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21 Documents Found in Legislative Session 86 (2009-2010)
for Chief Authors of "Peppin"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3827 1 05/04/2010 Text icon Peppin Gasoline sales below cost regulated.
House HF3451 1 03/08/2010 Text icon Peppin State-owned buildings process of disposal designated.
House HF3301 2 03/01/2010 Text icon Peppin Department of Revenue required to issue a request for proposals for a tax analytics and business intelligence contract.
House HF3294 2 03/04/2010 Text icon Peppin Sunset Advisory Commission created, and state agency sunset and review provided.
House HF3189 2 02/25/2010 Text icon Peppin Dayton; local road improvement program funding provided for reconstructing Hennepin County Road 49, and money appropriated.
House HF2878 3 03/11/2010 Text icon Peppin Mississippi River management plan rule amendment required.
House HF2602 2 02/04/2010 Text icon Peppin Crow River Regional Park funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2356 2 02/04/2010 Text icon Peppin State employee insurance plan regulated, plan established as a high deductible health plan, and health savings accounts required to be offered to enrollees.
House HF2187 1 03/26/2009 Text icon Peppin Offenses permitted to be charged in either the county of the offense or the home county of the arresting law enforcement agency.
House HF2152 2 04/02/2009 Text icon Peppin Hennepin County; Three Rivers Park District town board consent required before acquisition of property.
House HF1067 1 02/23/2009 Text icon Peppin Gasoline sales below cost regulated.
House HF1017 1 02/23/2009 Text icon Peppin MFIP work activities modified.
House HF0807 1 02/16/2009 Text icon Peppin Gasoline sales below cost prohibition eliminated.
House HF0516 2 02/12/2009 Text icon Peppin New mandated health benefit moratorium established.
House HF0515 1 02/05/2009 Text icon Peppin New penalties created for criminal neglect of a vulnerable adult.
House HF0446 1 02/02/2009 Text icon Peppin Women's economic status duties repealed.
House HF0311 2 01/29/2009 Text icon Peppin Ethanol producer payment program and minimum ethanol content requirement repealed.
House HF0310 1 01/26/2009 Text icon Peppin Biotechnology research credit increased, and money appropriated.
House HF0290 2 03/23/2009 Text icon Peppin Medical record retention and composition regulated relating to abortion.
House HF0158 2 03/02/2009 Text icon Peppin Per diem payments prohibited to members during certain special sessions.
House HF0024 2 01/15/2009 Text icon Peppin New nuclear-powered electric generating plant need for construction certificate ban repealed.