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16 Documents Found in Legislative Session 81 (1999-2000)
for Chief Authors of "Gleason"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF4149 2 04/12/2000 Text icon Gleason Equality of rights for men and women provided, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF3928 1 02/28/2000 Text icon Gleason Richfield airport impact tax zone expenditures reimbursed by the metropolitan airports commission and federal law requirements repealed.
House HF3595 1 02/17/2000 Text icon Gleason Airline tickets purchase by public entities limited.
House HF3397 1 02/14/2000 Text icon Gleason Airport noise; Congress memorialized to direct the Federal Aviation Administration to release airport impact zone bonds revenue.
House HF3366 1 02/14/2000 Text icon Gleason Independent school district No. 280, Richfield, airport runway impact pupil unit aid provided.
House HF3347 5 03/20/2000 Text icon Gleason Administrative law and workers' compensation judges conduct regulated, and additional training authorized.
House SF2989 7 04/04/2000 355 Text icon Gleason Chief administrative law judge authorized to establish a judge training system; and compensation, administrative law, and chief administrative law judges ethical standards provided.
House HF2543 1 02/01/2000 Text icon Gleason Special school district No. 1, Minneapolis, teachers retirement fund association prior service credit purchase authorized.
House HF2542 2 02/03/2000 Text icon Gleason sales tax rebate extended to dependents.
House HF2537 2 02/03/2000 Text icon Gleason Nontaxable social security and disability income included in the sales tax rebate calculation.
House HF2495 1 02/01/2000 Text icon Gleason Minnesota amateur sports commission exhibitions not qualifying as state high school league activities repealed.
House HF2057 1 03/17/1999 Text icon Gleason Government airline ticket purchases limited.
House HF1210 1 03/01/1999 Text icon Gleason Percentage of rent constituting property taxes increased.
House HF1188 1 03/01/1999 Text icon Gleason Real property loans and private mortgage insurance (PMI) regulated, prepayment penalties prohibited, escrow account interest required, and mortgage originators and servicers net worth requirements repealed.
House HF1041 1 02/25/1999 Text icon Gleason Electronic financial terminal surcharges regulated.
House HF0953 3 03/15/1999 Text icon Gleason Nonresident truant student termination from the enrollment options program provided.