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89 Documents Found in Legislative Session 84 (2005-2006)
for Authors of "Kohls"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF4189 3 05/09/2006 Text icon Cornish Use of deadly force in self defense clarified.
House HF4186 4 05/16/2006 Text icon Kohls Tax holiday provided for petroleum and other fuels.
House HF4153 1 04/18/2006 Text icon Brod Abortion notification data reporting required relating to abortions performed on a minor or specified other women, and civil penalties imposed.
House HF4142 22 05/16/2006 Text icon Krinkie Property tax rebate provided, state land sale authorized to offset administrative costs, and money appropriated.
House HF4024 3 04/10/2006 Text icon Paulsen Legislature; membership of house and senate reduced.
House HF3853 1 03/22/2006 Text icon Kohls Federal procurement assistance specialist position established, and money appropriated.
House HF3753 1 03/21/2006 Text icon Abrams Sales-only apportionment factor phase-in accelerated relating to apportionment of net income tax.
House HF3552 1 03/15/2006 Text icon Kohls Biotechnology and medical genomics research funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF3308 7 04/21/2006 Text icon Smith Immigration, human trafficking, drivers' license and identification, and sanctuary cities regulation and enforcement provided; and money appropriated.
House HF3263 7 03/27/2006 Text icon Kohls Carver County recorder, auditor, and treasurer offices combined and referendum provided.
House HF3171 7 05/08/2006 Text icon Klinzing Parents authorized to obtain a clean certified copy of a deceased child's birth record under certain circumstances.
House HF3113 2 03/08/2006 Text icon Krinkie Homeowner compensation increased in eminent domain actions, eminent domain use restricted, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF2879 8 03/20/2006 Text icon Urdahl Dairy operation qualifying investment income and corporation franchise tax credit provided.
House HF2874 5 03/08/2006 Text icon Klinzing School district operating expenditures directed towards classroom expenditures.
House HF2856 9 03/23/2006 Text icon Wilkin Senior citizens protected from financial exploitation, and annuity transactions regulated.
House HF2843 18 05/21/2006 Text icon Kohls Identity theft victims assisted and penalties provided.
House HF2827 1 03/01/2006 Text icon Kohls On-sale wine and beer license issuance for culinary or cooking classes authorized.
House HF2805 8 03/30/2006 Text icon Wilkin Insurance regulation modernized, mutual holding company laws amended, interstate insurance product regulation compact enacted, and other changes provided.
House HF2540 1 05/20/2005 Text icon Kohls Title insurance definition provided.
House HF2530 1 05/19/2005 Text icon Beard Scott County public safety training facility funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2512 1 05/12/2005 Text icon DeLaForest Natural resources programs worker displacement prohibition repealed.
House HF2498 18 05/23/2005 152 Text icon Abrams Public finance and tax increment financing provisions modified, purchases authorized, tax abatement extension authorized, and money appropriated.
House HF2486 2 05/04/2005 Text icon Klinzing School districts required to spend at least sixty-five percent of their total operating expenditures on direct classroom expenditures.
House HF2477 2 04/22/2005 Text icon Krinkie Public transit fund established, state general levy increase provided to fund transit services, and money appropriated.
House HF2428 6 05/09/2005 Text icon Howes Minnesota Citizens' Personal Protection Act of 2003 reenacted.
House HF2424 2 04/18/2005 Text icon Cornish Personal Protection Act of 2003 reenacted.
House HF2402 1 04/11/2005 Text icon Mahoney Bioscience marketing activities funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2393 1 04/11/2005 Text icon Kohls Flea market and other occasional sellers exempted from the sales tax.
House HF2339 3 05/04/2005 Text icon Lenczewski Property tax market value credit reductions reflected in the credit amount shown on each property tax statement.
House HF2297 1 04/04/2005 Text icon Kohls State Board of Investment venture capital investments using the environmental and natural resources trust fund authorized, and data relating to investments classified.
House HF2279 9 05/23/2005 143 Text icon Kohls Cologne wetland replacement requirements exemption provided.
House HF2274 1 04/04/2005 Text icon Paulsen School district education referendum allowance increased.
House SF2259 9 05/18/2005 83 Text icon Howes Personal Protection Act of 2003 reenacted with certain amendments, right of self-protection recognized, pistol permit requirements provided, and criminal penalties imposed.
House HF2243 10 05/23/2005 Text icon Seifert Office of Enterprise Technology established, and money appropriated.
House HF2170 1 03/29/2005 Text icon Hoppe Carver County designation of county auditor, treasurer, and recorder positions as appointive offices authorized.
House HF1988 8 04/29/2005 Text icon Mahoney Biotechnology piping system installation supervision study initiated, and report required.
House SF1878 9 03/28/2006 173 Text icon Kohls Carver County recorder, auditor, and treasurer appointment provided, and referendum option established.
House SF1861 7 05/19/2005 96 Text icon Mahoney Biotechnology piping systems installation supervision procedures study provided, and report required.
House HF1845 6 03/16/2006 Text icon Kohls Attorney fee awards reasonableness factor provided.
House HF1807 2 03/16/2005 Text icon Nelson, P. Capital equipment sales tax exemption made an up front exemption in two phases.
House HF1749 2 03/16/2005 Text icon Zellers Law enforcement and firefighter survivors benefits income tax checkoff provided, memorials maintenance provided, and advisory council established.
House HF1727 1 03/10/2005 Text icon Beard Off-sale wine licenses authorized for supermarkets.
House HF1669 13 05/17/2005 74 Text icon Wilkin Insurance fees, rate filings, policy renewals and alterations, and data collection regulated.
House HF1655 6 05/23/2005 Text icon Kohls Corporation definition expanded relating to campaign finance, and specified government contributions prohibited.
House HF1604 3 03/29/2005 Text icon Hoppe Carver County auditor appointment as a deputy motor vehicle registrar authorized.
House HF1571 1 03/07/2005 Text icon Emmer Settlement offer effect provided on the recovery of costs and disbursements.
House HF1551 5 05/23/2005 Text icon Holberg Student survey notice requirements provided.
House HF1548 3 03/30/2005 Text icon Kohls University of Minnesota Board of Regents biotechnology and medical genomics research funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1500 2 03/07/2005 Text icon Brod Large campaign contributions by candidates immediate reporting required.
House HF1399 1 02/28/2005 Text icon Kohls No-Fault Automobile Insurance Act modified, medical expense benefits tied to workers' compensation fee schedule, income loss and funeral benefits increased, tort threshold modified, and arbitration process modified.
House HF1357 2 03/17/2005 Text icon Peppin Corporate research tax credit increased, biotechnology credit funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1356 2 03/17/2005 Text icon Kohls Corporate research tax credit computation increased.
House HF1324 1 02/24/2005 Text icon Kohls Civil action limitation period reduced.
House HF1127 3 03/17/2005 Text icon Brod Biotechnology and health sciences industry zone tax credit amount increased.
House HF1125 3 03/30/2005 Text icon Wilkin No-Fault Automobile Insurance Act repealed, premium reduction provided, and liability coverage required.
House HF1078 1 02/16/2005 Text icon Kohls Carver County nursing home moratorium exception provided.
House HF1077 1 02/16/2005 Text icon Kohls Peace officers and firefighters suffering disabling injuries health insurance payments continued even if the officer works at another position for the employer before separating from service.
House HF1076 2 03/14/2005 Text icon Kohls Independent School District No. 110, Waconia, lease levy authorized.
House HF1067 2 02/17/2005 Text icon Kohls Wage detail reports filing requirements modified relating to unemployment insurance.
House HF1003 5 05/23/2005 Text icon Wilkin Service contracts and contract providers regulated and exceptions provided.
House HF0960 1 02/10/2005 Text icon Hoppe Carver County Justice Center construction materials sales tax exemption provided.
House HF0954 1 02/10/2005 Text icon Finstad Abortion alternative grants and public information provided, "Positive Alternatives Act" adopted, and money appropriated.
House HF0892 6 04/14/2005 Text icon DeLaForest Campaign material unauthorized removal prohibited, and penalty provided.
House HF0845 3 04/18/2005 Text icon Lenczewski Alternative minimum income tax repealed.
House HF0820 14 04/14/2005 Text icon Paulsen Initiative and referendum provided by proposed constitutional amendment, procedures established, and penalties provided.
House HF0760 3 02/10/2005 Text icon Abrams Single sales apportionment adopted relating to corporate franchise taxation.
House HF0719 4 05/13/2005 Text icon Urdahl Dairy operation investments income and corporate franchise tax credit provided.
House HF0689 4 02/16/2005 Text icon Gunther University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic collaborative research facility funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0588 13 04/13/2005 Text icon Wilkin Small employer group health coverage flexible benefits plans authorized.
House HF0572 22 04/20/2005 Text icon Johnson, J. Methamphetamine and methamphetamine precursor drug crime provisions established, technical conformity provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0510 4 02/21/2005 Text icon Mahoney Bioscience development funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0476 1 01/27/2005 Text icon Hilty Human rights agency technical changes provided.
House HF0470 1 01/27/2005 Text icon Hilty Human rights act tolling provision established for the 12-month determination requirement, Department of Human Rights authorized to seek sanctions, and 180-day hearing provision repealed.
House SF0392 7 04/14/2005 26 Text icon Thissen Probate venue, trustee powers, and omitted beneficiary provisions modified and clarified.
House HF0368 6 02/16/2005 Text icon Thissen Probate venue, trustee powers, and omitted beneficiary provisions modified and clarified.
House HF0367 11 05/21/2005 119 Text icon Kohls Defeasible estates provided, residential purchase agreement cancellations modified, foreclosure advice notice amended, and Mississippi River Land Use District land deletion modified.
House HF0336 3 05/21/2006 Text icon DeLaForest English designated as official state language.
House HF0333 9 05/16/2006 Text icon Brod Senators provided staggered terms of office, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF0323 2 01/24/2005 Text icon Paulsen Legislative sessions restricted to odd-numbered years.
House HF0283 3 02/03/2005 Text icon Zellers Minneapolis; Minnesota Shubert Center funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0245 3 01/24/2005 Text icon Peppin Abortion standard in the state constitution required to match the United States Constitution, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF0229 8 03/14/2005 Text icon Newman Income tax checkoff provided to fund grants for members of the National Guard and reserves who have incurred financial need as a result of active service since 9/11, administration by the adjutant general authorized, and money appropriated.
House HF0217 2 01/20/2005 Text icon Kohls Seat belt and child passenger restraint system evidence admissibility prohibition repealed relating to civil actions.
House HF0118 7 05/23/2005 Text icon Urdahl Food manufacturers and sellers protected from legal actions taken against them to recover damages for alleged injury or weight gain resulting from consumption of food.
House SF0051 9 04/21/2005 Text icon Johnson, J. Methamphetamine precursor drug sales regulated, controlled substance schedule updated, prescriptions required for animal medications, and centralized computer for pharmacies plan required.
House HF0020 7 05/04/2005 Text icon Paulsen Organ donation income tax deduction provided.
House HF0009 4 02/10/2005 Text icon Wilkin Consumer-driven health plan federal tax conformity provided.
House HC0003 1 04/04/2005 Text icon Olson Rules; a house concurrent resolution amending the joint rules of the senate and house of representatives.
House HF0001 26 05/23/2005 136 Text icon Smith Omnibus public safety finance bill appropriating money for the courts, Public Safety, and Corrections Departments; providing other law enforcement grants; and requiring life sentences for specified sexual assault crimes.