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21 Documents Found in Legislative Session 85 (2007-2008)
for Chief Authors of "Peppin"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF4215 1 04/28/2008 Text icon Peppin Abortion medical records retention regulated.
House HF4175 1 04/07/2008 Text icon Peppin Ethanol producer payment program and minimum ethanol content requirement repealed, and an appropriation cancelled.
House HF4130 2 03/28/2008 Text icon Peppin Rogers and Minneapolis commuter coach service established and funds directed.
House HF3842 1 03/05/2008 Text icon Peppin Gasoline sales below cost regulation modified.
House HF3832 3 03/27/2008 Text icon Peppin Disability accommodation credit provided for vehicle purchase or modification, home modification or improvement, and for family caregivers, and money appropriated.
House HF3581 1 02/28/2008 Text icon Peppin Economic status of women duties repealed.
House HF3510 2 03/06/2008 Text icon Peppin Small city definition changed for aid purposes.
House HF3242 1 02/19/2008 Text icon Peppin Maple Grove; firefighter prior service credit transfer authorized.
House HF2345 1 03/23/2007 Text icon Peppin Parent Choice in Education Act adopted, and money appropriated.
House HF2296 2 03/22/2007 Text icon Peppin I-94 noise barrier funding provided to mitigate the effects of 2006 Rogers tornado, and money appropriated.
House HF1789 1 03/07/2007 Text icon Peppin Dayton tax increment financing district authorized subject to special rules.
House HF1754 1 03/07/2007 Text icon Peppin K-12 education income tax credit extended to tuition, and income phaseout for the credit modified.
House HF1740 3 03/12/2007 Text icon Peppin Energy; ban repealed on issuing certificate of need for construction of new nuclear-powered electric generating plant.
House HF1658 2 03/12/2007 Text icon Peppin Health care providers gross receipts tax third-party purchasers responsibilities provided, and itemization of tax on billings authorized.
House HF1025 3 02/26/2007 Text icon Peppin Nuclear fuel storage; existing prohibition preventing Public Utilities Commission from issuing certificate of need for new nuclear power plant abolished.
House HF0606 2 02/05/2007 Text icon Peppin Rogers tornado relief I-94 noise barrier funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0321 2 01/29/2007 Text icon Peppin Health benefit mandates moratorium imposed.
House HF0257 2 01/29/2007 Text icon Peppin Council on Disability sunset delayed.
House HF0256 2 01/22/2007 Text icon Peppin Anoka County; Highway 101 and I-94 interchanges funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0207 3 01/25/2007 Text icon Peppin Criminal neglect of a vulnerable adult penalties imposed.
House HF0165 2 01/17/2007 Text icon Peppin State funds prohibited for use in early termination of a contract of any person who reports to the University of Minnesota director of athletics.