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85 Documents Found in Legislative Session 83 (2003-2004)
for Authors of "Klinzing"

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Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3058 5 03/31/2004 Text icon Abrams Federal tax law conforming changes provided.
House HF3050 2 03/29/2004 Text icon Abrams Estate tax exemption provided for certain estates of decedents.
House HF3038 3 03/29/2004 Text icon Buesgens Education access grant pilot sites selected to provide access grants to low-income children residing in school districts with documented academic achievement gaps.
House HF3016 5 03/29/2004 Text icon Seagren Prekindergarten through grade 12 education and early childhood and family education funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2832 12 05/05/2004 Text icon Johnson, J. Internet access software filtering or blocking technology required in schools and libraries, and financial penalties imposed.
House HF2786 4 03/10/2004 Text icon Demmer Teacher contract negotiation during the school year prohibited, and January 15 deadline for settling contracts repealed.
House HF2762 14 05/16/2004 268 Text icon Wilkin Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association regulated, board composition provided, incentive authorized for participation in a disease management program, plans modified, health occupations regulated, and study required.
House HF2698 1 03/03/2004 Text icon Klinzing Residential roadway definition modified to remove length limitation.
House HF2564 6 05/14/2004 Text icon Abeler Swimming pool usage by school districts for competitive high school diving authorized.
House HF2558 12 03/18/2004 Text icon Sykora No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 state affirmation provided and social studies and science rigorous core academic standards rulemaking and implementation authorized.
House HF2417 2 02/26/2004 Text icon Seagren School readiness programs for charter schools and compensatory revenue usage for early literacy efforts authorized.
House HF2285 3 03/01/2004 Text icon Wardlow Student progress to next grade level delayed for absence from school and performance below grade level.
House SF2274 17 05/15/2004 258 Text icon Buesgens Municipal interim zoning ordinance limitations provided.
House HF2204 4 02/26/2004 Text icon Adolphson Student transportation fee trial period provided.
House HF2181 7 04/08/2004 Text icon Brod Senate prohibited from acting on confirmation of an appointment after adjournment.
House HF2136 8 05/07/2004 Text icon Holberg Metropolitan Radio Board composition changed and sunset repealed, and Metropolitan Council bond request and authorization modified.
House HF2103 15 05/06/2004 178 Text icon Nelson, C. Municipalities authorized to require the dedication of land for public purposes and dedication terms and conditions provided.
House HF2057 3 02/19/2004 Text icon Abrams Continuance of certain nonconforming zoning uses or occupancies provided.
House HF2026 5 04/07/2004 Text icon Wilkin Human embryo and stem cell research funding restrictions provided.
House HF2021 6 05/07/2004 Text icon Buesgens Municipal interim zoning ordinance limitations provided.
House HF1976 5 03/22/2004 Text icon Wilkin Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003 partial conformity provided.
House SF1973 6 05/10/2004 201 Text icon Holberg Public Safety Radio System Planning Committee transformed into the Statewide Radio Board, Metropolitan Radio Board composition changed and responsibilities transferred, regional radio boards established, and bonding requested.
House HF1921 3 03/15/2004 Text icon Klinzing Charter school board of directors modified, charter school student participation in school district extracurricular activities provided, eligible sponsors increased, and charter school calendar submitted to the Department of Education.
House HF1916 4 03/04/2004 Text icon Klinzing Secondary students authorized to carry and use nonprescription pain relief.
House HF1915 11 03/22/2004 Text icon Klinzing Epinephrine; students allowed to possess or have immediate access to nonsyringe injectors of epinephrine.
House HF1901 6 03/10/2004 Text icon Paulsen Attorney fee provisions modified relating to eminent domain.
House HF1846 2 03/03/2004 Text icon Olsen, S. School turn-around specialist development working group established.
House HF1815 1 02/05/2004 Text icon Olsen, S. Public schools efficiency reviews established.
House HF1814 4 03/22/2004 Text icon Erickson Teacher training program for qualified professionals established.
House HF1801 15 05/11/2004 Text icon Klinzing Homeowners' Protection Act established; residential home building contractor regulations, building code enforcement reporting, and continuing education requirements modified; and attorney fee recovery provided.
House HF1790 3 02/12/2004 Text icon Olsen, S. Accountability measures implemented to recognize excellent language arts and mathematics teaching in schools.
House HF1681 29 04/02/2004 Text icon Bradley Omnibus health and human services finance bill, providing health plan and health care policy, making health and human services forecast adjustments and reductions, and appropriating money.
House HF1638 1 05/19/2003 Text icon Klinzing East Metro Integration District No. 6067 grant provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF1637 3 02/12/2004 Text icon Blaine Abortion; constitutional amendment proposed prohibiting a different standard from the United States Constitution relating to abortion.
House HF1545 2 03/15/2004 Text icon Klinzing Stillbirth record registration required.
House HF1446 3 04/09/2003 Text icon Osterman Highway safety rest area leasing provided.
House HF1429 2 04/09/2003 Text icon Borrell Local government prohibited from providing services or goods that are provided by private business, municipal liquor stores authority repealed, and study required.
House HF1376 4 04/25/2003 Text icon Klinzing Alternative teacher compensation awards program funding increased, and money appropriated.
House HF1375 5 04/25/2003 Text icon Klinzing Equity revenue funding increased, and compensatory revenue limited to $1500 per pupil.
House HF1345 3 04/07/2003 Text icon Klinzing Metropolitan Council operating levies legislative approval required.
House HF1291 1 03/27/2003 Text icon Klinzing School districts required to direct at least 55 percent of their operating revenue directly to regular instruction.
House HF1277 3 04/09/2003 Text icon Hoppe State spending increase limits provided, rebate of excess revenues provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1274 4 04/09/2003 Text icon Lindgren State spending increase limits provided by proposed constitutional amendment.
House HF1273 3 04/01/2003 Text icon Meslow State purchasing reverse auction procedures required.
House HF1265 1 03/27/2003 Text icon Klinzing Student-teacher ratios clarified to include only teachers whose primary duty is to provide language arts, math, science, or social studies instruction.
House HF1264 2 03/31/2003 Text icon Klinzing School site pilot program established to provide schools with more local authority and flexibility.
House HF1253 4 04/10/2003 Text icon Brod Local government pay equity reports required to be filed with the commissioner of employee relations every five years.
House HF1171 2 03/27/2003 Text icon Kohls Long-term capital gain individual income tax exclusion authorized.
House HF1122 5 04/03/2003 Text icon Adolphson Public notice and proceedings publication alternative methods provided.
House HF0982 2 04/01/2003 Text icon Klinzing Charter school students allowed to fully participate in extracurricular activities of resident school districts.
House HF0958 10 04/14/2003 Text icon Krinkie Hydrogen energy economy goal declared, and hydrogen energy research and development funding provided at the University of Minnesota.
House HF0939 2 03/20/2003 Text icon Nelson, C. English as a second language instruction completion certificates provided.
House HF0843 1 03/13/2003 Text icon Seifert Higher education financial aid requirements modified to include service requirement for certain stipends.
House HF0829 1 03/13/2003 Text icon Urdahl Probationary teacher evaluation requirements provided.
House HF0777 1 03/10/2003 Text icon Klinzing Voting equipment grant account distribution modified.
House HF0745 2 03/20/2003 Text icon Adolphson Southwest Metropolitan Area Transit Corridor certain rail and bus transit actions by commissioner of transportation, Metropolitan Council, and Hennepin County Regional Rail Authority prohibited.
House HF0742 3 03/13/2003 Text icon Wilkin Legislative approval of certain student fees required.
House HF0716 2 03/31/2003 Text icon Rhodes Taxicab vehicle qualifications requirements provided for the Metropolitan Airports Commission, quarterly payment of fees permitted, and permit transfers authorized.
House HF0697 2 03/17/2003 Text icon Sykora Charter school eligible sponsors expanded to include certain nonprofits.
House HF0670 3 03/17/2003 Text icon Holberg Woman's Right to Know Act requiring informed consent of a female upon whom an abortion is performed, and providing civil remedies.
House HF0517 14 04/23/2003 Text icon Demmer Children, Families, and Learning Department renamed the Department of Education.
House HF0473 4 04/03/2003 Text icon Olson, M. Local government opt out procedures provided regarding certain state mandates.
House HF0472 6 04/03/2003 Text icon Olson, M. School district opt out procedures provided regarding certain state mandates.
House HF0436 6 03/04/2004 Text icon Holberg Family planning grant funds prohibited from being used to subsidize abortion services.
House HF0411 9 02/24/2003 Text icon Boudreau Prescription drug assistance program established through the Board on Aging, and appropriations transferred.
House HF0365 7 05/19/2003 Text icon Johnson, J. Kindergarten through grade 12 unneeded mandates eliminated.
House HF0352 8 05/11/2004 Text icon Wilkin Parental consent for certain medical treatments modified, parental access to minor's medical records permitted, and minor consent agreements provided.
House HF0302 10 05/19/2003 129 Text icon Sykora Profile of learning repealed.
House HF0301 3 03/26/2003 Text icon Sykora School tuition organization contribution income tax credit provided.
House SF0296 7 05/19/2003 130 Text icon Demmer Department of Children, Families, and Learning renamed the Department of Education.
House SF0287 23 05/19/2003 120 Text icon Anderson, B. Pledge of allegiance recitation required in all public schools, and United States flag etiquette instruction provided.
House HF0282 8 03/08/2004 Text icon Beard Teachers Retirement Association ad hoc postretirement adjustment provided for specified pre-1969 teachers.
House HF0276 10 04/14/2003 Text icon Lipman Washington County; Baytown special well construction area disclosure required before property sales and development, and well testing notice and disclosure required.
House HF0269 1 02/03/2003 Text icon Klinzing Woodbury additional on-sale liquor licenses authorized.
House HF0260 2 02/03/2003 Text icon Klinzing Ramsey County; I-94 at Century and McKnight interchange project funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0250 6 02/19/2004 Text icon Paulsen Initiative and referendum procedures provided by proposed constitutional amendment.
House HF0217 6 02/17/2003 Text icon Vandeveer Legislators and constitutional officers four percent salary decrease provided until June 30, 2005.
House HF0214 4 02/06/2003 Text icon Dempsey Fourth-degree assault law expanded to include offenses committed towards employees or care providers at secure treatment facilities.
House SF0163 2 04/23/2003 Text icon Lipman Washington County real property sale disclosure specified.
House HF0075 6 02/24/2003 Text icon Johnson, J. Joint and several liability apportionment regulated.
House HR0024 9 05/05/2004 Text icon Boudreau A house resolution recognizing May 6, 2004, as a Day of Prayer in Minnesota.
House HF0006 9 03/20/2003 Text icon Anderson, B. Pledge of Allegiance recitation required in all public schools, and United States flag etiquette instruction provided.
House HF0004 1 01/09/2003 Text icon Westerberg Trunk highway improvement bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0002 10 02/17/2003 Text icon Kielkucki Profile of learning repealed and replaced; and legislative review of proposed academic standards in language arts, mathematics, science, history, and geography required.
House HF0001 15 01/30/2003 Text icon Stanek Anti-terrorism; driver's license information regulation provided including proof of identity and residency, and federal laws and regulations adopted.