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59 Documents Found in Legislative Session 79 (1995-1996)
for Authors of "Broecker"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3258 1 02/28/1996 Text icon Larsen Working student educational savings program established.
House HF3237 2 02/29/1996 Text icon Larsen MinnesotaCare tax rate reduced for persons providing dental services.
House HF3227 2 02/22/1996 Text icon Seagren Airport construction restricted, noise mitigation plan inclusion and soundproofing provided, transitway construction required, met center purchase authorized, and money appropriated.
House HF3144 2 02/15/1996 Text icon Leppik Child and adolescent sexual health institute programs funded, and money appropriated.
House HF3106 1 02/07/1996 Text icon Broecker Independent school district No. 625, St. Paul, and special school district No. 1, Minneapolis, provided grants for reading mentorship volunteer coordination, and money appropriated.
House HF3103 1 02/07/1996 Text icon Larsen Impounded and seized animal transfer prohibited to institutions engaged in research.
House HF3023 1 02/05/1996 Text icon Mares Constitutional standard established relating to abortion, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF2969 1 02/01/1996 Text icon Broecker Ramsey county at-risk juvenile programs provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2855 2 02/22/1996 Text icon McCollum North St. Paul highway overpass construction provided.
House HF2838 2 02/19/1996 Text icon Pellow Juvenile crime data release to crime victims authorized.
House HF2791 2 01/31/1996 Text icon Mares Independent school district No. 624, White Bear Lake, class size reduction grant provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2770 2 02/08/1996 Text icon Larsen Parks; metropolitan council, metropolitan parks and open space commission, metropolitan sports facilities commission, metropolitan radio board, and metropolitan mosquito control district abolished, and duties transferred.
House HF2749 1 01/29/1996 Text icon Weaver State-funded abortion right prohibited, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF2730 1 01/29/1996 Text icon Cooper Telecommuting encouraged by public safety department and telecommuting day established.
House HF2666 2 01/29/1996 Text icon Mares Independent school district No. 624, White Bear Lake, fund transfer authorized.
House HF2554 1 01/25/1996 Text icon Broecker Speeding violations committed in parks surcharge provided.
House HF2539 2 02/05/1996 Text icon Rostberg AFDC recipients required to pick up their checks in person.
House HF2293 1 01/18/1996 Text icon Larsen Education referendum allowance reduction discontinued.
House HF2270 1 01/18/1996 Text icon Broecker Insurance assigned claim plan participation standards modified.
House HF2269 1 01/18/1996 Text icon Broecker Assurance of mastery program instruction areas modified.
House HF2131 4 02/21/1996 Text icon Seagren Handicapped accessible parking space location requirements prescribed.
House HF2021 1 01/16/1996 Text icon Broecker Teacher retirement association retired member authorized delayed application for disability benefits.
House HF2005 1 01/16/1996 Text icon Broecker Property tax penalty distribution provided.
House HF2003 6 02/15/1996 Text icon Broecker Minors prohibited from receiving tattoos without parental consent, tattoo defined, and penalties provided.
House HF1977 1 05/22/1995 Text icon Krinkie Residential and commercial property tax class rates reduced.
House HF1771 1 03/30/1995 Text icon Murphy Ombudsman; crime victim ombudsman established as an independent state office, and crime victim ombudsman appointment by and accountability to governor provided.
House HF1758 1 03/30/1995 Text icon Broecker Educational data on individuals release as directory information prohibited.
House HF1737 2 04/26/1995 Text icon Broecker Collective bargaining agreements permitted for establishment of workers' compensation obligations and procedures.
House HF1700 24 01/16/1996 226 Text icon Murphy Omnibus judiciary finance and criminal justice bill and money appropriated.
House HF1599 1 03/22/1995 Text icon Swenson, D. General education formula allowance increased, class size reduction program local control expanded, staff development reserved revenue use restricted, transportation inflation factors restored, and debt service equalization aid modified.
House HF1536 1 03/20/1995 Text icon Worke Child support obligation imposed on both parents, and child support obligation formulas established.
House HF1535 1 03/20/1995 Text icon Worke Cooperative parenting and mandatory mediation provided when joint custody is sought.
House HF1460 7 05/01/1995 134 Text icon Greiling City budget report date and budget publication requirements modified.
House HF1417 2 03/20/1995 Text icon Jennings Vitamin and mineral dietary supplements sales tax exemption provided.
House HF1390 1 03/15/1995 Text icon Broecker Commercial drivers' license separate disqualification review process abolished.
House HF1359 1 03/15/1995 Text icon Smith Public assistance recipient landlord vendor payments required.
House HF1277 1 03/13/1995 Text icon Hausman County state-aid highway apportionment formula modified, and screening board composition changed.
House HF1254 1 03/09/1995 Text icon Larsen School district referendum allowance reduction discontinued.
House HF1253 2 04/11/1995 Text icon Seagren Ombudsman; crime victim ombudsman office duties clarified.
House HF1167 1 03/09/1995 Text icon Seagren Woman's right to know act adopted, and money appropriated.
House HF1043 1 03/02/1995 Text icon McElroy State treasurer office eliminated and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF1009 4 04/11/1995 Text icon McElroy Drivers' license reinstatement fee waived in certain cases.
House HF0900 4 04/03/1995 Text icon Broecker Disabled parking certificate holder data access limited, and certificate use and display provisions modified.
House HF0863 1 02/23/1995 Text icon Knight Legislator defined contribution retirement coverage established, new legislators limited to the unclassified employees plan.
House HF0596 1 02/13/1995 Text icon Larsen Local government pay equity law noncompliance penalties modified.
House HF0579 1 02/13/1995 Text icon Tompkins MinnesotaCare regulated all-payer option eliminated.
House HF0547 1 02/13/1995 Text icon Larsen Dental services and goods exempted from the MinnesotaCare provider tax.
House HF0495 2 02/27/1995 Text icon Molnau Transportation and public safety departments appropriated money.
House HF0442 1 02/06/1995 Text icon Swenson, D. Public defense, criminal justice, corrections, and judicial appropriations provided.
House HF0379 6 02/22/1996 Text icon Haas Home rule charter and statutory cities permitted to close certain unlawful businesses.
House HF0328 1 02/02/1995 Text icon Mares Education department appropriated money to fund 1994-1995 biennium deficiencies.
House HF0308 1 01/30/1995 Text icon Paulsen MinnesotaCare modifications provided.
House HF0256 2 02/09/1995 Text icon Knight Salaries; legislators residing within 60 miles of the capitol not to receive per diem payments.
House HF0151 1 01/23/1995 Text icon Mares Minnesota manager background check act adopted.
House HF0093 2 01/30/1995 Text icon Van Engen Motor vehicle excise tax proceeds dedicated to highway user tax distribution fund and transit assistance fund, and constitutional amendment proposed.
House HF0042 1 01/09/1995 Text icon Worke Work first; human services public assistance eligibility provisions modified, work first program detailed and established, and money appropriated.
House HF0040 2 04/26/1995 Text icon Erhardt Workers' compensation benefits and procedures modified, and penalties provided.
House HF0017 1 01/05/1995 Text icon Mares School district noncompliance with unfunded state mandates permitted.
House HF0016 1 01/05/1995 Text icon Knight Motor vehicle emission control equipment inspection program abolished.