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40 Documents Found in Legislative Session 85 (2007-2008)
for Chief Authors of "Brod"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF4089 1 03/17/2008 Text icon Brod Legislative Commission on Autism established.
House HF3605 3 03/04/2008 Text icon Brod Drivers' licenses and permits and Minnesota identification cards information regulated, citizenship determination status required for obtaining a license, and technical changes made.
House HF3482 1 02/25/2008 Text icon Brod State expenditures searchable database required.
House HF3288 2 02/20/2008 Text icon Brod Le Sueur County; nursing facility payment rates increased to geographic group III median rate.
House HF3192 2 03/03/2008 Text icon Brod Violent crimes committed in school zones sentences enhanced.
House HF3128 7 03/27/2008 Text icon Brod New Prague; deputy registrar office location permitted to be within city limits.
House HF3046 2 02/18/2008 Text icon Brod Le Sueur County; Lake Washington Park capital improvements funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2988 2 03/13/2008 Text icon Brod Towns authorized to refund surplus revenues upon removal of a subordinate service district.
House HF2874 4 02/20/2008 Text icon Brod Citizenship and legal status verification required of offenders committed to custody, noncitizen inmates release to United States immigration and customs enforcement required.
House SF2755 7 04/14/2008 206 Text icon Brod New Prague; deputy registrar office location permitted to be within city limits.
House HF2633 2 02/20/2008 Text icon Brod Driver's license acceptance requirements from another state or jurisdiction as valid form of identification modified.
House HF2599 13 04/10/2008 192 Text icon Brod Memorial Day observances county expenditure limit increased.
House HF2454 1 04/25/2007 Text icon Brod Death certificates data expanded and protected, and surviving family members provided access to crashed vehicles.
House HF2413 1 04/10/2007 Text icon Brod State Budget and Capital Reform Act of 2007 adopted proposing various changes to state finance, requiring performance measures in appropriations bills, creating a state building commission, and limiting authorizations for bonds.
House HF2412 3 03/03/2008 Text icon Brod Disaster area reconstructed home property tax value limited.
House HF2411 1 04/10/2007 Text icon Brod New Prague wastewater treatment facility construction materials sales tax exemption provided.
House HF2409 1 04/10/2007 Text icon Brod Human services department vehicles exempted from tax and fees, sex offender programs and vulnerable adult definition modified, and penalties imposed for bringing contraband on treatment facility property.
House HF2350 1 03/24/2007 Text icon Brod Mercury; certain vaccines containing mercury prohibited, and providers required to notify patients when a vaccine contains more than a trace of mercury.
House HF2344 4 04/20/2007 Text icon Brod Unfunded local mandates prohibited, local mandate review board established, and money appropriated.
House HF2172 17 04/23/2008 Text icon Brod Charter school students authorized to participate in extracurricular activities in their resident school district.
House HF2122 2 03/14/2007 Text icon Brod Homeowners property tax refund maximum removed, and income phaseout implemented for the special refund.
House HF2076 2 03/24/2007 Text icon Brod Alternative minimum tax repealed.
House HF1916 2 03/22/2007 Text icon Brod Construction permits clarified relating to ownership of a contiguous nonconforming lot or parcel.
House HF1765 4 04/18/2007 Text icon Brod Charitable organizations authorized to sell alcohol at silent auctions.
House HF1615 3 02/12/2008 Text icon Brod Non-hospital-performed abortions physician requirement provided, and penalties imposed.
House HF1017 7 03/26/2007 Text icon Brod LeSueur County lake cleanup funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0677 3 03/27/2007 Text icon Brod JOBZ treatment for biodiesel fuel plants time period extended.
House HF0599 15 03/18/2008 Text icon Brod Grieving Parents Act established, and mothers required to be notified of burial and cremation options in the case of a miscarriage.
House HF0474 2 02/05/2007 Text icon Brod Health care system redesign statewide plan development provided.
House HF0470 4 02/12/2007 Text icon Brod Vaccines; patient notification required when a vaccine contains more than a trace amount of mercury.
House HF0275 3 01/29/2007 Text icon Brod MinnesotaCare contingent reduction in tax rates provided.
House HF0261 3 03/19/2007 Text icon Brod Reapportionment procedures established.
House HF0251 3 01/29/2007 Text icon Brod Tax Reform Action Commission established, appointments provided, report to legislature required, and money appropriated.
House HF0201 3 01/29/2007 Text icon Brod State primary election moved from September to August.
House HF0200 4 01/29/2007 Text icon Brod Voters authorized to vouch for three proof-of-residence oaths on election day, election judge training required on the conduct of partisan challengers, partisan challenger training provided, and approved voter identification required.
House HF0199 5 02/12/2007 Text icon Brod State senators staggered terms provided through proposed constitutional amendment.
House HF0187 3 03/05/2007 Text icon Brod Estate tax federal exemption amount conformity provided.
House HF0062 5 01/29/2007 Text icon Brod Income tax rates reduced.
House HF0060 4 01/29/2007 Text icon Brod Income tax rates reduced.
House HF0037 7 02/08/2007 Text icon Brod Out-of-state active military duty tax deduction clarified to include active duty performed by members of the National Guard and other military reservists.