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77 Documents Found in Legislative Session 86 (2009-2010)
for Authors of "Peppin"

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Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3846 1 05/13/2010 Text icon Morgan Formula changed for assistance by the Metropolitan Council to cities and towns with replacement transit service.
House HF3827 1 05/04/2010 Text icon Peppin Gasoline sales below cost regulated.
House HF3766 2 04/08/2010 Text icon Brod Human DNA vaccine and informed consent labeling required for administration of those vaccines.
House HF3698 1 03/17/2010 Text icon Scott MFIP eligibility drug screening required, and child neglect report mandated.
House HF3558 2 03/11/2010 Text icon Downey State workforce reduction required, and early retirement program created.
House HF3547 2 03/11/2010 Text icon Anderson, B. Smaller facilities exempt from requirement to report greenhouse gas emissions.
House HF3546 4 03/19/2010 Text icon Beard Impact of energy-related requirements report required.
House HF3545 2 03/11/2010 Text icon Anderson, B. Certificate of need issuance for new nuclear power plant sunsetted.
House HF3515 4 03/29/2010 Text icon Winkler Commissioner of revenue funding provided for additional activities to identify and collect tax liabilities, commissioner directed to issue a request for proposals for a contract to implement a related system of tax analytics and business intelligence tools, and money appropriated.
House HF3451 1 03/08/2010 Text icon Peppin State-owned buildings process of disposal designated.
House HF3441 2 03/08/2010 Text icon Zellers Maple Grove; bridge reconstruction funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF3436 2 03/09/2010 Text icon Loon Zero-based budgeting provided.
House HF3435 1 03/08/2010 Text icon Scott Termination provided for spousal maintenance based on cohabitation.
House HF3399 3 05/05/2010 Text icon Juhnke Jobs, family, and economic development fund developed, funding mechanism provided for agricultural, rural, early childhood, bioscience, medical technology, economic development, and athletic, recreational, and extracurricular activities, and regulation provided for gaming activities at racetracks and increasing purses.
House HF3373 4 04/06/2010 Text icon Eastlund Green Acres program remaining property deadline extended without additional taxes.
House HF3301 2 03/01/2010 Text icon Peppin Department of Revenue required to issue a request for proposals for a tax analytics and business intelligence contract.
House HF3294 2 03/04/2010 Text icon Peppin Sunset Advisory Commission created, and state agency sunset and review provided.
House HF3189 2 02/25/2010 Text icon Peppin Dayton; local road improvement program funding provided for reconstructing Hennepin County Road 49, and money appropriated.
House HF3158 3 03/15/2010 Text icon Olin Electric energy importation from coal-fired power plants in other states prohibition repealed.
House HF3105 3 02/25/2010 Text icon Downey Information required to determine return on investment for capital requests.
House HF3104 3 02/25/2010 Text icon Kohls Level of budgeted spending limited to the amount collected in the prior biennium, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF3087 4 03/09/2010 Text icon Seifert Moratorium imposed on unfunded mandates to businesses and units of local government, and commissions created to recommend elimination of unfunded mandates on units of local government and to reduce mandates and paperwork imposed on businesses.
House HF3036 5 03/15/2010 Text icon Gottwalt MinnesotaCare defined contribution program established, and review provided for veteran applicant's DD form 214 for VA eligibility.
House HF3011 3 03/22/2010 Text icon Downey Commission on Service Innovation established.
House HF3004 1 02/16/2010 Text icon Buesgens Election provided to determine whether to detach land from an existing school district for a new independent school district.
House HF2983 3 02/23/2010 Text icon Eastlund Green Acres program and agricultural classifications made in 2008 and 2009 changes repealed.
House HF2878 3 03/11/2010 Text icon Peppin Mississippi River management plan rule amendment required.
House HF2862 3 02/25/2010 Text icon Seifert Congress urged to refuse to enact cap-and-trade legislation that would increase costs of goods and services and encourage states to establish and develop their own renewable energy portfolio standards.
House HF2602 2 02/04/2010 Text icon Peppin Crow River Regional Park funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2404 1 05/17/2009 Text icon Brod Additional personal exemption allowed, and an alternate even rate tax provided.
House HF2365 1 05/04/2009 Text icon Anderson, B. A resolution memorializing the President, the Secretary of Energy, and Congress to review national policy on used nuclear fuel.
House HF2356 2 02/04/2010 Text icon Peppin State employee insurance plan regulated, plan established as a high deductible health plan, and health savings accounts required to be offered to enrollees.
House HF2228 1 03/30/2009 Text icon Ward Information displayed prior to an abortion established, wrongful death action added, and civil and criminal penalties provided.
House HF2187 1 03/26/2009 Text icon Peppin Offenses permitted to be charged in either the county of the offense or the home county of the arresting law enforcement agency.
House HF2170 4 04/06/2009 Text icon Beard Science and technology initiative promoted, commission created, center established, economic development grant programs created, terms defined, reports required, and money appropriated.
House HF2152 2 04/02/2009 Text icon Peppin Hennepin County; Three Rivers Park District town board consent required before acquisition of property.
House HF2093 1 03/24/2009 Text icon Downey Minnesota State Government Contingency Planning Commission created, report required, and money appropriated.
House HF1899 3 03/01/2010 Text icon Gottwalt Prevailing wage suspension provided during certain budget deficits.
House HF1867 2 03/18/2009 Text icon Anderson, S. Interstate Highway 494 additional lane funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF1865 8 03/09/2010 Text icon Gottwalt MinnesotaCare service provision modified, healthy Minnesota plan requirements established, and healthy Minnesota accounts established for MinnesotaCare enrollees.
House HF1320 19 04/28/2010 289 Text icon Swails Board of Pharmacy required to adopt rules regarding the substitution of drugs used for the treatment of epilepsy or seizure if the United States Food and Drug Administration determines that substitution may cause a health risk to patients.
House HF1280 1 03/02/2009 Text icon Westrom Moose Lake correctional facility control transferred to the commissioner of human services, offender housing requirements modified, and private and state-funded prison comparison standards established.
House HF1197 11 04/15/2010 Text icon Smith Human Cloning Prohibition Act established.
House HF1196 11 04/19/2010 Text icon Gottwalt Gender selection abortions prohibited, criminal and civil penalties provided, and reporting requirement established.
House HF1093 4 03/02/2009 Text icon Hosch Positive abortion alternatives base funding increased.
House HF1091 3 03/26/2009 Text icon Mahoney New nuclear power plant certificate of need prohibition abolished.
House HF1073 6 04/01/2009 Text icon Solberg Exception extended to minimum contacts required for jurisdiction to ownership of property on the premises of a printer under specific circumstances.
House HF1067 1 02/23/2009 Text icon Peppin Gasoline sales below cost regulated.
House HF1059 8 04/15/2010 Text icon Otremba State-sponsored health program funds limited for funding abortions.
House HF1058 8 04/15/2010 Text icon Fritz Saline amniocentesis abortions prohibited.
House HF1057 8 04/15/2010 Text icon Brod Abortion provisions changed.
House HF1056 9 05/07/2009 66 Text icon Howes Prompt payment of construction subcontractors required, and progress payments and retainages regulated.
House HF1020 2 02/25/2009 Text icon Drazkowski Sale of agricultural leased lands required.
House HF1017 1 02/23/2009 Text icon Peppin MFIP work activities modified.
House HF0997 7 02/04/2010 Text icon Seifert Federal government memorialized to halt its practice of imposing mandates upon the states for purposes not enumerated by the Constitution of the United States and affirming Minnesota's sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
House HF0843 3 03/12/2009 Text icon Slocum Charter school students allowed to participate in extracurricular activities of their resident district.
House SF0832 7 04/02/2009 14 Text icon Solberg Income tax exception extended to minimum contacts required for jurisdiction to ownership of property on the premises of a printer.
House HF0823 8 05/05/2009 Text icon Norton Dental therapist fees, licensing, and practice limitations established.
House HF0807 1 02/16/2009 Text icon Peppin Gasoline sales below cost prohibition eliminated.
House HF0646 3 02/19/2009 Text icon Seifert MFIP electronic benefit transfers modified, and commissioner directed to apply for demonstration project to give bonus for buying Minnesota-grown foods.
House HF0516 2 02/12/2009 Text icon Peppin New mandated health benefit moratorium established.
House HF0515 1 02/05/2009 Text icon Peppin New penalties created for criminal neglect of a vulnerable adult.
House HF0489 2 02/05/2009 Text icon Kohls Periodic sunset and evaluation of state agencies provided.
House HF0446 1 02/02/2009 Text icon Peppin Women's economic status duties repealed.
House HF0426 3 02/09/2009 Text icon Drazkowski Mandated school district reserve revenue for staff development programs permanently repealed.
House HF0375 2 01/29/2009 Text icon Zellers Highway 610 completion funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0313 3 02/05/2009 Text icon Seifert Out-of-state travel expenses prohibited with certain exceptions.
House HF0312 4 03/02/2009 Text icon Seifert State conferences required to be conducted electronically to the extent possible.
House HF0311 2 01/29/2009 Text icon Peppin Ethanol producer payment program and minimum ethanol content requirement repealed.
House HF0310 1 01/26/2009 Text icon Peppin Biotechnology research credit increased, and money appropriated.
House HF0290 2 03/23/2009 Text icon Peppin Medical record retention and composition regulated relating to abortion.
House HF0161 9 04/28/2009 Text icon Thissen Medical response unit reimbursement pilot program established, emergency medical services programs funded, and money appropriated.
House HF0158 2 03/02/2009 Text icon Peppin Per diem payments prohibited to members during certain special sessions.
House HF0078 6 01/22/2009 Text icon Eastlund 2008 Green Acres law changes repealed.
House HF0057 5 02/05/2009 Text icon Emmer Voters required to provide picture identification before receiving a ballot, issuance of voter identification card provided at no charge, and provisional balloting procedure established.
House HF0033 5 02/25/2010 Text icon Anderson, B. New nuclear power plant certificate of need prohibition abolished.
House HF0024 2 01/15/2009 Text icon Peppin New nuclear-powered electric generating plant need for construction certificate ban repealed.