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55 Documents Found in Legislative Session 86 (2009-2010)
for Authors of "Anderson, B."

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3830 4 05/11/2010 Text icon Drazkowski Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act enacted and various illegal immigration provisions modified, Minnesota Illegal Immigration Enforcement Team created, and attorney general required to represent the state against any challenges to this act.
House HF3766 2 04/08/2010 Text icon Brod Human DNA vaccine and informed consent labeling required for administration of those vaccines.
House HF3738 1 03/25/2010 Text icon Drazkowski Minnesotan citizen sovereignty affirmed, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF3582 2 03/17/2010 Text icon Seifert 2025 renewable energy standards abolished, and clarifying changes made.
House HF3566 1 03/09/2010 Text icon Scott General fund contribution checkoff provided.
House HF3558 2 03/11/2010 Text icon Downey State workforce reduction required, and early retirement program created.
House HF3547 2 03/11/2010 Text icon Anderson, B. Smaller facilities exempt from requirement to report greenhouse gas emissions.
House HF3545 2 03/11/2010 Text icon Anderson, B. Certificate of need issuance for new nuclear power plant sunsetted.
House HF3302 4 03/17/2010 Text icon Brod Job creation encouraged, investment credits provided, various income tax provisions changed, level of budgeted spending limited to the amount collected in the prior biennium, interlocutory appeal provided, governing merchant actions modified, private remedies modified, environmental permitting and review provisions modified, reports required, and money appropriated.
House HF3038 7 04/06/2010 Text icon Olin Inmate payment of room and board modified to include any time credited for time served.
House HF3012 1 02/16/2010 Text icon Emmer State consideration of federal mandates process established.
House HF2989 5 04/07/2010 Text icon Liebling Forfeiture provisions recodified and consolidated while making numerous substantive and technical changes.
House HF2983 3 02/23/2010 Text icon Eastlund Green Acres program and agricultural classifications made in 2008 and 2009 changes repealed.
House HF2917 6 04/12/2010 Text icon Brod Federal Respite Leave Benefit payment urged for members of the 1st infantry of the 34th Brigade of the Minnesota National Guard who served in Iraq during the Troop Surge of 2007.
House HF2911 5 02/25/2010 Text icon Kohls Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission directed to offer the Metrodome to the professional football team, and commission abolished.
House HF2886 2 02/12/2010 Text icon Drazkowski Agricultural property market value limit extended.
House HF2862 3 02/25/2010 Text icon Seifert Congress urged to refuse to enact cap-and-trade legislation that would increase costs of goods and services and encourage states to establish and develop their own renewable energy portfolio standards.
House HF2832 1 02/11/2010 Text icon Drazkowski Annual production limit increased for farm wineries.
House SF2709 8 05/05/2010 318 Text icon Olin Inmate payment of room and board modified to include any time credited for time served.
House HF2597 4 03/24/2010 Text icon Ward Board of Medical Practice limited from bringing a disciplinary action against a physician for prescribing, administering, or dispensing long-term antibiotic therapy for chronic Lyme disease.
House HF2405 15 05/14/2010 Text icon Reinert Temporary successors provided to members of the legislature called into active military service, implementation of statutory language provided, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF2403 1 05/17/2009 Text icon Dettmer Temporary successors provided to members of the legislature called into active military service, implementation of statutory language provided, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF2365 1 05/04/2009 Text icon Anderson, B. A resolution memorializing the President, the Secretary of Energy, and Congress to review national policy on used nuclear fuel.
House HF2347 4 04/29/2009 Text icon Lanning Flood and storm disaster relief provided, federal matching funds provided, Hugo tornado aid provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2228 1 03/30/2009 Text icon Ward Information displayed prior to an abortion established, wrongful death action added, and civil and criminal penalties provided.
House HF1967 8 04/02/2009 Text icon Haws Park and trails legacy grant program established, and money appropriated.
House HF1757 6 02/18/2010 Text icon Brod Department of Health and Human Services established, and merger of the Department of Health and the Department of Human Services required.
House HF1632 5 03/04/2010 Text icon Severson Board of Judicial Standard's composition and powers modified, and presumptions in ascertaining legislative intent modified.
House HF1590 6 12/22/2009 Text icon Urdahl Howard Lake; Annandale/Maple Lake wastewater treatment plant funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF1480 3 04/16/2009 Text icon Haws Transportation funding oversight and distribution provided, Department of Transportation required to meet programmatic investment percentages and a minimum guarantee of state highway and bridge funding for all state transportation districts.
House HF1451 2 03/09/2009 Text icon Eastlund Budget reserve established, reserve amount set, and reserve full funding provided, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF1429 3 03/18/2009 Text icon Eastlund County boards permitted to decrease their compensation at any time, and limitations on salary changes for city council members modified.
House HF1428 1 03/09/2009 Text icon Eastlund Marriage dissolution grounds modified, and two-year waiting period required.
House HF1413 2 03/09/2009 Text icon Dettmer Athletic scholarship conditions set.
House HF1280 1 03/02/2009 Text icon Westrom Moose Lake correctional facility control transferred to the commissioner of human services, offender housing requirements modified, and private and state-funded prison comparison standards established.
House HF1193 10 05/16/2009 126 Text icon Koenen Department of Corrections and Department of Employment and Economic Development claims settlement provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1174 4 03/09/2009 Text icon Kiffmeyer Local education agency defined for special education purposes.
House HF1119 3 03/13/2009 Text icon Kath Bureau of Criminal Apprehension; statutes amended to reflect organizational changes.
House HF0997 7 02/04/2010 Text icon Seifert Federal government memorialized to halt its practice of imposing mandates upon the states for purposes not enumerated by the Constitution of the United States and affirming Minnesota's sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
House HF0888 3 02/04/2010 Text icon Anderson, B. Transportation infrastructure projects funding provided through the cooperation of state-chartered banks.
House HF0797 9 03/11/2010 Text icon Emmer Horses and other equines clarified as livestock and that raising them is an agricultural pursuit.
House HF0794 1 02/16/2009 Text icon Anderson, B. Senate and house of representatives membership numbers reduced.
House HF0582 6 03/23/2010 Text icon Lesch Defendant waiver of jury trial requirement changed.
House HF0387 3 02/02/2009 Text icon Anderson, B. Green Acres law 2008 changes repealed.
House HF0386 1 01/29/2009 Text icon Anderson, B. Drug paraphernalia crime amended to change the mental state requirement, specifically address sales of drug paraphernalia, and certain drug paraphernalia crimes consolidated into a single statutory section, and possession of certain items associated with controlled substance use prohibited.
House HF0385 1 01/29/2009 Text icon Anderson, B. Human services appeals oversight board established.
House HF0366 1 01/29/2009 Text icon Paymar POST board powers and duties clarified.
House SF0350 2 02/09/2009 Text icon Paymar POST board powers and duties clarified.
House HF0328 5 03/26/2009 Text icon Murphy, E. Adoption record and original birth certificate governing provisions modified.
House HF0320 4 02/23/2009 Text icon Dettmer School districts allowed to pay the costs of conducting a criminal history background check on an employee, contractor, or volunteer.
House HF0272 1 01/26/2009 Text icon Shimanski Public assistance program finger imaging system established to identify applicants and recipients.
House HF0184 4 02/05/2009 Text icon Dettmer Green Acres law 2008 changes repealed.
House HF0078 6 01/22/2009 Text icon Eastlund 2008 Green Acres law changes repealed.
House HF0057 5 02/05/2009 Text icon Emmer Voters required to provide picture identification before receiving a ballot, issuance of voter identification card provided at no charge, and provisional balloting procedure established.
House HF0033 5 02/25/2010 Text icon Anderson, B. New nuclear power plant certificate of need prohibition abolished.