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14 Documents Found in Legislative Session 85 (2007-2008)
for Chief Authors of "Masin"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3736 1 03/03/2008 Text icon Masin Deceased persons bodies transportation provisions modified to allow the use of funeral conveyance requested by the decedent.
House HF3693 3 03/13/2008 Text icon Masin Motorcycle veteran contribution plate issuance authorized.
House HF2405 1 04/02/2007 Text icon Masin Instant runoff voting in federal, state, and local elections provided.
House HF2304 1 03/22/2007 Text icon Masin Child support payment agreements full compliance requirement provided.
House HF2107 12 04/01/2008 Text icon Masin High-Speed Broadband Task Force established.
House SF1918 8 04/14/2008 212 Text icon Masin High-Speed Broadband Task Force established.
House HF1712 6 04/24/2007 Text icon Masin Rental vehicle coverage regulated.
House HF1599 7 03/29/2007 Text icon Masin Northwest Airlines, Inc., mechanics unemployment benefits eligibility and extra benefits provided.
House SF1443 4 05/08/2007 Text icon Masin Unemployment insurance waiver from certain filing requirements provided.
House HF1256 4 03/14/2007 Text icon Masin Bioscience business development and commercialization grants provided, report required, and money appropriated.
House HF1244 2 02/22/2007 Text icon Masin Motor vehicle sales tax proceeds apportionment provided.
House HF1138 1 02/19/2007 Text icon Masin Legal reference and data center facility construction materials and equipment sales tax exemption provided.
House SF0744 7 05/09/2007 72 Text icon Masin Rental vehicle insurance coverage regulated.
House HF0635 20 03/27/2008 Text icon Masin Minnesota Wireless Telephone Consumer Protection Act adopted.