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43 Documents Found in Legislative Session 86 (2009-2010)
for Chief Authors of "Newton"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3716 1 03/22/2010 Text icon Newton Presumption of rehabilitation through a person's honorable military service following a prior offense established.
House HF3620 2 03/15/2010 Text icon Newton Flag folding guidance provided.
House HF3616 2 03/11/2010 Text icon Newton Waiver of overdue payments provided.
House HF3570 5 04/06/2010 Text icon Newton Loan program expanded to veteran-owned small businesses.
House HF3569 3 03/11/2010 Text icon Newton School districts authorized to transfer money among funds and accounts.
House HF3568 2 03/11/2010 Text icon Newton Health care providers required to participate in the federal TRICARE program as a condition of participating in state and public health care programs.
House HF3567 1 03/09/2010 Text icon Newton BB gun definition broadened to include certain realistic appearing airsoft guns.
House HF3503 3 04/15/2010 Text icon Newton School districts authorized to levy pay costs attributable to increase in employer contribution rates for pension plans.
House HF3487 3 03/11/2010 Text icon Newton Conciliation conference requirements clarified, and Minnesota Department of Education directed to amend two special education rules.
House HF3308 2 03/04/2010 Text icon Newton Capital expenditure health and safety revenue program simplified.
House HF3267 4 03/11/2010 Text icon Newton Advisory task force established on school desegregation and integration.
House HF3226 3 03/17/2010 Text icon Newton Independent School District No. 11, Anoka-Hennepin, fund transfer authorized.
House HF3223 1 03/01/2010 Text icon Newton Wetland notification required prior to sale of real property.
House HF3215 1 03/01/2010 Text icon Newton Equal treatment required of students eligible for free or reduced priced meals and certain collection activities prohibited.
House HF3214 4 03/17/2010 Text icon Newton Referendum equalizing factor increased and second tier of referendum equalization eliminated.
House HF3063 5 03/25/2010 Text icon Newton School district authorized to renew an expiring referendum by action of the school board.
House HF2867 6 03/23/2010 Text icon Newton Child with a disability definition clarified and obligations to children with disabilities specified.
House HF2861 3 02/12/2010 Text icon Newton Minnesota property tax homestead market value exemption program benefits modified for disabled veterans and their surviving spouses.
House HF2860 2 02/11/2010 Text icon Newton Lease levy revenue amounts modified for certain school districts.
House HF2850 3 04/12/2010 Text icon Newton School district additional flexibility provided.
House HF2675 2 02/16/2010 Text icon Newton American Legion Day designated as September 16 of each year.
House HF2674 5 04/13/2010 Text icon Newton Veterans of Foreign Wars Day designated as May 28.
House HF2672 5 03/04/2010 Text icon Newton Transit fee exemption provisions clarified for veterans with service-connected disabilities.
House HF2671 2 02/16/2010 Text icon Newton Veteran-owned small business bid preference program eligibility broadened for goods and services.
House HF2670 1 02/04/2010 Text icon Newton Unit owners' association rights specified to encourage prompt payment of delinquent assessments.
House SF2475 9 04/12/2010 244 Text icon Newton Veterans of Foreign Wars Day designated as May 28.
House SF2429 3 05/03/2010 Text icon Newton Transit fee exemption provisions clarified for veterans with service-connected disabilities.
House HF2298 2 04/21/2009 Text icon Newton Local units of government provided additional financing of parks, trails, and recreational facilities by special assessments.
House HF2051 5 04/01/2009 Text icon Newton School integration revenue provisions modified.
House HF2023 1 03/23/2009 Text icon Newton Medical liability actions regulated, and inadmissibility of certain health care provider statements, gestures, and conduct provided.
House HF1848 2 03/18/2009 Text icon Newton Lifetime spearing and lifetime angling and spearing licenses established.
House HF1777 1 03/16/2009 Text icon Newton Motor vehicle governing provision modified relating to the display of registration plates or tabs.
House HF1701 2 03/25/2009 Text icon Newton School district obligations clarified to children with disabilities.
House HF1577 1 03/12/2009 Text icon Newton Nursing homes and home care licensure requirements added.
House HF1576 4 04/28/2009 Text icon Newton K-12 schools water ecology pilot project funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1356 7 04/07/2009 Text icon Newton Free public transit use provided for disabled veterans and current uniformed active service members.
House HF1355 2 03/05/2009 Text icon Newton Hazardous pupil transportation services levy authorized.
House HF1176 2 02/26/2009 Text icon Newton Health and safety education revenue program clarified.
House HF1028 2 02/23/2009 Text icon Newton Coon Rapids; new travel lanes funding provided for U.S. Highway 10 at Hanson Boulevard between Hanson Boulevard and Round Lake Boulevard, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0784 3 02/26/2009 Text icon Newton State reimbursement increased for reduced price school lunch meals from 12 to 52 cents per meal, and money appropriated.
House HF0715 13 02/04/2010 Text icon Newton Disabled veteran owned businesses designated as targeted group businesses for purposes of awarding certain state and metropolitan agency contracts.
House HF0670 2 02/09/2009 Text icon Newton Compensatory revenue pilot project continued for certain school districts, and money appropriated.
House HF0609 2 02/09/2009 Text icon Newton Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal license plate established.