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77 Documents Found in Legislative Session 83 (2003-2004)
for Authors of "Haas"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3102 1 03/18/2004 Text icon Gunther Cosmetology and barbering regulation merged under one state examiners board.
House HF3064 4 03/26/2004 Text icon Haas Administration Department required to rent out space in a specified St. Paul state-owned building.
House HF2889 1 03/10/2004 Text icon Westerberg No-fault automobile insurance medical, death, and disability compensation adjusted.
House HF2886 1 03/10/2004 Text icon Haas Volunteer firefighter relief association statewide retirement plan task force created, and money appropriated.
House HF2762 14 05/16/2004 268 Text icon Wilkin Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association regulated, board composition provided, incentive authorized for participation in a disease management program, plans modified, health occupations regulated, and study required.
House HF2687 1 03/01/2004 Text icon Haas Campaign corporate spending restrictions modified.
House HF2684 16 04/07/2004 Text icon Haas Omnibus state government finance bill providing funding for the general legislative and administrative expenses of state government, establishing the Fair Campaign Reform Act, and appropriating money.
House HF2629 9 05/13/2004 Text icon Haas Planning office transfer to Department of Administration codified, forward pricing for energy purchases authorized, Small Business Procurement Advisory Council reinstated, and money appropriated.
House HF2610 2 03/15/2004 Text icon Zellers Brooklyn Park Northwest Hennepin Family Center funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2592 1 03/01/2004 Text icon Jacobson St. Paul; Ford Building demolition funding restrictions imposed.
House HF2533 6 05/03/2004 Text icon Bradley Tobacco product tax increased, MinnesotaCare tax on health care providers reduced, Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association assessment eliminated, and money appropriated.
House HF2485 3 03/10/2004 Text icon Zellers Marked Trunk Highway 610 segment completion as a four-lane freeway funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2462 7 05/14/2004 Text icon Haas Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association provisions modified.
House HF2437 5 05/14/2004 Text icon Haas Health insurance regulation changes provided, and banking and insurance laws modified to accommodate health savings accounts.
House HF2434 1 02/26/2004 Text icon Haas Emergency vehicle lights and sirens consistent standards provided.
House HF2340 7 04/28/2004 Text icon Haas Technology enterprise fund outstanding balance transferred to the general fund, funding provided for completion of projects underway, and money appropriated.
House HF2255 11 05/15/2004 271 Text icon Anderson, B. Claims against the state settlement provided, and money appropriated.
House SF2241 10 05/13/2004 238 Text icon Haas Technology enterprise fund outstanding balance transferred to the general fund, funding provided for completion of projects underway, and money appropriated.
House HF2135 5 04/21/2004 Text icon Haas Lottery gaming machines provided, tax imposed on gaming machine revenue and revenue use specified, powers and duties granted to the state lottery director, and card games authorized at a gaming facility.
House HF2034 10 05/14/2004 Text icon Haas State contract labor agreements and compensation plans ratified.
House HF1946 4 03/08/2004 Text icon Haas State employees required to reimburse employer for personal use of state vehicles.
House SF1866 6 05/16/2004 296 Text icon Haas State contract labor agreements and compensation plans ratified.
House HF1835 8 02/19/2004 Text icon Seifert Lawful gambling lawful purpose expenditures expanded to include sending certain veterans to National World War II Memorial dedication events.
House HF1820 7 03/30/2004 Text icon Brod National Guard member tuition reimbursement increased, and money appropriated.
House HF1819 7 03/30/2004 Text icon Brod Civil and criminal protections clarified for National Guard or other armed forces personnel who apply reasonable force under official military orders.
House HF1703 8 05/12/2004 Text icon Lipman Voting system; uniform statewide voting system acquisition, Help America Vote Act conformity, and election administration provided; and money appropriated.
House HF1681 29 04/02/2004 Text icon Bradley Omnibus health and human services finance bill, providing health plan and health care policy, making health and human services forecast adjustments and reductions, and appropriating money.
House SF1524 16 05/19/2003 Text icon Haas Omnibus state government finance bill.
House HF1329 1 03/31/2003 Text icon Ozment State lottery annual reports required on maximizing revenues to the environmental trust fund.
House HF1297 2 04/09/2003 Text icon Westerberg Mandatory automobile insurance enforcement provisions modified.
House HF1272 1 03/27/2003 Text icon Gunther New plumbing installation inspection requirements established, and health commissioner allowed to charge fees to hire staff.
House HF1152 1 03/24/2003 Text icon Haas Health care assistance funds disbursement regulated under public safety officer benefits program.
House HF1126 4 05/19/2003 Text icon Haas Shared technology systems funding provisions modified.
House HF1094 3 03/27/2003 Text icon Haas Military Affairs Department funding provided for forces called to state active duty by the governor, and money appropriated.
House HF1055 2 03/31/2003 Text icon Westerberg Residential mortgage originator employee registration required.
House HF1029 2 03/24/2003 Text icon Lindgren Triploid grass carp authorized for aquatic vegetation control.
House HF1024 2 04/07/2003 Text icon Kuisle State contracting and state printing services provisions modified.
House HF1020 2 03/27/2003 Text icon Haas Casino authorized and operated by the state, revenue sharing with Native American governments provided, tax imposed, revenue use specified, on-sale liquor license authorized, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF1005 1 03/20/2003 Text icon Westerberg No-fault personal injury protection automobile coverage amended, health care provider prompt billing incentives provided, and insurance fraud reduced.
House HF0922 3 04/01/2003 Text icon Kielkucki Public hospital employees exempted from any salary and wage rate freeze.
House HF0916 2 03/20/2003 Text icon Abeler Lead hazard reduction project funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0854 3 04/14/2003 Text icon Rhodes Mechanical contractors bond requirement established and filing fee authorized.
House HF0843 1 03/13/2003 Text icon Seifert Higher education financial aid requirements modified to include service requirement for certain stipends.
House SF0842 18 04/28/2003 28 Text icon Cornish Minnesota Citizens' Personal Protection Act of 2003 adopted modifying concealed handgun carrying permit requirements, imposing criminal penalties, and appropriating money; and Natural Resources Department provisions modified.
House HF0823 3 03/20/2003 Text icon Cornish Natural resources commissioner's authority modified relating to employees, gifts, and grants; state parks working capital fund modified; and other natural resources administrative provisions modified.
House HF0789 6 02/16/2004 Text icon Hoppe Game and migratory waterfowl refuge provisions modified, suspension of license and permit privileges provided, mourning dove hunting season authorized, and other game and fish license provisions modified.
House HF0755 1 03/06/2003 Text icon Abeler Monitoring agricultural chemicals in groundwater responsibility transferred to commissioner of health, definition of pollutant modified, pesticide restrictions authorized, pesticide fee increased, money appropriated.
House HF0749 11 05/01/2003 Text icon Haas Omnibus state government finance bill.
House HF0727 6 04/09/2003 Text icon Wilkin Health coverage proposed mandates evaluation provided.
House HF0679 7 05/14/2003 Text icon Anderson, B. Claims against the state payment provided for persons injured while performing community service and sentencing to service work, and money appropriated.
House HF0673 12 05/19/2003 109 Text icon Haas Comprehensive health association authorized to offer policies with higher annual deductibles, writing carrier contract extension permitted, and other provisions clarified.
House HF0670 3 03/17/2003 Text icon Holberg Woman's Right to Know Act requiring informed consent of a female upon whom an abortion is performed, and providing civil remedies.
House HF0667 1 02/27/2003 Text icon Thissen Military certificates of discharge classified as private data.
House HF0659 2 03/27/2003 Text icon Gerlach Auto insurance authorized to cover damage to glass on the same basis as damage to other parts of an automobile.
House HF0616 7 03/06/2003 Text icon Finstad Prescription drug assistance program established through the Board on Aging, and appropriations transferred.
House HF0596 3 03/06/2003 Text icon Westrom Service animals; harming a service animal criminal penalties and restitution provided.
House HF0590 3 04/03/2003 Text icon Haas Child care assistance fraud prevention provisions adopted and criminal background check county fee permitted.
House HF0589 4 03/06/2003 Text icon Haas Elementary pupil transportation required for pupils living more than one mile from school.
House HF0575 9 05/14/2003 Text icon Gerlach Art expenditures in state-financed buildings limited.
House SF0552 7 05/16/2003 88 Text icon Anderson, B. Claims against the state payment provided for persons injured while performing community service, sentencing to service work, and other claims, and money appropriated.
House HF0546 2 02/27/2003 Text icon Tingelstad Coon Rapids interchange at Hanson Boulevard and Highway 10 and travel lanes between Egret and Round Lake Boulevards funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0534 9 05/19/2003 Text icon Haas Local government rule petition process made permanent and good cause rule exemption notice requirements imposed.
House HF0491 10 03/01/2004 Text icon Samuelson Nursing facility regulatory requirements and standards modified.
House HF0460 1 02/17/2003 Text icon Haas Highway 10 reconstruction funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0456 7 05/06/2003 30 Text icon Mullery Hennepin County; Victory Memorial Drive designated as a historic district.
House HF0395 4 04/22/2003 Text icon Abeler Driver's license revocation reinstatement fees increased and reallocated.
House HF0391 5 05/19/2003 Text icon Olsen, S. School districts authorized to convert, by election, from election by district to election at large.
House HF0390 5 05/19/2003 Text icon Erickson Elections conducted by mail; county auditor approval requirement eliminated.
House HF0300 1 02/06/2003 Text icon Haas Champlin pedestrian bridge construction materials sales tax exemption provided.
House HF0297 11 05/19/2003 Text icon Haas Health commissioner directed not to adopt certain proposed rules relating to administrative billing.
House HF0202 6 04/09/2003 Text icon Olsen, S. Referendum equalization aid program expanded, and alternative facilities aid eliminated.
House HF0195 10 03/24/2003 Text icon Rhodes Voting integrity and voter access account established, funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0164 2 01/30/2003 Text icon Haas Patient consent required to collect health data, and adoption of certain proposed rules prohibited.
House HF0138 1 01/23/2003 Text icon Haas State government appropriations reductions, and state government operation procedures modified.
House HF0114 4 03/26/2003 Text icon Olsen, S. Trunk Highway 610 project completion funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0045 5 03/24/2003 Text icon Haas Mille Lacs Lake Fishing Management Committee established and appointments provided.
House SF0030 8 05/19/2003 Text icon Haas Good cause rule exemption notice requirements imposed.