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144 Documents Found in Legislative Session 83 (2003-2004)
for Authors of "Demmer"

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Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3174 3 04/21/2004 Text icon Nelson, C. Rochester wastewater treatment plant sales tax exemption provided.
House HF3115 3 04/07/2004 Text icon Westrom Biomass electric generation facility property tax exemption construction date requirement extended, and sales tax exemption extended.
House HF3114 1 03/22/2004 Text icon Magnus Town road sign replacement program established, and money appropriated.
House HF3058 5 03/31/2004 Text icon Abrams Federal tax law conforming changes provided.
House HF2992 1 03/11/2004 Text icon Urdahl Milk producer payments provided to beginning milk producers, and dairy modernization grant program established.
House HF2969 1 03/11/2004 Text icon Demmer School districts authorized to build school buildings using design-build construction techniques.
House HF2938 1 03/10/2004 Text icon Mahoney University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic joint partnership for research in biotechnology and medical genomics funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2894 4 03/25/2004 Text icon Blaine Dairy upgrade pilot loan program provided, account established, balances transferred, and money appropriated.
House HF2890 1 03/10/2004 Text icon Demmer Minnesota State High School League administrative regions authorized to contract with private auditors.
House HF2846 3 03/22/2004 Text icon Finstad Lamberton waste-to-energy and material recycling facility bonds issued and money appropriated.
House HF2842 1 03/08/2004 Text icon Harder University of Minnesota Joint Plant Pathology Center funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2786 4 03/10/2004 Text icon Demmer Teacher contract negotiation during the school year prohibited, and January 15 deadline for settling contracts repealed.
House HF2772 2 04/19/2004 Text icon Knoblach Income tax education credit and education subtraction provisions modified.
House HF2767 4 03/24/2004 Text icon Ozment Water and soil resource management program pilot project funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2762 14 05/16/2004 268 Text icon Wilkin Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association regulated, board composition provided, incentive authorized for participation in a disease management program, plans modified, health occupations regulated, and study required.
House HF2746 3 03/11/2004 Text icon Demmer Postsecondary enrollment options program student enrollment and counseling requirements modified.
House HF2743 2 03/10/2004 Text icon Swenson Farming by business organization restrictions modified.
House HF2667 1 03/01/2004 Text icon Hornstein No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 educational impact evaluation required in addition to evaluation of other state and federal laws requiring student testing.
House HF2658 6 03/18/2004 Text icon Swenson Nuisance claims against certain agricultural operations limited.
House HF2643 7 04/26/2004 Text icon Abrams Alternative minimum tax exemption and charitable contribution subtraction modified.
House HF2566 4 03/10/2004 Text icon Demmer Veterans outreach events provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2565 4 03/10/2004 Text icon Demmer License plates; special veterans license plates authorized.
House HF2564 6 05/14/2004 Text icon Abeler Swimming pool usage by school districts for competitive high school diving authorized.
House HF2561 7 05/10/2004 Text icon Urdahl Student transportation requirements modified, including provisions relating to training.
House HF2558 12 03/18/2004 Text icon Sykora No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 state affirmation provided and social studies and science rigorous core academic standards rulemaking and implementation authorized.
House HF2548 1 02/26/2004 Text icon Demmer Diving; swimming pool requirements for high school diving competitions modified.
House HF2547 2 03/01/2004 Text icon Demmer Lease levy authority cuts restored.
House HF2525 11 04/21/2004 Text icon Lanning Life estate or joint tenancy interest continuation allowance effective date modified, and refund by commissioner of human services required.
House HF2418 1 02/23/2004 Text icon Severson Scholars of distinction program expansion and administration provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2394 2 02/26/2004 Text icon Lanning After-school enrichment grant program reinstated.
House HF2373 1 02/23/2004 Text icon Demmer Trunk Highway 57 portion bordering Kasson-Mantorville High School speed limit established of 35 miles per hour.
House HF2344 2 03/04/2004 Text icon Magnus Biotechnology and health sciences industry zone tax credits or exemption maximum increased.
House HF2294 1 02/19/2004 Text icon Kuisle Conservation easements funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2285 3 03/01/2004 Text icon Wardlow Student progress to next grade level delayed for absence from school and performance below grade level.
House HF2267 4 03/08/2004 Text icon Anderson, J. Rural finance authority program maximum state participation limits increased.
House HF2246 17 05/14/2004 247 Text icon Samuelson Nursing facility survey process modified, quality improvement program established, reports required, and search by commissioner of health for federal waivers and approvals required.
House HF2181 7 04/08/2004 Text icon Brod Senate prohibited from acting on confirmation of an appointment after adjournment.
House HF2127 11 05/07/2004 Text icon Boudreau Outpatient surgical center licensure and reports for diagnostic imaging facilities required, inspections provided, disciplinary grounds for physicians and medical assistance definitions modified, and money appropriated.
House HF2111 1 02/16/2004 Text icon Lesch City attorneys included in eviction process.
House HF2089 1 02/12/2004 Text icon Bradley Rochester Regional Public Safety Training Center funding provided for a live burn training simulator, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House SF2080 6 05/10/2004 198 Text icon Boudreau Outpatient surgical center requirements modified, diagnostic imaging facilities reporting requirements provided, Board of Medical Practice procedures modified, and money appropriated.
House HF2077 1 02/12/2004 Text icon Nelson, C. Rochester Community and Technical College capital improvement funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2076 1 02/12/2004 Text icon Nelson, C. Rochester University Center health sciences center bonds authorized and money appropriated.
House HF2072 1 02/12/2004 Text icon Nelson, C. Rochester sales tax revenue usage specified.
House HF2062 2 02/16/2004 Text icon Bradley Rochester National Volleyball Center Phase II expansion bonds authorized, and money appropriated.
House HF2023 2 02/16/2004 Text icon Lanning Drug paraphernalia violation penalties increased.
House HF2015 2 02/16/2004 Text icon Smith Bullet resistant vests for peace officers increased reimbursement provided.
House HF2007 3 02/26/2004 Text icon Nelson, C. Reading record reflecting student strengths and weaknesses in reading provided.
House HF1999 1 02/12/2004 Text icon Cornish School innovation and cooperative planning grants provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1993 1 02/12/2004 Text icon Kuisle Biomass or mixed municipal solid waste energy resource recovery facilities materials and supplies sales tax exemption provided.
House HF1989 10 03/17/2004 Text icon Fuller Methamphetamine precursor drug sale regulated, reporting of transactions authorized, education program for retailers required, criminal penalties expanded and increased, methamphetamine lab cleanup fund established, and money appropriated.
House HF1986 5 03/11/2004 Text icon Johnson, J. Minors under 18 required to attend school as a requirement to possessing a driver's permit or license.
House HF1984 3 03/08/2004 Text icon Gunther University of Minnesota funding provided for purchase of a medical research facility in Rochester, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF1976 5 03/22/2004 Text icon Wilkin Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003 partial conformity provided.
House HF1974 4 03/08/2004 Text icon Knoblach Public safety radio communication system products and services sales tax exemption expanded and made permanent, system revenue bond uses expanded, and money appropriated.
House HF1957 3 02/16/2004 Text icon DeLaForest Interfering with ambulance service personnel who are providing emergency care established as a crime.
House HF1932 2 03/01/2004 Text icon Anderson, J. Children under the age of seven required to complete kindergarten prior to being admitted to the first grade, and waivers provided.
House HF1925 10 05/13/2004 Text icon Kahn Minnesota Twins community ownership process provided.
House HF1922 1 02/09/2004 Text icon Demmer Olmsted County municipal solid waste combustor upgrade and expansion grant provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF1915 11 03/22/2004 Text icon Klinzing Epinephrine; students allowed to possess or have immediate access to nonsyringe injectors of epinephrine.
House HF1858 4 03/08/2004 Text icon Erickson Library capital improvement grants authorized, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF1850 3 02/16/2004 Text icon Swenson Local road improvement program funding provided, program funding of loans abolished, rural road safety program established in the local road improvement fund, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF1849 4 02/19/2004 Text icon Ruth Local bridge replacement, rehabilitation, and repair funding provided; bonds issued; and money appropriated.
House HF1831 3 02/19/2004 Text icon Demmer School district board powers and duties clarified relating to teacher assignment.
House HF1825 5 02/23/2004 Text icon Wardlow National Guard members permitted to be considered nonresidents for income tax purposes while in active service.
House HF1823 5 03/30/2004 Text icon Brod Income tax credit provided for specified military service.
House HF1819 7 03/30/2004 Text icon Brod Civil and criminal protections clarified for National Guard or other armed forces personnel who apply reasonable force under official military orders.
House HF1814 4 03/22/2004 Text icon Erickson Teacher training program for qualified professionals established.
House SF1769 4 05/07/2004 Text icon Kahn Minnesota Twins community ownership process provided.
House HF1756 3 02/16/2004 Text icon Swenson Veterinary practice requirements modified, and licenses provided.
House HF1734 4 02/26/2004 Text icon Harder Small wind energy facilities additional renewable production incentives authorized.
House HF1732 7 03/18/2004 Text icon Harder Intentional exposure of animals to disease criminal penalty provided, trespass on agricultural land prohibited, civil remedies provided, and criminal penalties imposed.
House HF1728 7 03/29/2004 Text icon Nelson, C. Crime victim service grant increases and reductions capped at ten percent per judicial district, and task force established to develop recommendations for a formula for distribution of grants.
House HF1681 29 04/02/2004 Text icon Bradley Omnibus health and human services finance bill, providing health plan and health care policy, making health and human services forecast adjustments and reductions, and appropriating money.
House HF1670 7 03/03/2004 Text icon Urdahl Manure digester loans interest-free status extended.
House HF1668 4 03/25/2004 Text icon Urdahl Dairy operation investment individual income and corporate franchise tax credit provided for qualifying investments.
House HF1667 10 05/10/2004 Text icon Urdahl Dairy equipment modernization grant program established.
House HF1665 3 02/16/2004 Text icon Urdahl Dairy development and profitability enhancement program funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1661 6 02/16/2004 Text icon Nelson, C. Police misconduct false reporting misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor penalties provided.
House HF1659 4 02/16/2004 Text icon Severson Criminal gang strike force grant funding restored, and money appropriated.
House HF1625 2 05/16/2003 Text icon Sertich Small business technical assistance funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1621 5 03/01/2004 Text icon Cornish Local government planning assistance funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1620 5 03/18/2004 Text icon Demmer School buses and Head Start buses inspection by certified inspectors provided.
House HF1551 1 04/16/2003 Text icon Demmer Spring turkey hunting license selection process modified.
House HF1524 1 04/10/2003 Text icon Demmer Higher education student grants made conditional upon students completing their education.
House HF1515 3 04/30/2003 Text icon Harder Renewable Energy for a New Economic Development Horizon Act adopted imposing a renewable energy standard and a renewable energy objective.
House HF1437 10 04/15/2004 Text icon Cornish Telephone polling disclosure requirements provided.
House HF1435 1 04/02/2003 Text icon Demmer Public Employees Retirement Association police and fire plan survivor benefit authorized for the survivor of a specified deceased member.
House HF1416 2 04/03/2003 Text icon Urdahl Littering offense surcharge imposed for throwing cigarettes from a motor vehicle.
House SF1373 8 05/14/2004 Text icon Cornish Telephone polling disclosure requirements provided.
House HF1333 8 04/22/2003 Text icon Westrom Renewable energy production incentive requirements clarified relating to small wind energy conversion and on-farm biogas recovery facilities, electric utilities assessed for funding, and megawatts limit increased.
House HF1273 3 04/01/2003 Text icon Meslow State purchasing reverse auction procedures required.
House HF1254 1 03/27/2003 Text icon Harder Biogas; qualified on-farm biogas recovery facility definition expanded for the renewable energy production incentive.
House HF1240 1 03/26/2003 Text icon Magnus Wind energy eligible for incentive payments amount increased.
House HF1227 3 04/07/2003 Text icon Meslow Education policy bill renaming Department of Children, Families, and Learning the Department of Education; redefining middle school; requiring abstinence education; and modifying teacher licensure and other education policy provisions.
House HF1183 3 04/09/2003 Text icon Osterman Biotechnology and health sciences industry tax free zone establishment authorized, tax exemptions provided, and tax benefit repayment provided.
House HF1176 1 03/26/2003 Text icon Kuisle Mileage restriction in the definition of qualified small city eliminated relating to tax increment financing.
House HF1123 4 04/10/2003 Text icon Smith Criminal and traffic offenders surcharge increased, public defender applicants required to pay certain co-payments, collection authorized through the Revenue Recapture Act, and money appropriated.
House HF1122 5 04/03/2003 Text icon Adolphson Public notice and proceedings publication alternative methods provided.
House HF1109 2 04/02/2003 Text icon Krinkie School board contracting requirements for certain noninstructional services modified.
House HF1105 4 05/16/2003 Text icon Dorman Individual income tax checkoffs provided for additional funding to K-1 education, health care, higher education, early childhood and family education, and state parks.
House HF1096 3 04/09/2003 Text icon Harder Rural economic infrastructure opportunities expanded, and annual appropriation established for ethanol production and other rural infrastructure.
House HF1090 8 05/19/2003 Text icon Demmer Plant pest, pest control, and seed laws recodified and clarified; penalties imposed; and money appropriated.
House HF1042 4 04/10/2003 Text icon Wardlow Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission name changed to Minnesota Sports and Entertainment Commission, commission membership modified, and Metrodome net sales proceeds disposition modified.
House HF1023 2 03/26/2003 Text icon Abeler School bus emission reduction encouraged, and repairs and technologies to protect students from emissions by school districts permitted.
House HF0956 10 04/10/2003 Text icon Magnus Veterans homes fund usage clarified relating to wood shops.
House HF0939 2 03/20/2003 Text icon Nelson, C. English as a second language instruction completion certificates provided.
House HF0936 5 05/19/2003 Text icon Nelson, C. Special education pilot program established to exempt school districts from special education mandates beyond those required by federal law.
House HF0932 3 04/10/2003 Text icon Vandeveer Property appraisal provided every five years.
House HF0927 5 02/12/2004 Text icon Wilkin St. Paul segment of I-35E speed limit established.
House HF0921 7 05/16/2003 Text icon Soderstrom Sex offender treatment co-pays authorized.
House HF0907 2 03/20/2003 Text icon Tingelstad School boards directed to adopt a policy prohibiting bullying and intimidation, and existing violence and harassment policy consistency required.
House HF0906 6 05/19/2003 Text icon Holberg Student survey notice requirements provided.
House SF0906 10 02/13/2004 134 Text icon Soderstrom Sex offender treatment co-pays authorized, and obscene or pornographic material banned from persons civilly committed as sexual psychopathic personalities or sexually dangerous.
House HF0899 3 04/03/2003 Text icon Dorman Ethanol content increased in all gasoline sold in Minnesota.
House HF0892 11 03/11/2004 Text icon Gunther Independent telephone companies deregulated.
House HF0885 13 03/04/2004 Text icon Seifert Canning; food licensing and inspection requirements exemption provided for producers of certain home-processed and home-canned foods, and food licensing and inspection requirements clarified.
House HF0873 7 04/10/2003 Text icon Dorman County records examination by private accountants authorized and state audit mandate by state auditor removed.
House HF0846 1 03/13/2003 Text icon Adolphson Wetlands replacement requirements for public transportation projects modified.
House HF0826 2 04/01/2003 Text icon Seifert Higher education financial aid requirements modified to include a service requirement for certain stipends.
House HF0819 1 03/10/2003 Text icon Bradley University Center Rochester capital improvement funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0670 3 03/17/2003 Text icon Holberg Woman's Right to Know Act requiring informed consent of a female upon whom an abortion is performed, and providing civil remedies.
House HF0616 7 03/06/2003 Text icon Finstad Prescription drug assistance program established through the Board on Aging, and appropriations transferred.
House HF0587 1 02/24/2003 Text icon Urdahl Rural Minnesota Catch-Up Credit income tax credit provided for job creation and retention.
House HF0585 9 04/09/2003 Text icon Nornes Certified public accountants authorized to perform annual audits for county nursing homes.
House HF0535 4 05/19/2003 Text icon Nelson, C. Independent School District No. 535, Rochester, authorized to begin school year on any date set by school district.
House HF0532 16 05/14/2004 244 Text icon Howes Snowmobile use of highway right-of-way provisions modified.
House HF0517 14 04/23/2003 Text icon Demmer Children, Families, and Learning Department renamed the Department of Education.
House SF0479 7 05/08/2003 53 Text icon Nornes Certified public accountants authorized to perform annual audits for county nursing homes.
House HF0424 6 03/06/2003 Text icon Nelson, C. Charter school leave provisions modified.
House HF0352 8 05/11/2004 Text icon Wilkin Parental consent for certain medical treatments modified, parental access to minor's medical records permitted, and minor consent agreements provided.
House HF0348 7 03/13/2003 Text icon Kielkucki Type III vehicle usage for transport of school children age of vehicle provision extended.
House SF0296 7 05/19/2003 130 Text icon Demmer Department of Children, Families, and Learning renamed the Department of Education.
House HF0261 10 04/30/2003 Text icon Boudreau Minnesota Citizens' Personal Protection Act of 2003 adopted recognizing the right of law-abiding citizens to self-protection, authorizing pistol permits, providing criminal penalties, and appropriating money.
House HF0247 4 02/10/2003 Text icon Nelson, C. Military service credit purchase sunset eliminated.
House HF0208 6 05/19/2003 Text icon Kuisle Renewable energy source definition expanded to include mixed municipal waste.
House HF0127 12 05/19/2003 Text icon Carlson Special education; Congress and the President memorialized by resolution to carry through on their pledge to fund 40 percent of special education costs.
House HF0075 6 02/24/2003 Text icon Johnson, J. Joint and several liability apportionment regulated.
House HR0009 10 05/05/2003 Text icon Boudreau A house resolution recognizing May 1, 2003, as a Day of Prayer in Minnesota.
House HF0005 9 03/24/2003 Text icon Bradley Prescription drug program established and money appropriated.
House HF0004 1 01/09/2003 Text icon Westerberg Trunk highway improvement bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0003 4 03/10/2003 Text icon Magnus Tax-free property zones established, exemptions provided for individuals and businesses, state aid and repayment of tax benefits provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0002 10 02/17/2003 Text icon Kielkucki Profile of learning repealed and replaced; and legislative review of proposed academic standards in language arts, mathematics, science, history, and geography required.
House HF0001 15 01/30/2003 Text icon Stanek Anti-terrorism; driver's license information regulation provided including proof of identity and residency, and federal laws and regulations adopted.