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27 Documents Found in Legislative Session 84 (2005-2006)
for Chief Authors of "Hortman"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF4191 1 05/08/2006 Text icon Hortman Metropolitan area transit sales tax referendum proposed, and revenue allocated.
House HF4171 1 04/26/2006 Text icon Hortman Highway user fee imposed on gasoline and special fuel, accounts established, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF4126 2 04/12/2006 Text icon Hortman Trunk Highway No. 252 expansion between Trunk Highway No. 610 and I-94 planning funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF4025 1 03/29/2006 Text icon Hortman Hennepin County tax-forfeited land conveyance authorized.
House HF3686 3 03/27/2006 Text icon Hortman Identity theft; standards created for disposal of personal information to limit the potential for identity theft.
House HF3651 1 03/16/2006 Text icon Hortman Dentistry material purchases tax credit provided.
House HF3643 5 05/04/2006 Text icon Hortman Olympics bid task force created.
House HF3297 4 04/11/2006 Text icon Hortman Public residential high school established for science, math, and technology.
House HF3236 2 03/23/2006 Text icon Hortman Hazardous transportation funding provided relating to education finance.
House HF3234 1 03/08/2006 Text icon Hortman Motor vehicle donation one-year lien imposition by nonprofit charitable organizations authorized.
House HF3183 7 03/28/2006 Text icon Hortman Fluorescent lamps containing mercury; disclosure required regarding disposal of lamps containing mercury.
House HF3180 5 03/23/2006 Text icon Hortman Fluorescent and high intensity discharge lamps proper disposal, labeling, and notices required.
House HF3129 2 03/09/2006 Text icon Hortman Minnesota Early Learning Foundation money appropriated.
House HF2327 1 04/06/2005 Text icon Hortman Apportionment and reselling of utility service, and fees relating to utility service prohibited.
House HF2311 1 04/04/2005 Text icon Hortman Public employees police and fire retirement plan annuity provided for a former St. Paul firefighter to correct an error in coverage.
House HF2310 1 04/04/2005 Text icon Hortman Education referendum equalization aid increased.
House HF1435 1 03/03/2005 Text icon Hortman Hazardous traffic condition pupil transportation zone locally controlled process defined and levy for hazardous pupil transportation services authorized.
House HF0880 1 02/10/2005 Text icon Hortman Sexual psychopathics and sexually dangerous persons civil commitment hearings time period extended.
House HF0869 1 02/07/2005 Text icon Hortman Military assistance trust fund created, rulemaking authorized, money appropriated, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF0811 1 02/07/2005 Text icon Hortman Military assistance trust fund created, fund uses specified, and money appropriated.
House HF0756 2 02/07/2005 Text icon Hortman National Guard member tuition reimbursement grant time period extended.
House HF0643 2 02/28/2005 Text icon Hortman Elementary school pupil transportation state requirement modified and levy authorized.
House HF0642 2 02/10/2005 Text icon Hortman Early childhood education program funding restored.
House HF0641 1 01/31/2005 Text icon Hortman Basic education formula allowance increased.
House HF0638 3 02/10/2005 Text icon Hortman Northstar Rail Corridor final design funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0388 1 01/24/2005 Text icon Hortman Insurance companies restricted from limiting quotes to one agent.
House HF0365 1 01/20/2005 Text icon Hortman Trunk Highway No. 610 completion funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.