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23 Documents Found in Legislative Session 84 (2005-2006)
for Chief Authors of "Kohls"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF4186 4 05/16/2006 Text icon Kohls Tax holiday provided for petroleum and other fuels.
House HF3853 1 03/22/2006 Text icon Kohls Federal procurement assistance specialist position established, and money appropriated.
House HF3552 1 03/15/2006 Text icon Kohls Biotechnology and medical genomics research funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF3263 7 03/27/2006 Text icon Kohls Carver County recorder, auditor, and treasurer offices combined and referendum provided.
House HF2843 18 05/21/2006 Text icon Kohls Identity theft victims assisted and penalties provided.
House HF2827 1 03/01/2006 Text icon Kohls On-sale wine and beer license issuance for culinary or cooking classes authorized.
House HF2540 1 05/20/2005 Text icon Kohls Title insurance definition provided.
House HF2393 1 04/11/2005 Text icon Kohls Flea market and other occasional sellers exempted from the sales tax.
House HF2297 1 04/04/2005 Text icon Kohls State Board of Investment venture capital investments using the environmental and natural resources trust fund authorized, and data relating to investments classified.
House HF2279 9 05/23/2005 143 Text icon Kohls Cologne wetland replacement requirements exemption provided.
House SF1878 9 03/28/2006 173 Text icon Kohls Carver County recorder, auditor, and treasurer appointment provided, and referendum option established.
House HF1845 6 03/16/2006 Text icon Kohls Attorney fee awards reasonableness factor provided.
House HF1655 6 05/23/2005 Text icon Kohls Corporation definition expanded relating to campaign finance, and specified government contributions prohibited.
House HF1548 3 03/30/2005 Text icon Kohls University of Minnesota Board of Regents biotechnology and medical genomics research funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1399 1 02/28/2005 Text icon Kohls No-Fault Automobile Insurance Act modified, medical expense benefits tied to workers' compensation fee schedule, income loss and funeral benefits increased, tort threshold modified, and arbitration process modified.
House HF1356 2 03/17/2005 Text icon Kohls Corporate research tax credit computation increased.
House HF1324 1 02/24/2005 Text icon Kohls Civil action limitation period reduced.
House HF1078 1 02/16/2005 Text icon Kohls Carver County nursing home moratorium exception provided.
House HF1077 1 02/16/2005 Text icon Kohls Peace officers and firefighters suffering disabling injuries health insurance payments continued even if the officer works at another position for the employer before separating from service.
House HF1076 2 03/14/2005 Text icon Kohls Independent School District No. 110, Waconia, lease levy authorized.
House HF1067 2 02/17/2005 Text icon Kohls Wage detail reports filing requirements modified relating to unemployment insurance.
House HF0367 11 05/21/2005 119 Text icon Kohls Defeasible estates provided, residential purchase agreement cancellations modified, foreclosure advice notice amended, and Mississippi River Land Use District land deletion modified.
House HF0217 2 01/20/2005 Text icon Kohls Seat belt and child passenger restraint system evidence admissibility prohibition repealed relating to civil actions.