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20 Documents Found in Legislative Session 87 (2011-2012)
for Authors of "Thissen"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF2737 3 03/13/2012 Text icon Murphy, E. Health plans required to cover contraceptive methods, sterilization, and related medical services, patient education, and counseling without enrollee cost-sharing, and exceptions provided.
House HF2480 5 04/30/2012 Text icon Winkler Income and corporate franchise taxation foreign source income preferences eliminated, foreign royalties subtraction repealed, domestic corporations definition expanded; JOBZ tax benefits and apportionment of income modified; corporate franchise tax rates reduced; foreign operating corporations and mail order businesses special apportionment formula repealed; and school aid payment and property tax recognition shifts repaid.
House HF2290 2 02/22/2012 Text icon Atkins Minnesota Insurance Marketplace Act established, powers and duties prescribed, and money appropriated.
House HF2277 5 04/16/2012 Text icon Mahoney New jobs tax credit established, corporate franchise and sales and use taxes changes made, and money appropriated.
House HF2271 1 02/15/2012 Text icon Gauthier Minneapolis to Duluth high speed passenger rail funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2241 5 02/29/2012 Text icon Laine Managed care plan financial reporting changes required, and annual independent third-party audit required.
House HF2088 1 02/08/2012 Text icon Winkler Legislature; various reforms enacted; districting principles established and commission appointment provided for; council to determine legislator compensation established; executive and judicial official compensation council modified; state government funding provided for if a complete budget is not enacted; executive branch unexpended allotments authority modified; meeting times prohibited; officers of major political parties prohibited from legislature employment; and economic disclosure requirement expanded.
House HF1776 4 03/07/2012 Text icon Lenczewski Market value homestead credit restored.
House HF1438 1 04/11/2011 Text icon Kahn Health insurance benefits required to be made available to domestic partners of state employees if they are also made available to spouses.
House HF1249 1 03/21/2011 Text icon Hilty United States Congress and the President of the United States urged to reorder federal spending priorities.
House HF1182 1 03/17/2011 Text icon Smith High-risk adult demonstration project continuation money appropriated.
House HF0766 1 02/28/2011 Text icon Thissen Spousal contribution required for long-term care expenses.
House HF0646 3 03/07/2011 Text icon Davnie Reproductive privacy right established.
House HF0488 1 02/14/2011 Text icon Hortman Voluntary full-day kindergarten funding authorized.
House HF0383 11 04/03/2012 Text icon Hamilton New radiation therapy facility construction criteria established, and radiation therapy facility capacity study required.
House HF0345 3 02/10/2011 Text icon Greiling School finance system modified, new education funding framework created, and income tax schedule changes made.
House HF0307 5 02/16/2012 Text icon Clark Minneapolis; Phillips Community Center swimming pool renovation funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House SF0248 12 04/18/2012 217 Text icon Hamilton New radiation therapy facility construction criteria established, and radiation therapy facility capacity study required.
House HC0004 1 05/20/2011 Text icon McFarlane Bipartisan redesign working groups established to provide a process for hearing, studying, and developing system-redesign proposals.
House HC0003 1 05/12/2011 Text icon Thissen A house concurrent resolution relating to conference committees.