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18 Documents Found in Legislative Session 79 (1995-1996)
for Chief Authors of "Olson, E."

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3263 1 03/01/1996 Text icon Olson, E. Metropolitan watershed district maintenance levy authority limited.
House HF3217 9 03/18/1996 360 Text icon Olson, E. Corrections, human services, natural resources, transportation, and veterans affairs departments claims payment provided, and money appropriated.
House HF3201 1 02/15/1996 Text icon Olson, E. Homestead property treatment extended to seasonal recreational property owned by individuals required to occupy a residence provided by their employers.
House HF2869 1 01/31/1996 Text icon Olson, E. Used farm machinery sales tax exemption extended permanently.
House HF2694 1 01/25/1996 Text icon Olson, E. Residential nonhomestead property tax class rate reduced in certain small cities.
House HF1910 10 05/22/1995 228 Text icon Olson, E. Corrections and veterans affairs departments appropriated money for payment of claims against the state.
House HF1457 8 04/21/1995 93 Text icon Olson, E. Becker county state land sale by natural resources commissioner authorized.
House HF1452 1 03/20/1995 Text icon Olson, E. Amateur sports commission ice arena authority increased, bond use authorized, sales tax exemption provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1262 2 04/11/1995 Text icon Olson, E. Property entry by natural resources department employees regulated and notice requirement provided.
House HF1082 8 05/05/1995 150 Text icon Olson, E. Cooperatives provided optional voting systems.
House HF0909 1 02/27/1995 Text icon Olson, E. Wetland management and protection provisions modified.
House HF0716 1 02/16/1995 Text icon Olson, E. Property value reduction as a result of government action civil cause of action provided, and attorney general required to review proposed rules relating to taking property.
House HF0674 1 02/16/1995 Text icon Olson, E. North central Minnesota educational television consortium authorized a grant to establish an interactive television network.
House HF0620 7 04/10/1995 Text icon Olson, E. Telephone company alternative regulation provided for limited periods, local exchange service competition promoted, and technical provisions modified.
House HF0505 2 02/13/1995 Text icon Olson, E. Independent school district No. 36, Kelliher, capital loan approved, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0237 1 01/26/1995 Text icon Olson, E. Veterinarians exempted from sales tax for horse and agricultural production animal care material purchases.
House HF0196 1 01/26/1995 Text icon Olson, E. Small telephone company regulatory clarification act adopted.
House HF0149 2 03/09/1995 Text icon Olson, E. County economic development appropriation authority increased.