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56 Documents Found in Legislative Session 88 (2013-2014)
for Authors of "Barrett"

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Short Description
House HF3383 2 05/16/2014 Text icon Loeffler Federal marijuana medical research; President and Congress memorialized to require the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration to expedite serious research into the medical uses and benefits of marijuana.
House HF3371 3 05/12/2014 Text icon McDonald State general levy phased out.
House HF3320 2 04/02/2014 Text icon Barrett Legislature; number of members reduced.
House HF3209 1 03/19/2014 Text icon Barrett Trooper Glen Skalman Memorial Highway designated.
House HF3106 2 03/28/2014 Text icon Barrett Legislature; number of members reduced.
House HF2861 3 04/09/2014 Text icon Isaacson Education commissioner directed to consult with experts to determine the content and status of Minnesota's career and technical education programs, and money appropriated.
House HF2800 3 03/17/2014 Text icon Dean, M. Legislative office building construction authority repealed, and remaining money from the project appropriated to the Capitol Building renovation project.
House HF2747 2 03/13/2014 Text icon Johnson, B. Chisago County; sale of tax-forfeited lands bordering public waters sale authorized.
House HF2594 1 03/03/2014 Text icon Woodard Student assessment reporting requirements modified.
House HF2588 2 03/20/2014 Text icon Zerwas Equity region definition modified.
House HF2454 4 03/10/2014 Text icon Davids Federal tax conformity provided, various tax provisions repealed and exemptions reinstated, and money appropriated.
House HF2407 6 03/26/2014 Text icon Simonson Intermediate care facilities for persons with developmental disabilities (ICF/DD) and home and community-based service provider reimbursement rates modified, and money appropriated.
House HF2368 1 02/25/2014 Text icon O'Neill Telecommunications and pay televisions services and machinery purchases by businesses exempted from sales and use tax.
House HF2359 2 03/04/2014 Text icon Barrett Chisago County; new jail funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2326 3 03/10/2014 Text icon Slocum Recovery program additional funding sources created for students, and money appropriated.
House HF2281 26 04/10/2014 Text icon Winkler Legislators' privilege from arrest clarified, and driving while impaired specified as a breach of the peace for purposes of the Minnesota Constitution.
House HF2220 4 03/19/2014 Text icon Barrett North Branch; Public Utilities Commission membership increase authorized.
House HF2219 9 05/06/2014 216 Text icon Barrett Nicholas Patrick Spehar Memorial Highway designated.
House HF2199 5 03/21/2014 Text icon Hoppe Farm wineries allowed to import bulk distilled spirits, and excise tax exemption created.
House HF2178 10 04/22/2014 Text icon Barrett Farmers' market definition provided, and food product sampling and demonstration permitted.
House HF2175 1 02/25/2014 Text icon Barrett Bulk distilled spirit importation allowed.
House SF2060 11 04/09/2014 163 Text icon Barrett Farmers' market definition provided, food product sampling and demonstration permitted, and licensing exemption provided for a chili or soup cook-off event.
House HF1959 2 03/03/2014 Text icon Davids Internal Revenue Code changes conformed, and working family credit phase-out extended for married filers.
House HF1939 3 03/03/2014 Text icon Zellers Business transaction taxes repealed.
House HF1788 2 04/20/2013 Text icon Barrett Stadium naming rights, seat licenses, and NFL loan revenue required to be used for the state's share of stadium costs.
House HF1787 2 04/20/2013 Text icon Barrett Private stadium revenues required to be paid into the state treasury, and stand-alone owner payment required.
House HF1764 2 04/16/2013 Text icon Barrett Minnesota Vikings football stadium bond sales halted, and revenue certification required.
House HF1763 1 04/11/2013 Text icon Barrett Alternative stadium funding source created, school districts funded, State Lottery director authorized to establish gaming machines, gaming machine revenue fee imposed, and powers and duties provided.
House HF1675 1 04/02/2013 Text icon Barrett Exempt property held for economic development permitted holding period increased.
House HF1606 4 03/20/2014 Text icon Myhra Focused home visiting grants established, funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1565 2 03/18/2013 Text icon Barrett Hospital futility policy disclosures required.
House HF1540 1 03/13/2013 Text icon McDonald Rental motor vehicle tax repealed.
House HF1427 2 03/13/2013 Text icon Barrett Education commissioner directed to seek federal approval to modify the multiple measurements rating to calculate graduation rates in districts and schools serving eligible students with disabilities ages 18 to 21.
House HF1426 1 03/11/2013 Text icon Barrett Taylors Falls; excise border city development zone power establishment authorized, funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1387 1 03/07/2013 Text icon Barrett Nonemergency transportation service administration requirements provided.
House HF1324 3 03/21/2013 Text icon Hilstrom Firearm and ammunition lawful possession, purchase, and transfer regulated; crime of violence definition amended; mandatory minimum sentence established; new criminal offense created; firearm right restoration procedure provided; and mental health commitment information report, civil commitment, law enforcement, and court data timely transmittal required.
House HF1058 7 03/24/2014 Text icon Winkler Early learning scholarship program established, access to quality early learning and care expanded, funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0970 1 02/28/2013 Text icon Barrett Vision therapy pilot project created, funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0933 1 02/25/2013 Text icon Kresha Small business investment income tax credit modified.
House HF0909 2 03/14/2013 Text icon Davnie Marriage dissolution and legal separation proceeding education requirements provided.
House HF0817 8 04/22/2013 Text icon Myhra Certified public accounting services exempted from licensure requirements.
House HF0769 3 04/02/2013 Text icon Faust Equalization aid levels increased for operating referendum and debt service equalization aid programs.
House HF0755 2 02/21/2013 Text icon Barrett School districts with below average revenue new source of state aid created.
House HF0722 2 05/20/2013 Text icon Johnson, B. Property tax due dates modified.
House SF0683 8 05/20/2013 69 Text icon Myhra Certified public accounting services exempted from licensure requirements.
House HF0638 2 03/13/2013 Text icon Newton Vision therapy pilot project created, funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0607 11 05/20/2013 129 Text icon Morgan Optometrist provisions changed.
House HF0553 1 02/13/2013 Text icon Woodard School districts allowed to use safe schools levy proceeds for mental health services, and facility modifications designed to enhance student and staff safety.
House HF0354 1 02/04/2013 Text icon Selcer Teacher licensure renewal requirements related to recognizing mental illness in children and adolescents clarified.
House HF0248 3 02/28/2013 Text icon Runbeck Equalization aid levels increased for operating referendum and debt service equalization aid programs.
House HF0235 4 02/18/2013 Text icon Woodard Legislative three-fifths vote required to pass legislation increasing the property tax recognition shift percentage or reducing the school aid percentage below 90.
House HF0203 6 02/27/2014 Text icon Morgan Medical laboratory science professional licensure established, Board of Medical Laboratory Science created, penalties and funding provided, fees established, and money appropriated.
House HF0165 2 01/28/2013 Text icon Slocum Students in approved recovery programs additional funding sources created.
House HF0164 8 04/11/2013 11 Text icon Norton Radiation therapy facility construction provisions changed.
House HF0160 1 01/24/2013 Text icon Anderson, S. Small business investment income tax credit modified.
House HF0134 5 02/18/2013 Text icon Woodard School aid shifts repaid, school district current year aid payment percentage restored to 90, and property tax recognition shift eliminated.