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80 Documents Found in Legislative Session 79 (1995-1996)
for Authors of "Mares"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3293 1 03/30/1996 Text icon Osskopp Persian Gulf War veteran monetary bonus payment permitted, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF3237 2 02/29/1996 Text icon Larsen MinnesotaCare tax rate reduced for persons providing dental services.
House HF3183 1 02/12/1996 Text icon Dehler Pull-tabs; unsold pull-tab and tipboard ticket tax refund or credit provided, and money appropriated.
House HF3150 1 02/08/1996 Text icon Carlson, L. Alcohol impaired driver education program provided, and money appropriated.
House HF3106 1 02/07/1996 Text icon Broecker Independent school district No. 625, St. Paul, and special school district No. 1, Minneapolis, provided grants for reading mentorship volunteer coordination, and money appropriated.
House HF3054 1 02/05/1996 Text icon Dempsey Airport construction restricted, noise mitigation plan inclusion and soundproofing provided, transitway construction required, met center purchase authorized, and money appropriated.
House HF3023 1 02/05/1996 Text icon Mares Constitutional standard established relating to abortion, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF2961 2 02/15/1996 Text icon Jefferson Minneapolis convention center expansion provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2825 4 02/21/1996 Text icon Dorn Indian gaming negotiation commission created.
House HF2806 1 01/29/1996 Text icon Koppendrayer Nonpublic school educational aid provisions modified.
House HF2791 2 01/31/1996 Text icon Mares Independent school district No. 624, White Bear Lake, class size reduction grant provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2751 2 02/15/1996 Text icon Mulder State-funded abortion right prohibited, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF2744 1 01/29/1996 Text icon Kelso Charter school law and interdistrict open enrollment expanded.
House HF2685 1 01/25/1996 Text icon Holsten Local government lawful gambling regulation provisions modified.
House HF2682 7 03/13/1996 341 Text icon Greiling Parental leave provisions modified related to school conferences and activities.
House HF2666 2 01/29/1996 Text icon Mares Independent school district No. 624, White Bear Lake, fund transfer authorized.
House HF2549 5 02/19/1996 Text icon Ostrom Public employees running for elective office leave of absence provisions modified.
House HF2472 3 02/26/1996 Text icon Molnau Drivers' license possession conditions imposed for minors.
House HF2328 1 01/18/1996 Text icon McCollum Armory building commission fund use for construction authorized, and membership appointment and armory siting provisions modified.
House HF2318 14 04/02/1996 467 Text icon Dorn Horse racing tax imposition regulated, unredeemed ticket provisions modified, lawful gambling expenditures regulated, and enforcement powers provided.
House HF2293 1 01/18/1996 Text icon Larsen Education referendum allowance reduction discontinued.
House HF2280 1 01/18/1996 Text icon McCollum Veterans homes board of directors duties eliminated.
House HF2213 6 03/14/1996 Text icon Solberg Higher education labor agreements ratified and salary provisions modified.
House HF2156 27 04/01/1996 412 Text icon Johnson, A. Omnibus K-12 education finance supplemental appropriations bill.
House HF2118 2 01/18/1996 Text icon Ness Education technology clearinghouse and upgrade system provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1979 1 05/22/1995 Text icon Schumacher Nonpartisan legislature study required by the legislative coordinating commission.
House HF1978 1 05/22/1995 Text icon Olson, M. School district noncompliance with unfunded state mandates permitted.
House HF1974 1 05/22/1995 Text icon Anderson, B. Legislature bound by bidding, contract, and accounting laws imposed on state agencies.
House HF1907 1 05/10/1995 Text icon Mares Educational data directory information designation and release limited.
House HF1789 1 04/03/1995 Text icon Johnson, A. Special education services provided full state funding, and property tax aid offset provided.
House HF1774 1 04/03/1995 Text icon Carlson, L. School district fund transfers authorized, required fund transfer eliminated, and lease purchase levy modified.
House HF1772 1 04/03/1995 Text icon Entenza Special education services provided full state funding, fund transfers authorized, contract settlement deadline repealed, lease purchase levy modified, and property tax aid offsets provided.
House HF1769 1 03/30/1995 Text icon Lourey Youth works grant program modified, statewide education and employment transition system established, governor's workforce development council established, youth apprenticeship program modified, and money appropriated.
House HF1758 1 03/30/1995 Text icon Broecker Educational data on individuals release as directory information prohibited.
House HF1757 1 03/30/1995 Text icon Mares Property tax statewide equalization provided for commercial and industrial property; commercial, industrial, and agricultural property excluded from tax base referendum levies; and money appropriated.
House HF1737 2 04/26/1995 Text icon Broecker Collective bargaining agreements permitted for establishment of workers' compensation obligations and procedures.
House HF1600 1 03/22/1995 Text icon Jennings Independent school district No. 139, Rush City, fund transfer authorized.
House HF1599 1 03/22/1995 Text icon Swenson, D. General education formula allowance increased, class size reduction program local control expanded, staff development reserved revenue use restricted, transportation inflation factors restored, and debt service equalization aid modified.
House HF1581 1 03/22/1995 Text icon Kraus Pension plan division limitation provided upon dissolution of marriage.
House HF1564 2 04/12/1995 Text icon Holsten Lawful purpose expenditure local authority provisions modified.
House HF1452 1 03/20/1995 Text icon Olson, E. Amateur sports commission ice arena authority increased, bond use authorized, sales tax exemption provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1429 1 03/15/1995 Text icon Tomassoni Extracurricular athletic participation authorized for students enrolled in nonresident districts.
House HF1375 1 03/15/1995 Text icon Tunheim Adult basic education and adult graduation aid programs funded, and money appropriated.
House HF1364 1 03/15/1995 Text icon Mares Service learning program transportation funding provided.
House HF1355 1 03/15/1995 Text icon Knoblach Gambling control board, racing commission, and lottery board abolished, gambling regulation board created, and duties transferred.
House HF1325 1 03/13/1995 Text icon Tomassoni School district levy authority extended for retired employee health benefit costs, levy equalization provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1306 4 03/15/1995 Text icon Holsten Hunting and fishing rights affirmed and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF1296 1 03/13/1995 Text icon Ness Assurance of mastery program funded, and money appropriated.
House HF1254 1 03/09/1995 Text icon Larsen School district referendum allowance reduction discontinued.
House HF1221 1 03/09/1995 Text icon Rest Public employment labor relations provisions modified.
House HF1171 2 03/29/1995 Text icon Holsten Amateur radio station licensee vehicle special license plate appearance modified.
House HF1145 5 04/06/1995 Text icon Perlt Economic security department reemployment insurance provisions modified.
House HF1110 1 03/06/1995 Text icon Lynch Woman's right to know act adopted, and money appropriated.
House HF1043 1 03/02/1995 Text icon McElroy State treasurer office eliminated and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF1012 1 03/02/1995 Text icon Dorn Gambling control board account created for payment of pull-tab dispensing test cost reimbursement, and money appropriated.
House HF1007 1 03/02/1995 Text icon Ness Advanced placement and international baccalaureate programs funded, and money appropriated.
House HF0915 1 02/27/1995 Text icon Rukavina Prescription drug price negotiation authority granted to administration commissioner, statewide drug formulary established, and pharmacists required to post signs relating to generic drug substitution.
House HF0868 7 04/03/1995 Text icon Johnson, A. Children's services provided by human services and education departments assessment and case management reports required.
House HF0846 1 02/23/1995 Text icon Erhardt Senior citizen's property tax deferral program established, and money appropriated.
House HF0808 2 03/30/1995 Text icon Marko Kids First child abuse prevention special license plate issuance authorized, fees dedicated, and money appropriated.
House HF0705 1 02/16/1995 Text icon Mares Children and education services department established, and money appropriated.
House HF0596 1 02/13/1995 Text icon Larsen Local government pay equity law noncompliance penalties modified.
House HF0524 1 02/09/1995 Text icon Larsen McGruff program safe houses renamed McGruff houses.
House HF0523 1 02/09/1995 Text icon Erhardt Canada; Minnesota-Ontario fish importation restrictions removed.
House HF0427 1 02/06/1995 Text icon McCollum Elementary and secondary education trust fund established in state treasury, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF0369 1 02/02/1995 Text icon Ness School district noncompliance with unfunded state mandates permitted.
House HF0328 1 02/02/1995 Text icon Mares Education department appropriated money to fund 1994-1995 biennium deficiencies.
House HF0314 1 01/30/1995 Text icon Finseth Term limits imposed on legislative and executive offices and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF0308 1 01/30/1995 Text icon Paulsen MinnesotaCare modifications provided.
House HF0297 1 01/30/1995 Text icon Holsten Firearms; right to keep and bear arms not abridged and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF0272 3 03/13/1995 Text icon Lynch Interference with privacy crime to include intrusion on occupants of hotel sleeping rooms and tanning booths.
House HF0268 1 01/30/1995 Text icon Seagren School districts authorized to use facilities revenue for equipment uses.
House HF0225 1 01/26/1995 Text icon Dempsey Work first; human services public assistance eligibility provisions modified, work first program detailed and established, and money appropriated.
House HF0195 2 02/09/1995 Text icon Knight Legislature reduced in size to 51 senators and 102 representatives.
House HF0152 1 01/23/1995 Text icon Mares Teachers retirement association member authorized to make lump-sum contributions to obtain full-service credit for sabbatical leaves.
House HF0151 1 01/23/1995 Text icon Mares Minnesota manager background check act adopted.
House HF0118 2 04/05/1995 Text icon Smith Child support fund use accounting required by support recipients.
House HF0040 2 04/26/1995 Text icon Erhardt Workers' compensation benefits and procedures modified, and penalties provided.
House HF0020 3 04/26/1995 Text icon Kraus Compensation council public official salary recommendations effective only upon enactment into law.
House HF0017 1 01/05/1995 Text icon Mares School district noncompliance with unfunded state mandates permitted.