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7 Documents Found in Legislative Session 87 (2011-2012)
for Chief Authors of "Hilstrom"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3035 1 04/28/2012 Text icon Hilstrom Driver feedback and safety-monitoring equipment requirements added, and annual reporting provided for.
House HF1959 1 01/26/2012 Text icon Hilstrom Department of Corrections report on performance measures and targets eliminated.
House HF1958 2 02/16/2012 Text icon Hilstrom Challenge incarceration program selection criteria narrowed.
House HF1674 2 05/09/2011 Text icon Hilstrom Predatory offender failure to register and escape from custody crimes repeat violations criminal penalty increased.
House HF1266 1 03/22/2011 Text icon Hilstrom Faribault correctional facility easement acquired, and money appropriated for public safety, judiciary, corrections, and human rights.
House HF0881 1 03/07/2011 Text icon Hilstrom Legislation waiting period created.
House HF0356 1 02/03/2011 Text icon Hilstrom Intentional interference with the expectation of inheritance cause of action established.