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15 Documents Found in Legislative Session 86 (2009-2010)
for Chief Authors of "Otremba"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3743 1 03/25/2010 Text icon Otremba Treatment required for people requesting admission and who meet the clinical admission criteria.
House HF3525 1 03/09/2010 Text icon Otremba Todd County; named highway established, and trunk highway segments in Todd County identified as the Veterans Memorial Scenic Loop.
House HF3491 1 03/08/2010 Text icon Otremba One credit of family and consumer science made a requirement for high school graduation.
House HF3489 1 03/08/2010 Text icon Otremba Family and Consumer Sciences Leadership Council established, and money appropriated.
House HF3268 1 03/01/2010 Text icon Otremba Video lottery terminals established, tax imposed and provided for video lottery revenue, lawful gambling taxes and conduct of electric bingo modified, and gambling control board authorized to establish video pull-tab games.
House HF1778 2 04/06/2009 Text icon Otremba Prepaid health plans and county-based purchasing plans serving state health care program enrollees required to offer contracts to health care providers subject to the MinnesotaCare tax.
House HF1707 3 04/28/2009 Text icon Otremba Rural pharmacy planning and transition grant program funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1601 3 04/26/2010 Text icon Otremba Prenatal and maternity health insurance benefits waiting periods prohibited, pregnancy eliminated as a preexisting condition, parenting support grant program established, various adoption provisions provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1579 1 03/12/2009 Text icon Otremba Dog food fee incidence changed.
House HF1447 7 04/02/2009 Text icon Otremba Veterinarian education loan forgiveness program established, and money appropriated.
House HF1059 8 04/15/2010 Text icon Otremba State-sponsored health program funds limited for funding abortions.
House HF0526 1 02/05/2009 Text icon Otremba Tax filing requirements modified.
House HF0280 3 02/16/2009 Text icon Otremba MinnesotaCare; resubmission for federal approval requested of the elimination of depreciation add-back for self-employed farmers.
House HF0261 2 01/22/2009 Text icon Otremba Staples and Todd Counties; highway overpass funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0137 2 02/06/2009 Text icon Otremba Agricultural products for purposes of property taxation definition expanded.