care facilities for persons with developmental disabilities (ICF/DD) and home and community-based service provider reimbursement rates modified, and money appropriated.
House HF2167 10 05/12/2014 Text icon Lesch Government data practice application clarified.
House HF2139 1 02/25/2014 Text icon Holberg Health care service denial prohibited to patients who assert health record rights provided by law.
House HF2138 2 03/04/2014 Text icon Holberg Databases maintained by a government entity required to track user access.
House HF2134 1 02/25/2014 Text icon Quam Background check and fingerprints required on persons with access to personal data through MNsure.
House HF2126 1 02/25/2014 Text icon Quam Counties and cities required to have written procedures for charging and collecting fees that are available to the public, and provide notice to the mayor.
House HF2124 1 02/25/2014 Text icon Quam Tax on repairing and maintaining electronic and precision equipment repealed.
House HF2123 1 02/25/2014 Text icon Quam Tax on repairing and maintaining commercial and industrial machinery and equipment repealed.
House HF2122 1 02/25/2014 Text icon Quam Economic crime victims aided, public outreach initiatives provided, and identity theft passport authorized.
House HF2121 1 02/25/2014 Text icon Quam Storage and warehousing service tax repealed.
House HF2120 14 05/01/2014 Text icon Holberg Data Practices and Personal Data Privacy Legislative Commission created.
House HF2119 1 02/25/2014 Text icon Anderson, P. Capital equipment exemption effective date changed.
House HF2118 1 02/25/2014 Text icon Hertaus Sunday and holiday off-sale liquor sales modified.
House HF2117 6 03/27/2014 Text icon Howe Veteran preference hearing related procedures modified.
House HF2098 2 03/10/2014 Text icon McNamara Aquatic plant management permit maximum fee lowered, and rulemaking required.
House SF2066 7 04/30/2014 193 Text icon Holberg Data Practices and Personal Data Privacy Legislative Commission created.
House HF1936 2 03/06/2014 Text icon Woodard Reverse referendum authorized for board-approved referendum revenue authority and for location equity revenue.
House SF1900 9 05/07/2014 232 Text icon Schoen Steve's Law; drug overdose prevention and medical assistance provided, and liability limited.
House HF1886 3 03/10/2014 Text icon Albright Federal estate and gift tax exemption amount conformity provided.
House HF1813 1 04/29/2013 Text icon Quam Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) and general assistance program screening for use of controlled substances required, and individuals made ineligible for MFIP and general assistance benefits.
House HF1771 3 04/17/2013 Text icon Quam Student Religious Liberties Act established.
House SF1770 9 05/15/2014 293 Text icon Lesch Government data practice act application clarified to parties contracting with a government entity, data security account established, bulk vehicle records request fees authorized, legislative commission on data practices required to study the use of motor vehicle and driver's license records, and health care study required.
House HF1731 1 04/08/2013 Text icon Hertaus High-intensity Activated crossWalK (HAWK) pedestrian signal on marked Trunk Highway 12 construction and installation funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF1730 2 04/10/2013 Text icon Pugh Start Seeing Motorcycles special license plates established, and money appropriated.
House HF1729 1 04/08/2013 Text icon Pugh Limitation period reduced for bringing some civil actions.
House HF1612 2 03/20/2013 Text icon Benson, M. Voters required to provide picture identification before receiving a ballot, voter identification cards provided at no charge, canvassing deadlines changed, notices required, provisional balloting procedure established, funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1119 1 03/04/2013 Text icon Freiberg Metropolitan regional parks wildlife habitat enhancement and restoration funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1102 2 03/05/2013 Text icon Zerwas Forensic Laboratory Advisory Board provisions modified, funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1082 29 05/05/2014 Text icon Allen Judicial forfeiture of property associated with controlled substance offenses and vehicles used in drive-by shootings conviction required.
House HF1081 14 03/04/2014 Text icon Allen Vehicle forfeiture; burden of proof shifted to the prosecutor in an innocent owner case involving off-highway vehicles, DWI, designated offenses, controlled substance offenses, fleeing offenses, and prostitution offenses; homestead exemption codified and expanded; and innocent owners allowed to reclaim vehicle if equipped with ignition interlock device.
House HF0901 1 02/25/2013 Text icon Fritz State-sponsored health programs for funding abortions use of funds limited.
House HF0900 1 02/25/2013 Text icon Ward, J.E. Facilities that perform ten or more abortions per month licensure required, funding provided, and money appropriated.
House SF0874 7 05/02/2014 201 Text icon Allen Judicial forfeiture provisions modified.
House HF0846 3 02/28/2013 Text icon Franson Collective bargaining clarified.
House HF0836 1 02/21/2013 Text icon Wills Representatives of protected consumers under the age of 16 or who have an appointed guardian or conservator authorized to lift or remove credit freezes.
House HF0758 8 04/20/2013 Text icon Albright Adult basic education program representative added to the Workforce Development Council.
House HF0679 3 02/25/2013 Text icon Hilstrom Event ticket practices regulated, and minimum standards for consumer protection established.
House HF0678 5 03/21/2013 Text icon Hilstrom Event ticket practices regulated, and minimum standards for consumer protection established.
House HF0544 1 02/13/2013 Text icon Benson, M. State employee group insurance program legislator premiums established.
House HF0532 2 03/06/2013 Text icon Wills Veterans job tax credit provided.
House HF0521 1 02/13/2013 Text icon Kahn Sunday off-sale intoxicating liquor sales prohibition repealed.
House HF0474 14 04/29/2014 Text icon Holberg Automated license plate reader data classified, log of use required, and data required to be destroyed.
House HF0419 7 05/14/2014 Text icon Drazkowski Firearms; providing that any new federal law designed to ban or limit any personal firearm, magazine, accessory, or ammunition, or to require the registration of any firearm or firearm owner shall be unenforceable.
House SF0380 7 05/03/2013 48 Text icon Albright Adult basic education program representative added to the Workforce Development Council.
House HF0338 11 04/20/2013 Text icon Bly Eminent domain provisions modified with respect to electric power utilities.
House HF0262 7 03/17/2014 Text icon Halverson Spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury research grant program and advisory committee established, funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0236 2 02/04/2013 Text icon Anderson, S. Small business investment income tax credit modified.
House HF0183 19 05/16/2014 284 Text icon Holberg Data practices; penalties and procedures related to unauthorized access to data by a public employee enhanced, and data submission by law enforcement agencies to Comprehensive Incident Based Reporting System (CIBRS) provided to be public.
House HF0137 1 01/22/2013 Text icon Newberger School district delayed payments required to not exceed ten percent of their estimated entitlement, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF0060 7 04/15/2013 Text icon Dettmer Military retirement pay income tax subtraction phased-in.
House HR0001 1 02/06/2013 Text icon Zellers Holidays and observances; a house resolution recognizing February 6, 2013, as "Ronald Reagan Day" in Minnesota.