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38 Documents Found in Legislative Session 83 (2003-2004)
for Chief Authors of "Thissen"

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Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3054 2 05/16/2004 Text icon Thissen Caregivers granted sick time benefits to use in case of illness or injury to a parent, grandparent, or stepparent; caregiver programs provided; Minnesota home care tax credit provided; and money appropriated.
House HF3021 1 03/15/2004 Text icon Thissen Local parks lottery game feasibility study required.
House HF2996 1 03/11/2004 Text icon Thissen Commercial-industrial first tier property exempted from the state general tax.
House HF2925 1 03/10/2004 Text icon Thissen State agencies required to report contaminants to the Department of Health, and public notification required when drinking water contaminants exceed certain levels.
House HF2609 17 05/15/2004 287 Text icon Thissen Affirmative action provisions modified.
House HF2544 1 02/26/2004 Text icon Thissen Small business technology income taxation credit provided.
House HF2543 5 03/24/2004 Text icon Thissen Children's health security account and related program established; eligibility criteria, covered services, and administrative procedures specified; tobacco products tax increased; and money appropriated.
House HF2494 1 02/26/2004 Text icon Thissen Skilled nursing facility and hospice services for dual eligibles medical assistance coverage clarified.
House HF2414 1 02/23/2004 Text icon Thissen Noise pollution mitigation eligibility for contamination cleanup grants authorized.
House HF2413 1 02/23/2004 Text icon Thissen Airport areas development fund created.
House HF2371 2 02/26/2004 Text icon Thissen Tax refund anticipation loan disclosures required.
House HF2348 3 03/08/2004 Text icon Thissen Municipal cooperative services agreements for ambulance services authorized.
House HF2248 1 02/19/2004 Text icon Thissen Service credit purchase for out-of-state public college and university teaching authorized.
House HF2238 1 02/19/2004 Text icon Thissen Voluntary full-day kindergarten and prekindergarten school readiness services authorized for certain four-year-old students.
House HF2152 1 02/16/2004 Text icon Thissen Local historical society property sale proceeds allocations modified.
House HF2143 1 02/16/2004 Text icon Thissen Airport zoning provisions expanded to include control of uses incompatible with present and future use, aviation planning chapter included in state transportation plan, and Aviation Planning Advisory Council created.
House HF2097 1 02/12/2004 Text icon Thissen Conversion health care coverage provided at a more affordable rate as a bridge to Medicare for persons 60 to 65 years of age.
House HF2096 2 03/03/2004 Text icon Thissen State bond financed property sales proceeds division clarified.
House HF1802 5 02/19/2004 Text icon Thissen Organization, structure, and governance of business and nonprofit corporations and limited liability companies regulated.
House HF1785 1 02/02/2004 Text icon Thissen Transportation utility fee authorized, and proceeds use specified.
House HF1784 1 02/02/2004 Text icon Thissen Transition payments provided for property tax base loss.
House HF1757 1 02/02/2004 Text icon Thissen Medical assistance coverage clarified for skilled nursing facility and hospice services for dual eligibles.
House HF1635 2 05/19/2003 Text icon Thissen Metropolitan Airports Commission required to complete its 1996 sound insulation program.
House HF1630 1 05/16/2003 Text icon Thissen Workers' compensation timeliness of payment standard modified.
House HF1578 4 05/08/2003 Text icon Thissen Tax preparers regulated, consumer protections established, and enforcement authority provided.
House HF1531 1 04/14/2003 Text icon Thissen Richfield redevelopment tax increment financing district authorized.
House HF1310 1 03/31/2003 Text icon Thissen Independent School District No. 280, Richfield, airport runway impact zone aid program implementation delayed.
House HF1210 1 03/26/2003 Text icon Thissen State government reorganization provided; governor's secretaries positions established; powers, duties, and agencies assigned; and implementation plan provided.
House HF0898 4 03/08/2004 Text icon Thissen Inverse condemnation by a business when a governmental entity occupies the market authorized.
House HF0816 1 03/10/2003 Text icon Thissen Airport impact zone established in cities surrounding the international airport, airport mitigation fund created, metropolitan area property tax levy authorized, and money appropriated.
House HF0815 1 03/10/2003 Text icon Thissen Property tax payment compensation required for lost property tax base when real property is acquired by a governmental entity and becomes tax exempt.
House HF0693 1 03/03/2003 Text icon Thissen Municipally operated ambulance services exempted from certain license application requirements.
House HF0667 1 02/27/2003 Text icon Thissen Military certificates of discharge classified as private data.
House HF0484 1 02/20/2003 Text icon Thissen Bloomington and Richfield I-494 expansion provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0440 4 05/19/2003 Text icon Thissen Voter registration forms distributed to students who will be eligible to vote in upcoming elections.
House HF0210 1 01/27/2003 Text icon Thissen Personal jurisdiction over foreign corporations and nonresident individuals modified in certain cases.
House HF0166 6 02/24/2003 Text icon Thissen Uniform Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Act adopted.
House SF0112 9 04/07/2003 12 Text icon Thissen Uniform Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Act adopted.