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14 Documents Found in Legislative Session 80 (1997-1998)
for Chief Authors of "Broecker"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF2864 1 01/29/1998 Text icon Broecker Property tax rebate to include rebate for prepaid taxes.
House HF2755 1 01/26/1998 Text icon Broecker Youth intervention program grants provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2570 1 01/22/1998 Text icon Broecker State contracting agency retainage payment options modified.
House HF2569 1 01/22/1998 Text icon Broecker Flexible highway and metropolitan road accounts created, and highway user tax distribution fund proceeds distribution formula modified.
House HF2568 1 01/22/1998 Text icon Broecker Minors prohibited from engaging in body piercing without parental permission, and penalties provided.
House HF2112 1 04/08/1997 Text icon Broecker Lawful gambling net profit expenditure provisions modified.
House HF1974 1 03/25/1997 Text icon Broecker County state-aid highway fund turnback account and construction account fund transfers authorized.
House HF1947 2 03/25/1997 Text icon Broecker Child and adolescent sexual health institute sexual violence and prevention education programs established, and money appropriated.
House HF1596 1 03/17/1997 Text icon Broecker Trunk highway No. 49 in North Oaks Chippewa middle school pedestrian safety measures required.
House HF1497 1 03/13/1997 Text icon Broecker Higher education institution gift income tax credit allowed.
House HF1440 1 03/13/1997 Text icon Broecker Peace and police officer soft body armor reimbursement amount index provided.
House HF1226 1 03/05/1997 Text icon Broecker Ramsey county enhanced probation law enforcement community partnership pilot project grant provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0981 1 02/24/1997 Text icon Broecker Motor vehicles transferred by gift to nonprofit organizations provided sales tax exemption.
House HF0225 1 01/27/1997 Text icon Broecker Peace officers authorized to arrest persons within four hours of a violation for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.