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63 Documents Found in Legislative Session 83 (2003-2004)
for Authors of "Eastlund"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3200 2 05/13/2004 Text icon Buesgens Legislative sessions limited to odd-numbered years.
House HF3164 1 04/05/2004 Text icon Urdahl Obesity and weight gain civil actions prohibited.
House HF2811 1 03/08/2004 Text icon Eastlund Independent School District No. 15, St. Francis, alternative teacher compensation model and teacher academy grant provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2798 10 03/24/2004 Text icon Holberg Marriage defined as a union between one man and one woman, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF2786 4 03/10/2004 Text icon Demmer Teacher contract negotiation during the school year prohibited, and January 15 deadline for settling contracts repealed.
House HF2738 1 03/03/2004 Text icon Nelson, P. Local government alternative annexation process provided.
House HF2638 1 03/01/2004 Text icon Eastlund On-farm biogas recovery facility definition clarified.
House HF2285 3 03/01/2004 Text icon Wardlow Student progress to next grade level delayed for absence from school and performance below grade level.
House HF2163 4 05/06/2004 Text icon Knoblach Trespass law expanded.
House HF2026 5 04/07/2004 Text icon Wilkin Human embryo and stem cell research funding restrictions provided.
House HF1852 1 02/05/2004 Text icon Knoblach State regional park funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1825 5 02/23/2004 Text icon Wardlow National Guard members permitted to be considered nonresidents for income tax purposes while in active service.
House HF1681 29 04/02/2004 Text icon Bradley Omnibus health and human services finance bill, providing health plan and health care policy, making health and human services forecast adjustments and reductions, and appropriating money.
House HF1637 3 02/12/2004 Text icon Blaine Abortion; constitutional amendment proposed prohibiting a different standard from the United States Constitution relating to abortion.
House HF1560 1 04/22/2003 Text icon Erickson Family planning grant funds prohibited from being used to subsidize abortion services.
House SF1158 7 05/16/2003 96 Text icon Strachan DWI breath-testing instruments provisions modified.
House HF1141 4 04/22/2003 Text icon Samuelson Veterans homes statutory language updated and corrected.
House SF1080 13 05/12/2004 219 Text icon Samuelson National guard members tuition and textbook reimbursement program grants increased, and veterans homes statutory language updated and corrected.
House HF1071 16 03/25/2004 Text icon Seifert Speeding violations of the 60 miles per hour speed limit not exceeding five miles per hour not recorded on driving record, and engineering and traffic investigations required on trunk highways in order to adjust speed limits.
House HF1045 3 03/31/2003 Text icon Eastlund Support obligations of certain persons called into active military service modified.
House HF1042 4 04/10/2003 Text icon Wardlow Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission name changed to Minnesota Sports and Entertainment Commission, commission membership modified, and Metrodome net sales proceeds disposition modified.
House HF1035 8 04/22/2003 Text icon Strachan DWI breath-testing instruments provisions modified.
House HF1014 1 03/20/2003 Text icon Olson, M. School districts and Department of Children, Families, and Learning prohibited from accepting federal or nongovernmental grants where the actual costs of implementing the program exceed the amount of the grant.
House HF0921 7 05/16/2003 Text icon Soderstrom Sex offender treatment co-pays authorized.
House HF0917 1 03/17/2003 Text icon Otremba Marriage dissolution orientation program attendance required.
House HF0915 3 03/31/2003 Text icon Blaine Dairy and other nutritional product markets enhanced, availability and sale in public schools regulated, and certain contract provisions prohibited between beverage vendors and schools.
House SF0906 10 02/13/2004 134 Text icon Soderstrom Sex offender treatment co-pays authorized, and obscene or pornographic material banned from persons civilly committed as sexual psychopathic personalities or sexually dangerous.
House HF0902 3 04/02/2003 Text icon DeLaForest Native grass seeds purchase prohibited with dedicated highway funds.
House HF0846 1 03/13/2003 Text icon Adolphson Wetlands replacement requirements for public transportation projects modified.
House HF0843 1 03/13/2003 Text icon Seifert Higher education financial aid requirements modified to include service requirement for certain stipends.
House HF0773 2 03/26/2003 Text icon Hilty Electronic security system company employees and license applicant criminal background checks required, procedures established, discharge authorized, license endorsement disqualification authorized, and criminal penalties imposed.
House HF0737 1 03/06/2003 Text icon Lesch Defendant attorney fee for certain appeals payment by government units not required.
House HF0726 1 03/06/2003 Text icon Hackbarth Independent School District No. 15, St. Francis, student safety improvements funded through proceeds from sale of certain school property.
House HF0700 8 05/06/2003 35 Text icon Eastlund Civil action immunity provided for good faith reports to or requests for assistance from law enforcement.
House HF0677 16 05/16/2003 85 Text icon Erickson Licensure requirements modified for architects, engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, geoscientists, and interior designers.
House HF0668 13 03/31/2003 Text icon Holberg Woman's Right to Know Act requiring informed consent of a female upon whom an abortion is performed, providing civil remedies, and appropriating money.
House HF0664 5 03/13/2003 Text icon Eastlund Child support guidelines provided, fee imposed, and money appropriated.
House HF0616 7 03/06/2003 Text icon Finstad Prescription drug assistance program established through the Board on Aging, and appropriations transferred.
House HF0590 3 04/03/2003 Text icon Haas Child care assistance fraud prevention provisions adopted and criminal background check county fee permitted.
House HF0580 10 05/12/2004 Text icon Erickson Abstinence until marriage premised curriculum and instruction required.
House HF0480 14 03/15/2004 137 Text icon Knoblach Job reference information disclosure protections provided, schools required to disclose data relating to acts of violence or inappropriate sexual contact with students, and employee right to inspect personnel records regulated.
House HF0452 2 03/03/2003 Text icon Seagren Charter school additional formation and sponsorship methods provided.
House HF0436 6 03/04/2004 Text icon Holberg Family planning grant funds prohibited from being used to subsidize abortion services.
House HF0422 2 02/17/2003 Text icon Abeler School district staff development revenue distribution restrictions removed.
House HF0396 3 03/10/2003 Text icon Nelson, P. North Branch; Trunk Highway 95 bridge construction funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0380 1 02/13/2003 Text icon Smith State correctional capacity increase plan report required.
House HF0352 8 05/11/2004 Text icon Wilkin Parental consent for certain medical treatments modified, parental access to minor's medical records permitted, and minor consent agreements provided.
House HF0347 8 05/19/2003 Text icon Eastlund Student instruction and staff development training additional days mandate repealed.
House HF0330 8 05/19/2003 Text icon Sviggum State employee labor agreements and compensation plans ratified with certain exceptions.
House HF0308 1 02/06/2003 Text icon Eastlund Minneapolis Employee Retirement Fund prior service credit purchase authorized for former temporary employment.
House HF0294 26 05/19/2003 123 Text icon Eastlund Military reserve; state employees called to active duty from the National Guard or other military reserves authorized to receive payment of a salary differential, and local governments authorized to pay similar salary.
House SF0293 8 04/03/2003 11 Text icon Sviggum State employee labor agreements and compensation plans ratified with certain exceptions.
House HF0277 4 03/26/2003 Text icon Penas Minnesota Citizens' Personal Protection Act of 2003 adopted recognizing the right of law-abiding citizens to self-protection, authorizing pistol permits, providing criminal penalties, and appropriating money.
House HF0240 1 01/29/2003 Text icon Soderstrom Waste processing grants outstanding obligations canceled for specified counties.
House HF0110 14 05/19/2003 Text icon Smith Minnesota Child Support Act established; family law reform and recodification relating to marriage dissolution, child custody, child support, maintenance, and property division provided; and money appropriated.
House HF0096 4 04/02/2003 Text icon Smith Public safety officer health insurance benefit reimbursement policy modified, and specified claims reimbursed from available funds.
House HF0083 2 01/21/2003 Text icon Buesgens Local governments prohibited from hiring lobbyists.
House HF0029 7 04/30/2003 Text icon Bradley MinnesotaCare provider taxes repealed, pass-through of savings required, and cigarette and tobacco tax increases provided.
House HF0005 9 03/24/2003 Text icon Bradley Prescription drug program established and money appropriated.
House HF0004 1 01/09/2003 Text icon Westerberg Trunk highway improvement bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0003 4 03/10/2003 Text icon Magnus Tax-free property zones established, exemptions provided for individuals and businesses, state aid and repayment of tax benefits provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0002 10 02/17/2003 Text icon Kielkucki Profile of learning repealed and replaced; and legislative review of proposed academic standards in language arts, mathematics, science, history, and geography required.
House HF0001 15 01/30/2003 Text icon Stanek Anti-terrorism; driver's license information regulation provided including proof of identity and residency, and federal laws and regulations adopted.