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16 Documents Found in Legislative Session 85 (2007-2008)
for Chief Authors of "Lillie"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF0413 14 02/14/2008 Text icon Lillie Outdoor sport equipment dealers franchise agreements with manufacturers regulated.
House HF3500 12 04/21/2008 233 Text icon Lillie Business Corporations Act; Limited Liability Company Act; Uniform Limited Partnership Act of 2001; technical amendments proposed, and nonprofit limited liability company formation authorized.
House SF3154 7 04/21/2008 241 Text icon Lillie Residential mortgage originators and services regulated, and borrower's ability to pay verified.
House SF1073 7 05/08/2007 63 Text icon Lillie State labor agreements and compensation plans ratified.
House HF0333 7 03/23/2007 Text icon Lillie State employees compensated for time they were not able to work due to the 2005 partial government shutdown.
House HF1522 5 01/22/2008 Text icon Lillie Gateway Trail tunnel funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1598 4 03/26/2007 Text icon Lillie Labor agreements and compensation plans ratified for the Minnesota Law Enforcement Association, the Minnesota Nurses Association, and the Office of Higher Education.
House HF3823 3 03/13/2008 Text icon Lillie Automobile insurers prohibited from owning repair facilities.
House HF2682 3 02/12/2008 Text icon Lillie Ice arena operation school district levy authority increased.
House HF1178 3 03/12/2007 Text icon Lillie Driver's license endorsement required to operate three-wheeled motorcycle.
House HF0112 3 01/17/2007 Text icon Lillie School district ice arena levy authority increased.
House HF1521 2 03/01/2007 Text icon Lillie Trunk Highway No. 36 improvements funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF3907 1 03/10/2008 Text icon Lillie Franchise agreements regulated between outdoor sport equipment dealers, manufacturers, and distributors.
House HF3878 1 03/06/2008 Text icon Lillie Life insurance settlements regulated, enforcement provided, and criminal and civil penalties prescribed.
House HF3839 1 03/05/2008 Text icon Lillie Residential mortgage originators and services regulated, and borrower's ability to pay verified.
House HF1167 1 02/19/2007 Text icon Lillie North St. Paul tax increment financing district transfers authorized, and time period to expend revenues extended.