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108 Documents Found in Legislative Session 80 (1997-1998)
for Authors of "Leppik"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3866 1 04/01/1998 Text icon Kahn Multitenant building smoking area designation restricted.
House HF3859 2 04/01/1998 Text icon McCollum Men and women provided equality of rights under the law, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF3850 1 03/16/1998 Text icon Leppik BWCA; motorboat use prohibited in boundary waters canoe area, and civil penalty provided.
House HF3522 1 02/09/1998 Text icon Hilty School district special education assessments modified.
House HF3511 1 02/09/1998 Text icon Leppik Cigarette displays accessible to the public limited to cartons of ten units or more.
House HF3457 2 02/11/1998 Text icon Paymar Outdoor tobacco advertising prohibited near schools, child care centers, and playgrounds; retail exception provided; and penalties imposed.
House HF3257 2 02/09/1998 Text icon Larsen Sauk Centre and Thistledew correctional facilities considered special education residential care and treatment programs.
House HF3256 3 02/16/1998 Text icon Leppik Heritage lakes initiative created to improve lake and ecosystem quality, and advisory council provided.
House HF2997 1 01/29/1998 Text icon Knoblach Water quality standards cost-benefit model study required, and task force created.
House HF2971 1 01/29/1998 Text icon Entenza Residential mortgage loans regulated, and table funding requirements established.
House HF2831 1 01/26/1998 Text icon Leppik Environment and natural resources bonding bill.
House HF2776 2 01/29/1998 Text icon Holsten Environment, natural resources, and agriculture supplemental appropriations bill.
House HF2748 2 02/05/1998 Text icon Tomassoni Minnesota family assets for independence initiative established for education, housing, and economic development purposes; and money appropriated.
House HF2718 2 02/02/1998 Text icon Peterson Snowmobile nonresident state trail sticker required.
House HF2712 1 01/26/1998 Text icon Bettermann Higher education supplemental appropriations provided.
House HF2707 1 01/26/1998 Text icon Kahn Electronic message authentication and reliability regulated, and government keys exempted from public inspection and copying under the government data practices act.
House HF2706 6 03/10/1998 Text icon Kahn Electronic message reliability and certification authorities required, licensing and enforcement powers specified, definitions and rulemaking provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2696 3 02/09/1998 Text icon Munger Unauthorized possession or damage of merchandise pallets prohibited, and remedies provided.
House HF2680 5 02/16/1998 Text icon Munger Permanent school fund advisory committee membership and duties expanded.
House HF2621 1 01/22/1998 Text icon Erickson Minnesota family investment program statewide payment method modified.
House HF2600 1 01/22/1998 Text icon Luther Basic sliding fee child care assistance allocation formula modified, and repealer without effect provided.
House HF2445 1 01/20/1998 Text icon Leppik School districts authorized to establish parking fees contingent upon school bus ridership.
House HF2392 1 01/20/1998 Text icon Leppik Life insurance proceeds considered income for the purpose of determining child support obligation.
House HF2338 7 02/16/1998 258 Text icon Folliard Persian Gulf War veterans bonus program modified to facilitate eligibility verification.
House HF2336 3 02/16/1998 Text icon Leppik Golden Valley authorized to collect an additional tax from the Valley Square tax increment financing district.
House HF2319 2 01/22/1998 Text icon Greiling Gifted and talented program grant local match requirement removed.
House HF2318 2 01/22/1998 Text icon Leppik Accelerated instruction required for elementary and secondary students scoring three standard deviations above the norm on standardized tests.
House HF2315 7 03/13/1998 315 Text icon Leppik Trademarks and service marks regulated, terms defined, and remedies provided.
House HF2309 10 03/18/1998 327 Text icon Leppik Equal consumer credit provided for spouses.
House HF2301 1 01/20/1998 Text icon Greenfield Physicians, acupuncturists, and physical therapists licensing and registration requirements modified.
House HF2225 1 05/16/1997 Text icon Leppik Child support obligation insurance proceed lien provided.
House HF2015 1 03/26/1997 Text icon Folliard Family connections parent involvement demonstration site established, and money appropriated.
House HF1963 1 03/25/1997 Text icon Abrams Bipartisan congressional and legislative reapportionment commission established, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF1952 1 03/24/1997 Text icon Garcia Metropolitan regional parks maintenance and operation funded, and money appropriated.
House HF1896 1 03/24/1997 Text icon Greiling Father registry established, adolescent pregnancy prevention plan established, family planning special program grant provisions modified, and money appropriated.
House HF1847 4 02/12/1998 Text icon Munger Tax-forfeited land and land bordering public waters sale provisions modified.
House HF1836 1 03/20/1997 Text icon Westrom Equal consumer credit provided for spouses.
House HF1692 7 04/22/1997 Text icon Munger Earth Day; Congress memorialized to recognize Earth Day as a national day of service and education.
House HF1690 2 02/05/1998 Text icon Hasskamp Personal watercraft operation requirements modified.
House HF1587 2 04/17/1997 Text icon Erhardt Commerce department securities and real estate fees reduced.
House HF1576 1 03/17/1997 Text icon Leppik Administrative procedure act exempt rule legal status extended.
House HF1466 1 03/13/1997 Text icon Leppik Public library and school media center data access program established, and money appropriated.
House HF1452 1 03/13/1997 Text icon Tunheim Personal watercraft operation requirements modified, safety certificate required, and money appropriated.
House HF1411 2 03/13/1997 Text icon Leppik Revenue department exempt rule duration extension provided.
House HF1398 1 03/10/1997 Text icon Munger Cook county taconite harbor project appropriated money.
House HF1391 4 04/14/1997 Text icon Long Political subdivisions permitted to define dependent for employee benefit purposes.
House HF1373 6 04/18/1997 Text icon Wagenius Child custody transfer provided via consent decree, adoptive and birth parent communication and contact agreements authorized, and child abuse or neglect relative conference and care agreements provided.
House HF1351 8 03/13/1998 Text icon Hasskamp Personal watercraft safety and courtesy act adopted.
House HF1321 1 03/10/1997 Text icon Folliard Desegregation magnet school funding provided, bond sales authorized, and money appropriated.
House HF1288 3 03/26/1997 Text icon Reuter Motor vehicle broker licensure requirement established, and new motor vehicle dealers permitted to contract for motor vehicle broker services.
House HF1251 1 03/10/1997 Text icon Kelso Bell museum K-12 education science curriculum delivery process provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1189 1 03/03/1997 Text icon Greiling Public safety department rules modified.
House HF1160 1 03/03/1997 Text icon Greenfield HIV; prenatal HIV transmission prevention education campaign provided, HIV and hepatitis B testing provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1159 1 03/03/1997 Text icon Greenfield HIV AIDS prevention education demonstration project established, grants provided to school districts, and money appropriated.
House HF1158 1 03/03/1997 Text icon Greiling Children's library service and regional public library system grants provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1150 2 04/02/1997 Text icon Greenfield HIV hepatitis B; corrections guards and peace officers provided testing for HIV and hepatitis B under certain circumstances, hypodermic needle sales permitted without prescription, and money appropriated.
House HF1135 1 03/03/1997 Text icon McCollum Massage and Oriental bodywork therapist licensure requirement established, and penalties provided.
House HF1126 1 03/03/1997 Text icon Jennings Hazardous products labeling law repealed.
House HF1104 1 03/03/1997 Text icon Leppik University of Minnesota citizen's regent candidate advisory council established, student regent requirement removed, and money appropriated.
House HF1102 4 04/14/1997 Text icon Leighton Used motor oil and filter collection and recycling plan revised.
House HF1073 1 02/27/1997 Text icon Mulder Psychology board licensee part-time practice and emeritus registration provided.
House HF1072 6 02/26/1998 Text icon Mulder Unlicensed practice of psychology criminal penalties modified, and civil and criminal liability immunity provided for reporting to and cooperating with the board of psychology.
House HF1071 5 04/23/1997 Text icon Mulder Psychology board education and supervision provisions modified.
House HF1064 1 02/27/1997 Text icon Leppik Minnesota state colleges and universities mission statement clarified.
House HF1008 1 02/27/1997 Text icon Tuma Higher education state grant student share reduced, living and miscellaneous allowance increased, work-study provided for grant recipients, and money appropriated.
House HF1006 1 02/27/1997 Text icon Munger State lottery proceed dedication to environment and natural resources trust fund duration extended indefinitely, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF0989 1 02/24/1997 Text icon Greiling High school league interschool competition authority modified.
House HF0949 7 04/22/1997 62 Text icon Wagenius Electric relay and device manufacturers deemed responsible for the waste management costs of these devices.
House HF0929 5 04/08/1997 Text icon Orfield Patient protection act adopted, health care consumer assistance program established, and money appropriated.
House HF0924 4 03/17/1997 Text icon Abrams Health plan companies required to disclose certain information to enrollees relating to financial arrangements.
House HF0895 1 02/24/1997 Text icon Kinkel State colleges and universities board of regents and board of trustees provisions modified.
House HF0878 1 02/20/1997 Text icon Bettermann Omnibus higher education appropriations bill.
House HF0874 1 02/20/1997 Text icon Knoblach Water quality standards review procedures modified, and money appropriated.
House HF0837 1 02/20/1997 Text icon Munger Toxic pollution prevention plan requirements modified.
House HF0833 1 02/20/1997 Text icon Biernat Guardian ad litem appointment required in certain cases, and spouse debt liability provisions clarified.
House HF0778 1 02/17/1997 Text icon Clark, K. Complementary alternative medicine study required, and money appropriated.
House HF0742 5 04/23/1997 Text icon Kahn Incinerator mercury emissions testing requirements modified.
House HF0719 1 02/13/1997 Text icon Rhodes Motor vehicle registration suspension authorized in certain circumstances, and registration provisions modified.
House HF0690 2 02/05/1998 Text icon Rhodes Motor vehicle compulsory insurance law violation minimum fine imposed.
House HF0688 9 05/16/1997 Text icon Paymar Cigarette advertising restricted and regulated, and penalties provided.
House HF0654 2 02/13/1997 Text icon Van Dellen MinnesotaCare hospital and health care provider gross revenue tax rate reduced.
House HF0562 1 02/10/1997 Text icon Abrams Education fiscal year levy adjustment state-aid payment provided related to the repeal of K-12 education appropriation caps, and money appropriated.
House HF0551 1 02/10/1997 Text icon Sekhon State land boundary line and trust sale provisions modified, property tax payment by natural resources commissioner provided, and public land sales authorized.
House HF0391 2 02/06/1997 Text icon Westfall Soil and water conservation district supervisor appointment provisions modified.
House HF0381 7 03/13/1998 Text icon Greenfield Nonprofit health care trust defined and transaction agreement regulation provided.
House HF0373 2 02/06/1997 Text icon Dempsey School calendar start date requirement repealed.
House HF0370 2 02/06/1997 Text icon Macklin Peace officers required to notify parents of juveniles accused of committing adult court traffic offenses.
House HF0360 1 02/03/1997 Text icon Leppik State lottery proceed dedication to environment and natural resources trust fund duration extended until 2050, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF0359 1 02/03/1997 Text icon Nornes Open enrollment and post-secondary enrollment options programs expanded.
House HF0352 2 02/06/1997 Text icon Pugh Terroristic threat crime expanded to include the display of replica grenades or explosive devices.
House HF0323 2 03/03/1997 Text icon Anderson, I. Precinct caucuses eliminated.
House HF0267 1 01/30/1997 Text icon Greiling Health care administration simplification act rule expiration and operating procedure provisions modified.
House HF0266 12 04/07/1997 28 Text icon Munger Water and soil resources board membership provisions modified.
House HF0263 1 01/30/1997 Text icon Abrams Independent school district No. 284, Wayzata, permitted to begin school year prior to Labor Day.
House HF0255 6 04/17/1997 53 Text icon Johnson, R. Environmental quality board membership modified.
House HF0238 3 02/20/1997 Text icon Leppik Third-party income tax bulk filer registration required, and civil penalty provided.
House HF0197 5 04/23/1997 Text icon Leppik Administrative procedure act rulemaking procedures modified.
House HF0182 5 04/23/1997 Text icon Greiling Legislative coordinating commission assigned responsibility for review of legislative rules.
House HF0179 11 04/22/1997 60 Text icon Bishop Health care directive and firearms safety training designation provided on drivers' licenses and identification cards.
House HF0136 6 04/18/1997 Text icon Leppik Physicians allowed to prescribe and administer controlled substances in cases of intractable pain.
House HF0112 1 01/16/1997 Text icon Leppik Passenger automobile depreciation provided for the purposes of registration tax, and motor fuel excise tax rate increased.
House HF0076 1 01/16/1997 Text icon Dehler K-12 education appropriation caps repealed, school district revenue formula modified, and money appropriated.
House HF0075 1 01/16/1997 Text icon Koskinen Medical practices board disciplinary action provisions modified.
House HF0072 1 01/16/1997 Text icon Greenfield Physical therapy council, physician assistant advisory council, respiratory care practitioners' advisory council, and acupuncture advisory council expiration dates extended.
House HF0066 1 01/16/1997 Text icon Leppik Adopt-a-park program administrative rulemaking procedure exemption continued, and timber appraisal standard provisions modified.
House HF0062 1 01/16/1997 Text icon Swenson, D. DWI; maximum allowable blood alcohol level lowered for operation of motor vehicles, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, and motorboats.
House HF0051 2 01/23/1997 Text icon Leppik Marriage dissolution decrees to include debt and real property transfer notices.
House HF0040 5 03/13/1997 Text icon Leppik State identification card created for persons under age 21.