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76 Documents Found in Legislative Session 85 (2007-2008)
for Authors of "Emmer"

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Law Bill
Short Description
House HF4218 1 04/30/2008 Text icon Dean Health care reform goals set, insurance reform provided, savings accounts established, targets set, MinnesotaCare CMF established, tax procedures, treatment and credit provisions modified, liability claims limited, and money appropriated.
House HF4215 1 04/28/2008 Text icon Peppin Abortion medical records retention regulated.
House HF4208 1 04/23/2008 Text icon Zellers International economic development zone provisions modified, and corporate franchise tax repealed.
House HF4172 1 04/07/2008 Text icon Olson Alternative medicine effectiveness study required, and money appropriated.
House HF4139 1 03/31/2008 Text icon Olson Nonrefundable individual income tax credit for certain home sales allowed.
House HF4138 1 03/31/2008 Text icon Olson Individual income tax rate reduced to offset state transportation tax increases.
House HF4087 1 03/17/2008 Text icon Shimanski English established as the official state language, illegal immigration offenses and penalties provided, and money appropriated.
House HF4081 1 03/17/2008 Text icon Emmer Web site registry and surveillance information public requirement provided.
House HF4043 2 03/17/2008 Text icon Emmer Health care freedom of choice provided and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF4035 1 03/13/2008 Text icon Emmer No-fault auto insurance reformed, injured persons prohibited from collecting noneconomic damages in certain circumstances, arbitration procedures modified, health care provider balance billing prohibited, and civil liability clarified.
House HF4032 3 03/27/2008 Text icon Howes Smoking ban changes made by adding definitions and an exception and requiring posted signs.
House HF3989 2 03/13/2008 Text icon Eastlund Marriage dissolution grounds modified, and prevention notice and waiting period required.
House HF3985 1 03/11/2008 Text icon Zellers Social Security number use prohibited on the face of certain mailings.
House HF3952 1 03/10/2008 Text icon Olson Defensive driving instruction and technique required for classroom training and included in the driver's manual.
House HF3947 1 03/10/2008 Text icon Otremba Abortion; saline amniocentesis prohibited and civil and criminal penalties provided.
House HF3940 1 03/10/2008 Text icon Shimanski Finger imaging system established to identify applicants for and recipients of public assistance programs, and penalties imposed.
House HF3935 17 04/30/2008 Text icon Moe Outdoor heritage fund and Lessard Heritage Enhancement Council established.
House HF3922 1 03/10/2008 Text icon Olson Free Speech for Faculty and Students Bill of Rights enacted.
House HF3921 2 03/10/2008 Text icon Olson Turkey license landowner and tenant separate selection eligibility modified.
House HF3881 3 03/17/2008 Text icon Emmer Home disability modification expenses allowed for home and community-based waiver programs.
House HF3837 1 03/05/2008 Text icon Buesgens Continuing contract teachers required to make an election under their collective bargaining agreement.
House HF3751 1 03/04/2008 Text icon Zellers Tobacco tax rates decreased, maximum cigar tax established, and tax adjustments provided.
House HF3623 3 02/29/2008 Text icon Emmer School district staff development revenue expenditures for CPR and automatic external defibrillator training authorized.
House HF3609 1 02/28/2008 Text icon Emmer Minnesota Freedom to Buy and Sell Act enacted, employers and residents provided freedom to buy health coverage approved for sale in any state, and insurance companies provided freedom to sell health coverage permitted for sale in any state.
House HF3539 15 05/07/2008 Text icon Swails Hospital construction moratorium exception provided.
House HF3426 3 03/31/2008 Text icon Pelowski Consumer complaint resolution procedure for insurance claims established, and fees imposed.
House HF3371 15 05/05/2008 Text icon Tingelstad Birth record access allowed to adopted persons.
House SF3193 9 05/12/2008 330 Text icon Tingelstad Adoption record and original birth certificate governing provisions modified.
House HF3134 10 04/23/2008 Text icon Thissen Death deed conveyance of interests in real property by transfer provision provided, acknowledgments made in a representative capacity clarified, registered land application clarified, obsolete language eliminated and technical changes made.
House HF3133 1 02/18/2008 Text icon Lesch Social Security number requirement eliminated in marriage dissolution petitions.
House HF3052 2 02/18/2008 Text icon Emmer Rockford flood hazard mitigation funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF3051 1 02/18/2008 Text icon Emmer Public employer discretion provided relating to leaves of absence longer than one year for teacher representatives.
House HF3035 3 02/19/2008 Text icon Hackbarth Hunters', Anglers', and Trappers' Bill of Rights adopted establishing and protecting rights; dedicating a portion of the sales tax on gaming supplies to game and fish purposes; proposing constitutional amendments and money appropriated.
House SF2795 11 05/07/2008 Text icon Thissen Death deed conveyance of interests in real property by transfer provision provided, acknowledgments made in a representative capacity clarified, registered land application clarified, obsolete language eliminated and technical changes made.
House HF2665 3 02/20/2008 Text icon McNamara General obligation bonds authorized as additional revenue source for trunk highway funding; and constitutional amendment proposed.
House SF2645 2 04/07/2008 Text icon Lesch Social Security number requirement eliminated in marriage dissolution petitions.
House HF2500 1 05/17/2007 Text icon Buesgens Gasoline and special fuel tax temporary suspension provided.
House HF2419 3 04/18/2007 Text icon Anderson, B. Right to keep and bear arms for certain purposes provided as a fundamental right, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF2381 1 03/29/2007 Text icon Davnie Workers' compensation, retraining, and fee provisions modified; advisory commission established; and report and rulemaking required.
House HF2378 2 04/02/2007 Text icon Sviggum Abortion; no constitutional right to abortion established, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF2365 2 03/27/2007 Text icon Holberg Sales tax rebate provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2255 2 02/19/2008 Text icon Zellers Seasonal recreational property value frozen for two years relating to property taxation.
House HF2247 1 03/20/2007 Text icon Dean Attorney general private attorney contracts procedures and restrictions established.
House HF2197 1 03/19/2007 Text icon Zellers I-94 designated as the Purple Heart Trail.
House HF2172 17 04/23/2008 Text icon Brod Charter school students authorized to participate in extracurricular activities in their resident school district.
House HF2007 8 04/07/2008 Text icon Pelowski No Child Left Behind Act implementation nullified.
House HF1982 3 02/18/2008 Text icon Emmer Minnesota Family Investment Program eligibility requirements expanded to include drug tests.
House HF1870 2 03/12/2007 Text icon Thissen Uniform health plan claims processing required.
House HF1847 3 03/13/2007 Text icon Emmer Marriage recognized as a union between one man and one woman, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF1814 3 02/19/2008 Text icon Emmer Rockford sales and use tax authorized.
House HF1792 3 03/09/2007 Text icon Garofalo Successful schools aid provided for schools succeeding in reading and mathematics or prekindergarten through grade 2 schools, and money appropriated.
House HF1687 2 04/02/2007 Text icon Anderson, B. Buffalo wastewater treatment facility construction materials and equipment sales tax exemption provided.
House HF1465 4 03/23/2007 Text icon Kohls Commissioner of corrections required to develop a standard formula for calculating the per diem cost in county and regional jails.
House HF1445 5 03/24/2007 Text icon Tingelstad Adoption records access provided, and data classification modified.
House HF1400 7 04/19/2007 Text icon Tingelstad Adoption; genetic siblings provided information assistance regarding other siblings.
House HF1378 3 03/05/2007 Text icon Paulsen Minnesota college savings plan contributions income tax subtraction provided.
House HF1330 1 02/22/2007 Text icon Mullery Airports; sale or other transfer of real property disclosure requirements repealed.
House HF1278 2 02/26/2007 Text icon Olin Homestead property provided relating to real property.
House HF1225 4 05/21/2007 Text icon Olin Omnibus real property bill providing mortgage regulation, regulating homeowner transactions, prohibiting predatory lending practices, modifying other actions, prescribing criminal penalties, and providing remedies.
House HF1141 6 04/13/2007 Text icon Emmer Hennepin and Wright Counties change of boundaries by resolution authorized.
House HF0992 3 02/12/2008 Text icon Otremba Abortion; state-sponsored health program funds use for abortions prohibited.
House SF0837 7 05/16/2007 102 Text icon Emmer Hennepin and Wright County Boards authorized to initiate a process for the change of county boundaries by resolution.
House SF0794 2 04/24/2007 Text icon Olin Homestead property exemption increased and inflationary adjustments provided, and enforcement of judgments involving the sale of homestead property regulated.
House HF0729 5 03/21/2007 Text icon Emmer Competitive bidding contracts prohibited with companies or entities that have certain criminal or civil judgments.
House HF0725 6 02/26/2007 Text icon Madore Assistive technology provided for people with disabilities, statewide study and reports required, and money appropriated.
House HF0663 4 03/24/2007 Text icon Urdahl Nursing facility payment rates increased to the 60th percentile rate.
House HF0594 4 03/27/2007 Text icon Otremba Medical assistance nonemergency medical transportation competitive bidding modified, level of need criteria specified, and reimbursement rate increased.
House HF0498 17 02/25/2008 Text icon Cornish Self-defense; use of force in defense of home and person laws clarified, self-defense and defense of home laws extended and codified, and common law duty to retreat eliminated.
House SF0358 11 05/01/2007 49 Text icon Tingelstad Adoption information assistance provided to genetic siblings.
House HF0351 3 02/01/2007 Text icon Kohls Life sentence imposed for persons convicted of three or more violent felonies.
House HF0346 7 03/19/2007 Text icon Severson City aid local government aid base increased for certain cities.
House HF0324 3 02/01/2007 Text icon Holberg Public school employees prohibited from using public funds and resources to advocate to pass, elect, or defeat a political candidate, ballot question, or pending legislation.
House HF0261 3 03/19/2007 Text icon Brod Reapportionment procedures established.
House SF0156 2 03/27/2007 Text icon Zellers I-94 designated as Purple Heart Trail.
House HF0136 1 01/16/2007 Text icon Emmer Hennepin and Wright Counties authorized to initiate a process for the change of county boundaries by resolution.
House HF0121 5 02/08/2007 Text icon Emmer Citizenship proof required to file for specified offices, voters required to provide picture identification, identification cards issued at no charge, and unverified ballots procedure established.