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60 Documents Found in Legislative Session 80 (1997-1998)
for Chief Authors of "Rest"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3875 1 04/03/1998 Text icon Rest Surrogate parentage agreements considered void and unenforceable, and arrangement of agreements prohibited.
House HF3710 1 02/16/1998 Text icon Rest Grade 13 program created to provide new high school graduates with the first year at a public two-year college tuition free, and higher education income tax credit allowed.
House HF3657 1 02/12/1998 Text icon Rest  
House HF3619 1 02/11/1998 Text icon Rest Job training program corporate franchise tax credit provisions modified.
House HF3392 2 02/09/1998 Text icon Rest Municipal levy limits repealed.
House HF3369 1 02/05/1998 Text icon Rest Low-income taxpayer assistance services funded, and money appropriated.
House HF3355 5 03/10/1998 Text icon Rest Investments of insurers act adopted.
House HF3240 1 02/02/1998 Text icon Rest Low-income housing property tax class rules clarified, penalties modified, and fees and penalties deposited in the housing development fund.
House HF3236 1 02/02/1998 Text icon Rest Retail sale of tobacco licensed by local units of government, specified substances disclosure exemption provided for cigar manufacturers, and the sale of unopened cartons on cigarette displays accessible to the public authorized.
House HF3175 2 02/04/1998 Text icon Rest Residential hospice advisory task force established to study facility licensure, and money appropriated.
House HF3174 1 02/02/1998 Text icon Rest Advisory council on metropolitan area critical problems established, and money appropriated.
House HF3165 9 03/16/1998 Text icon Rest Manufacturing and housing project bond allocation provided.
House HF3145 17 04/01/1998 363 Text icon Rest Housing finance agency low-income housing tax credit allocation and compliance monitoring review provided.
House HF3120 1 02/02/1998 Text icon Rest Insurance and health plan underwriting standards modified to prohibit the use of credit history of the applicant to deny coverage.
House HF3113 1 02/02/1998 Text icon Rest Dependent care income tax credit expanded.
House HF3027 1 01/29/1998 Text icon Rest Municipal tort liability exception clarified relating to snow and ice accumulation.
House HF2945 1 01/29/1998 Text icon Rest Work reporting and income withholding transmittal time lines modified relating to child support enforcement.
House HF2673 6 03/31/1998 356 Text icon Rest Compensation increase provided for state employees on leave serving as American red cross disaster volunteers.
House HF2667 4 02/11/1998 Text icon Rest Local government services advisory council membership modified, and appointments clarified.
House HF2641 5 03/10/1998 Text icon Rest Corporate professional and professional services definitions expanded to include registered physician assistants, and those licensed to practice law in foreign nations.
House HF2542 1 01/22/1998 Text icon Rest Charitable contributions subtraction authorized for individuals who do not itemize deductions for federal income tax purposes.
House HF2512 3 02/12/1998 Text icon Rest Homeowner's insurance nonrenewals regulated, and automobile and homeowner's insurance underwriting standards modified.
House HF2500 7 03/12/1998 295 Text icon Rest Customer loss or theft of a debit card limited liability provided.
House HF2482 4 02/11/1998 Text icon Rest Long-term health care insurance premium income tax credit, inputs to taxable services, and certain analgesics sales tax exemptions effective dates modified; federal conformity and property tax rebate provided; and money appropriated.
House HF2458 1 01/20/1998 Text icon Rest Pell grant percentage excluded from student financial aid calculation, and money appropriated.
House HF2364 2 02/23/1998 Text icon Rest Education income tax credit income limitations modified and maximum credit specified.
House HF2128 1 04/10/1997 Text icon Rest Homestead and agricultural municipal credit aid eliminated, and sales tax revenue dedication provided for municipal aid.
House HF2081 1 04/03/1997 Text icon Rest Omnibus property tax and education financing reform bill, and money appropriated.
House HF2066 1 04/02/1997 Text icon Rest Sales tax advisory council recommendations adopted, sales tax payment provisions modified, and rule adoption provided.
House HF1996 1 03/26/1997 Text icon Rest State bond allocation provisions updated and clarified.
House HF1995 1 03/25/1997 Text icon Rest Public bond issuance and public fund investment provisions modified.
House HF1526 1 03/13/1997 Text icon Rest Learning year revenue authorized for half-day kindergarten pupils.
House HF1367 5 05/06/1997 Text icon Rest Major league baseball stadium construction and maintenance provided, taxes authorized, and money appropriated.
House HF1263 2 03/19/1997 Text icon Rest County capital improvement bond sunset date extended.
House HF1242 1 03/05/1997 Text icon Rest Education now and babies later (MN ENABL) teen pregnancy prevention program expanded, and money appropriated.
House HF1223 5 04/16/1997 Text icon Rest Impounded vehicle notice required within three days.
House HF1190 2 03/10/1997 Text icon Rest Economic efficiency and pollution reduction act adopted, and money appropriated.
House HF0869 1 02/20/1997 Text icon Rest Municipal board member per diem reimbursement increased.
House HF0844 3 04/08/1997 Text icon Rest Birth defects information system established, and money appropriated.
House HF0815 1 02/20/1997 Text icon Rest Tax increment financing fiscal disparities contribution requirements modified.
House HF0794 1 02/17/1997 Text icon Rest Minnesota professional firms act adopted.
House HF0709 2 03/10/1998 Text icon Rest Seasonal recreational residential property tax class rate reduced.
House HF0685 2 03/13/1997 Text icon Rest Local government innovation and efficiency program established, and money appropriated.
House HF0639 1 02/10/1997 Text icon Rest Property tax reform provided, K-12 education financing modified, property tax class rates modified, truth-in-budgeting program established, state property tax aid programs modified, and money appropriated.
House HF0627 1 02/10/1997 Text icon Rest Low-income housing property tax class uniform rules established, apartment and nonhomestead residential property tax class rates reduced, penalties imposed, rulemaking authorized; and money appropriated.
House HF0542 1 02/06/1997 Text icon Rest Municipal incorporation, detachment, and annexation authority transferred to the office of strategic and long-range planning and the office of administrative hearings; and money appropriated.
House HF0532 2 02/24/1997 Text icon Rest Municipalities allowed to transfer local property tax assessment board of review duties and responsibilities to counties.
House HF0520 1 02/06/1997 Text icon Rest Municipal joint planning and aid provided in certain instances.
House HF0512 11 05/09/1997 148 Text icon Rest Municipal bankruptcy filing authorized.
House HF0510 1 02/06/1997 Text icon Rest Waste management and treatment procedures provided for unincorporated areas.
House HF0497 1 02/06/1997 Text icon Rest Proposed property tax notice and truth in taxation advertising provisions modified.
House HF0488 1 02/06/1997 Text icon Rest MSRS, teachers retirement association, and first-class city teachers retirement association members authorized service credit purchase for voluntary federal service.
House HF0477 1 02/06/1997 Text icon Rest County commissioners removed from the Minnesota municipal board.
House HF0459 1 02/06/1997 Text icon Rest Municipal annexation state policy established.
House HF0450 5 04/29/1997 Text icon Rest Legislative audit commission membership provisions modified.
House HF0413 2 03/17/1997 Text icon Rest Job training income tax credit provided.
House HF0339 2 02/03/1997 Text icon Rest Property tax fiscal disparities determination provisions modified.
House HF0165 1 01/27/1997 Text icon Rest Property tax market value limitation formula modified and program duration extended.
House HF0117 18 05/19/1997 227 Text icon Rest Tobacco retail license establishment required by local units of government, mandatory penalties provided for sales to minors, compliance checks required, self-service sales restricted, and tobacco product substance disclosure required.
House HF0078 1 01/16/1997 Text icon Rest State primary election name changed, candidate party support required, primary election date changed, and election procedures, terms, and deadlines modified.