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89 Documents Found in Legislative Session 88 (2013-2014)
for Authors of "Gruenhagen"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3375 2 05/08/2014 Text icon Daudt Presidential elector designation provided and duties specified.
House HF3362 1 04/28/2014 Text icon Gruenhagen Lake Titlow dam replacement funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF3349 3 04/24/2014 Text icon Clark Genetically engineered food and seed disclosure required, and consumer protection provided.
House HF3348 1 04/10/2014 Text icon Faust NFL football stadium seat license tax imposed.
House HF3335 1 04/03/2014 Text icon Sawatzky Nursing facility peer groups modified, and operating payment rate increase provided for nursing facilities in group three.
House HF3270 1 03/24/2014 Text icon Erickson, S. School liability provisions modified and civil cause of action created.
House HF3207 1 03/19/2014 Text icon Swedzinski Lottery promotional advertisement warnings required.
House HF3202 1 03/19/2014 Text icon Gruenhagen Silver Lake Auditorium renovation funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF3193 1 03/19/2014 Text icon Torkelson Minnesota Valley Railroad Track Rehabilitation appropriation use to rehabilitate bridges clarified as allowable.
House HF3190 1 03/19/2014 Text icon Nelson Sprinkler requirements in single-family dwellings prohibited.
House HF3143 1 03/17/2014 Text icon Ward, J.E. New employee training partnership established, rebates provided for employer training costs, report required, and money appropriated.
House HF3137 1 03/17/2014 Text icon Benson, M. Vehicle parking violation surcharge removed.
House HF3092 1 03/17/2014 Text icon Scott Metropolitan Council use of eminent domain prohibited.
House HF2932 4 03/26/2014 Text icon Liebling Health and human services committees and task forces established and modified, and prescription monitoring program changed.
House HF2927 4 03/24/2014 Text icon Holberg Abortion prohibited at or after 20 weeks postfertilization age unless exceptions apply, civil and criminal penalties provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2860 1 03/10/2014 Text icon Schomacker Long-term care savings plan provided, and income tax subtraction provided for contributions.
House HF2859 1 03/10/2014 Text icon Schomacker Individual income tax credit provided for the additional tax paid on early withdrawals from retirement accounts if used for long-term care expenses, and money appropriated.
House HF2831 1 03/06/2014 Text icon Gruenhagen Electronic voter registration system established, existing electronic voter registration system invalidated, and money appropriated.
House HF2800 3 03/17/2014 Text icon Dean, M. Legislative office building construction authority repealed, and remaining money from the project appropriated to the Capitol Building renovation project.
House HF2748 1 03/06/2014 Text icon Myhra Local literacy plans amended.
House HF2701 12 04/22/2014 Text icon Pelowski Disaster assistance contingency account created; unused disaster relief appropriation transfer to contingency account required; disaster relief cost-share relationship established between the state, local governments, and American Indian tribes and bands; state public disaster assistance authorized in the absence of federal assistance; and money appropriated.
House HF2699 1 03/04/2014 Text icon Gruenhagen Disaster relief appropriation use authorized for privately owned electrical cooperatives eligible for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assistance.
House HF2633 2 03/17/2014 Text icon Norton Greater Minnesota angel investment credit established, and money appropriated.
House HF2615 7 03/20/2014 Text icon Simonson Broadband service expansion to underserved areas grant program established, and money appropriated.
House HF2568 9 04/03/2014 Text icon Sawatzky Special education; paperwork burdens reduced by creating a unified online system for collecting and reporting required special education due process data and thereby increasing opportunities for special education educators to focus on teaching students.
House HF2529 3 03/17/2014 Text icon Runbeck Minnesota education credit modified by adding additional allowances.
House HF2409 1 02/27/2014 Text icon Isaacson Intermediate care facilities for persons with developmental disabilities (ICF/DD) and home and community-based service provider reimbursement rates modified, and money appropriated.
House HF2367 2 03/04/2014 Text icon Myhra Advanced placement computer science course allowed to fulfill a mathemetics or science credit requirement.
House HF2307 20 05/08/2014 Text icon Schoen Drug overdose prevention and medical assistance provided, and liability limited.
House HF2304 1 02/25/2014 Text icon Liebling Tattoos; health warning to consumers required, commissioner of health required to perform a study and issue reports, and money appropriated.
House HF2271 2 03/19/2014 Text icon Erickson, S. Teachers; performance-based pay system provided.
House HF2187 2 03/04/2014 Text icon Garofalo Internal Revenue Code changes conformed, and working family credit phase-out extended for married filers.
House HF2134 1 02/25/2014 Text icon Quam Background check and fingerprints required on persons with access to personal data through MNsure.
House HF2129 1 02/25/2014 Text icon Urdahl State grants to eligible utility cooperatives authorized to match federal disaster assistance.
House HF2059 4 03/12/2014 Text icon McNamar Greater Minnesota business development public infrastructure grant program modification funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2011 3 03/04/2014 Text icon Dettmer Veteran-owned small business certification modified for purposes of state procurement, and contract bid preference for veteran-owned small businesses required in situations involving capital investment projects.
House HF2006 2 02/27/2014 Text icon Dean, M. Health insurance coverage policy forms and premium rates required to be submitted to, and approved by, the commissioner of commerce or health and MNsure by specified dates; premium rates made available to the public; MNsure funding and premium assessment changes required to be authorized in law; and MNsure reports required to be provided by an independent third party.
House HF1998 2 02/27/2014 Text icon Gruenhagen Charity health care services value income tax deduction allowed.
House HF1997 3 03/06/2014 Text icon Gruenhagen Obscenity law exemptions removed for public schools and postsecondary institutions.
House HF1996 1 02/25/2014 Text icon Gruenhagen Human services appropriations reduced due to payment errors from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and evaluation required.
House HF1995 3 03/06/2014 Text icon Gruenhagen Dental service providers participation requirements in public health care programs modified.
House SF1900 9 05/07/2014 232 Text icon Schoen Steve's Law; drug overdose prevention and medical assistance provided, and liability limited.
House HF1860 4 03/24/2014 Text icon Rosenthal Tax credits provided to encourage charitable contributions, Endow Minnesota program established, rulemaking authorized, funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1771 3 04/17/2013 Text icon Quam Student Religious Liberties Act established.
House HF1762 1 04/11/2013 Text icon Gruenhagen Public fund use to promote or defeat a ballot question prohibited.
House HF1753 2 04/10/2013 Text icon Fabian Minnesota Vikings football stadium state commitment reduced.
House HF1744 2 04/11/2013 Text icon Hamilton Banking; a resolution memorializing Congress to enact legislation to reinstate the separation of commercial and investment banking functions in effect under the Glass-Steagall Act (Banking Act of 1933).
House HF1725 1 04/08/2013 Text icon Gruenhagen Dangerous dog notifications required when transferring ownership.
House HF1678 1 04/02/2013 Text icon Urdahl Cosmos; new municipal building funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF1617 1 03/18/2013 Text icon Lien Part-time student state grant amount regulated.
House HF1577 1 03/14/2013 Text icon Gruenhagen Special education scholarship program created.
House HF1576 1 03/14/2013 Text icon Gruenhagen Human DNA vaccine labeling and informed consent for vaccines required.
House HF1540 1 03/13/2013 Text icon McDonald Rental motor vehicle tax repealed.
House HF1324 3 03/21/2013 Text icon Hilstrom Firearm and ammunition lawful possession, purchase, and transfer regulated; crime of violence definition amended; mandatory minimum sentence established; new criminal offense created; firearm right restoration procedure provided; and mental health commitment information report, civil commitment, law enforcement, and court data timely transmittal required.
House HF1092 5 04/02/2013 Text icon Poppe Qualified small business and farm property tax exemptions clarified.
House HF0962 1 02/28/2013 Text icon Leidiger Trunk Highway 212 right-of-way acquisition and construction funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0908 1 02/25/2013 Text icon Pelowski Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Trustees Board and the Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0901 1 02/25/2013 Text icon Fritz State-sponsored health programs for funding abortions use of funds limited.
House HF0900 1 02/25/2013 Text icon Ward, J.E. Facilities that perform ten or more abortions per month licensure required, funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0886 6 04/04/2013 Text icon Fritz Nursing facility and elderly waiver rate increases provided.
House HF0851 5 04/02/2013 Text icon Wills Veterans job tax credit provided.
House HF0825 1 02/21/2013 Text icon Hertaus Education health and safety revenue uses modified.
House HF0726 2 02/21/2013 Text icon Hilstrom Minnesota sex offender program patients who commit felony offenses required to be committed to the commissioner of corrections at the time of sentencing and incarcerated for the length of the imposed sentence.
House HF0655 15 05/06/2014 221 Text icon Howe High-voltage transmission line routing process regulated, and designation of a preferred route prohibited in the permitting process.
House HF0643 1 02/18/2013 Text icon Howe Public Utilities Commission membership qualifications regulated.
House HF0587 2 03/11/2013 Text icon Falk Minnesota Valley Regional Rail Authority funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0569 1 02/13/2013 Text icon Gruenhagen Medical care and health insurance expenditure subtraction allowed.
House HF0547 1 02/13/2013 Text icon Gruenhagen Health care compact created.
House HF0546 1 02/13/2013 Text icon Gruenhagen Unified personal health premium account administration entities permitted.
House HF0544 1 02/13/2013 Text icon Benson, M. State employee group insurance program legislator premiums established.
House HF0517 1 02/13/2013 Text icon Swedzinski Minnesota State Colleges and Universities; leveraged equipment acquisition funding provided, and money appropriated.
House SF0511 8 05/08/2014 235 Text icon Schoen Advanced practice registered nurse-delivered health care access improved, penalties provided, advisory council provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0439 2 03/11/2013 Text icon Howe High-voltage transmission lines routing regulated.
House HF0438 2 03/11/2013 Text icon Howe High-voltage transmission line routing-related issues study by the Legislative Energy Commission required.
House HF0435 17 05/09/2014 Text icon Schoen Advanced practice registered nurse clarified.
House HF0419 7 05/14/2014 Text icon Drazkowski Firearms; providing that any new federal law designed to ban or limit any personal firearm, magazine, accessory, or ammunition, or to require the registration of any firearm or firearm owner shall be unenforceable.
House HF0338 11 04/20/2013 Text icon Bly Eminent domain provisions modified with respect to electric power utilities.
House HF0306 3 04/17/2013 Text icon Beard Renewable energy standards for 2025 abolished, and clarifying changes made.
House HF0263 14 05/13/2014 260 Text icon Paymar Firearm law crime of violence definition amended.
House HF0248 3 02/28/2013 Text icon Runbeck Equalization aid levels increased for operating referendum and debt service equalization aid programs.
House HF0183 19 05/16/2014 284 Text icon Holberg Data practices; penalties and procedures related to unauthorized access to data by a public employee enhanced, and data submission by law enforcement agencies to Comprehensive Incident Based Reporting System (CIBRS) provided to be public.
House HF0119 3 03/11/2013 Text icon Gruenhagen McLeod County; nursing facility property rate increase provided.
House HF0089 1 01/14/2013 Text icon Dettmer Beyond Yellow Ribbon program civil immunity from damages provided in certain situations, and business discrimination provision modified.
House HF0071 6 02/25/2013 Text icon Dettmer Estate tax conformed to federal exemption amount.
House HF0068 4 04/25/2014 Text icon Dettmer Honor and Remember Flag designated as an official symbol of the state's commitment to military service members who have lost their lives in service to our country, and display of flag encouraged.
House HF0062 4 05/20/2013 Text icon Dettmer Past military service tax credit eligibility modified.
House HF0061 3 03/06/2013 Text icon Dettmer Past military service income tax credit income-based reduction modified.
House HF0059 5 03/06/2013 Text icon Dettmer Military retirement pay income tax subtraction provided.
House HR0007 2 05/01/2014 Text icon Erickson, S. A house resolution recognizing May 1, 2014, as a day of prayer in Minnesota.