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84 Documents Found in Legislative Session 85 (2007-2008)
for Authors of "Dean"

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House HF4244 2 05/13/2008 Text icon Dean Private sale of certain tax-forfeited land authorized.
House HF4243 1 05/13/2008 Text icon Dettmer Watershed districts and water management organizations required to submit information to counties.
House HF4238 1 05/08/2008 Text icon Dean Horse trail pass eliminated.
House HF4218 1 04/30/2008 Text icon Dean Health care reform goals set, insurance reform provided, savings accounts established, targets set, MinnesotaCare CMF established, tax procedures, treatment and credit provisions modified, liability claims limited, and money appropriated.
House HF4215 1 04/28/2008 Text icon Peppin Abortion medical records retention regulated.
House HF4206 1 04/21/2008 Text icon Dean State stem cell research policy established.
House HF4179 1 04/10/2008 Text icon Dean Health care provider emergency care and treatment liability regulated, and expert review affidavits in malpractice actions against health care providers regulated.
House HF4120 1 03/25/2008 Text icon Dean Minnesota comprehensive health plan created, health carriers and employees required to offer basic health plan, and state public health programs phased into the basic health plan.
House HF4110 2 03/27/2008 Text icon Bunn Proposed and mandated health benefits evaluation provided, funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF3985 1 03/11/2008 Text icon Zellers Social Security number use prohibited on the face of certain mailings.
House HF3980 1 03/11/2008 Text icon Buesgens State lottery gaming machines established and contracts authorized for the management and placement of machines and power and duties provided for gaming revenue.
House HF3947 1 03/10/2008 Text icon Otremba Abortion; saline amniocentesis prohibited and civil and criminal penalties provided.
House HF3884 2 03/27/2008 Text icon Paulsen Mandated health proposal evaluation process changed, and report required.
House HF3666 1 03/03/2008 Text icon Dean Stillwater Lift Bridge weight limits restricted.
House HF3650 6 03/27/2008 Text icon Zellers Retail sale of toys prohibited that have been recalled for safety reasons.
House HF3605 3 03/04/2008 Text icon Brod Drivers' licenses and permits and Minnesota identification cards information regulated, citizenship determination status required for obtaining a license, and technical changes made.
House HF3539 15 05/07/2008 Text icon Swails Hospital construction moratorium exception provided.
House HF3401 5 03/13/2008 Text icon Hilty Energy usage performance standards provided for development and application.
House HF3259 1 02/20/2008 Text icon Dettmer Adult foster care and family adult day service provisions changed.
House HF3183 3 02/19/2008 Text icon Bunn Century College renovation funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF3182 4 03/03/2008 Text icon McFarlane Century College funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF3090 11 05/12/2008 Text icon Morrow Department of Transportation position provisions modified.
House HF3010 7 03/27/2008 Text icon Kohls Immigration law enforcement noncooperation ordinances and policies prohibited, and data use authorized.
House HF3008 4 02/25/2008 Text icon Slocum Fort Snelling revitalization funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2985 2 02/14/2008 Text icon Dettmer School district military pay salary differential assistance provided and money appropriated.
House SF2941 9 05/08/2008 321 Text icon Gottwalt Chiropractic examinations and treatments regulated, and drug prescribing and prescription filing provisions modified.
House HF2924 2 02/15/2008 Text icon Dettmer Washington county; tax-forfeited land bordering public land conveyance authorized.
House HF2888 2 02/14/2008 Text icon Dean Stillwater; flood control funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House SF2706 9 04/30/2008 278 Text icon Hilty Energy usage performance standards provided for development and application.
House HF2665 3 02/20/2008 Text icon McNamara General obligation bonds authorized as additional revenue source for trunk highway funding; and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF2639 8 03/27/2008 Text icon Gottwalt Drug prescribing and prescription filing provisions changed.
House HF2367 1 03/27/2007 Text icon Dean Charter school students authorized to participate in extracurricular activities in their resident school district.
House HF2255 2 02/19/2008 Text icon Zellers Seasonal recreational property value frozen for two years relating to property taxation.
House HF2247 1 03/20/2007 Text icon Dean Attorney general private attorney contracts procedures and restrictions established.
House HF2212 4 01/22/2008 Text icon Loeffler State Capitol building restoration and renovation funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2197 1 03/19/2007 Text icon Zellers I-94 designated as the Purple Heart Trail.
House HF2132 3 04/13/2007 Text icon Gottwalt Income tax checkoffs provided for education, health care, and state parks.
House HF2031 3 03/14/2007 Text icon Buesgens Eligibility for extended time revenue clarified.
House HF2030 4 03/15/2007 Text icon Dettmer Uniform increase in the basic general education revenue amounts proposed.
House HF1982 3 02/18/2008 Text icon Emmer Minnesota Family Investment Program eligibility requirements expanded to include drug tests.
House HF1880 4 01/22/2008 Text icon Swails Washington County; Big Marine Park Reserve land acquisition and development funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF1806 2 03/07/2007 Text icon Dean Health professional education loan forgiveness program expanded for child mental health professionals, and money appropriated.
House HF1746 2 03/07/2007 Text icon Gottwalt Local government aid city aid base increased for specified cities.
House HF1745 3 03/12/2007 Text icon Bunn Homestead market value maximum valuation limit indexed.
House HF1659 7 02/15/2008 Text icon Bunn Bayport sewer system completion funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF1657 4 03/08/2007 Text icon Dettmer Washington County Disabled Veteran's Rest Camp improvements funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1580 3 03/24/2007 Text icon Dettmer Adult foster care and family adult day services license requirements modified.
House HF1516 1 03/01/2007 Text icon Swails Washington County courts facility construction materials and equipment sales tax exemption provided, and obsolete provision removed.
House HF1404 3 03/20/2007 Text icon Thissen Hospital outpatient services rate increase provided for a specified essential hospital for children with disabilities and money appropriated.
House HF1403 1 02/26/2007 Text icon Thissen Inpatient hospital payment system rates provided for essential hospital for children with disabilities.
House HF1402 1 02/26/2007 Text icon Thissen Inpatient hospital payment system; ratable reductions eliminated from rebased rate relating to an essential hospital for children with disabilities.
House HF1210 4 03/01/2007 Text icon Dean Stillwater; Boomsite rest area restoration, reopening, and maintenance required, and site transfer prohibited.
House HF1201 2 02/22/2007 Text icon Garofalo I-35E speed limit designated in St. Paul.
House HF1125 2 03/06/2007 Text icon Dettmer Class 4c property classification expanded to certain nonprofit community service-oriented organizations.
House HF1077 3 05/15/2007 Text icon Ruud Language interpreter services coverage required for health plan and medical assistance enrollees, and interpreter services work group established.
House HF0994 1 02/15/2007 Text icon Urdahl Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act adopted prohibited actions for weight gain as a result of consuming certain foods.
House HF0992 3 02/12/2008 Text icon Otremba Abortion; state-sponsored health program funds use for abortions prohibited.
House HF0959 7 03/03/2008 Text icon Bunn I-94 corridor transportation and transit improvements funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0957 4 02/22/2007 Text icon Zellers Homestead property tax maximum imposed for qualified homeowners age 65 and older.
House HF0930 4 03/14/2007 Text icon Dean Health insurance premiums income tax subtraction authorized.
House HF0886 31 05/08/2007 38 Text icon Hausman Omnibus bonding bill providing capital improvements funding, issuing bonds, canceling and modifying previous appropriations, and appropriating money.
House HF0832 1 02/12/2007 Text icon Buesgens General education access grants for students authorized.
House HF0799 2 02/08/2007 Text icon Holberg Transportation, Metropolitan Council, and public safety funding provided; bonds issued; fees, funds, and accounts modified; motor vehicle sales and lease tax proceeds allocated; and money appropriated.
House HF0785 4 02/19/2007 Text icon Norton Parental contribution for services for persons with developmental disabilities modified.
House HF0764 2 02/08/2007 Text icon Loeffler Chemical dependency allocations modified.
House HF0705 9 03/23/2007 Text icon Loeffler Mental retardation and related conditions (MR/RC) waiver, family support grants, and semi-independent living services funding provided; and money appropriated.
House HF0644 4 03/05/2007 Text icon Huntley Health Care Access Fund Oversight Commission established.
House HF0498 17 02/25/2008 Text icon Cornish Self-defense; use of force in defense of home and person laws clarified, self-defense and defense of home laws extended and codified, and common law duty to retreat eliminated.
House HF0427 3 02/08/2007 Text icon Hamilton Medical assistance operating payment rates for low-payment rate nursing facilities adjusted, and money appropriated.
House HF0407 4 01/22/2008 Text icon Dean St. Croix River in Stillwater flood control levee project provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0386 7 01/22/2008 Text icon Kalin St. Paul to Hinckley Rush Line Corridor provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0324 3 02/01/2007 Text icon Holberg Public school employees prohibited from using public funds and resources to advocate to pass, elect, or defeat a political candidate, ballot question, or pending legislation.
House HF0321 2 01/29/2007 Text icon Peppin Health benefit mandates moratorium imposed.
House HF0309 5 03/05/2007 Text icon Gottwalt Long-term care insurance income tax credit adjusted.
House HF0266 1 01/22/2007 Text icon Paulsen Legislature; house and senate membership reduced.
House HF0207 3 01/25/2007 Text icon Peppin Criminal neglect of a vulnerable adult penalties imposed.
House HF0187 3 03/05/2007 Text icon Brod Estate tax federal exemption amount conformity provided.
House SF0156 2 03/27/2007 Text icon Zellers I-94 designated as Purple Heart Trail.
House HF0121 5 02/08/2007 Text icon Emmer Citizenship proof required to file for specified offices, voters required to provide picture identification, identification cards issued at no charge, and unverified ballots procedure established.
House HF0103 2 01/16/2007 Text icon Berns Tax conformity provided for tax year 2006 to the federal teacher expense deduction, tuition subtraction, and other provisions of the Tax Relief and Health Care Act, Heroes Earned Retirement Opportunity Act, and Pension Protection Plan.
House HF0073 2 01/16/2007 Text icon Paulsen Legislative sessions provided in odd-numbered years only.
House HF0062 5 01/29/2007 Text icon Brod Income tax rates reduced.
House HF0060 4 01/29/2007 Text icon Brod Income tax rates reduced.
House HF0024 2 01/09/2007 Text icon Dean Boomsite Wayside administration transferred to Natural Resources Department and designated as a historic wayside, and money appropriated.