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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Legislative Session number- 84

Bill Name: SF3017

2E Relating to game and fish; modifying critical habitat private sector matching
account requirements; defining certain hunting terms; requiring the commissioner
of finance to credit to the game and fish account money received from income
from lands acquired by the state for game and fish purposes or by purchase or
gift; providing for and modifying disposition of certain revenue; providing for
resident petition against designation of a game refuges on private land;
modifying restrictions on motorized watercraft and recreational vehicles in
wildlife management areas; modifying procedures and conditions for the
commissioner of natural resources (DNR) to confiscate property used in game and
fish law violations, requiring commissioner reimbursement for sold, lost, or
damaged property under certain conditions; providing for inspection of equipment
used to take wild animals; authorizing the commissioner to provide for special
hunts for military personnel under certain conditions; modifying certain penalty
and fee amounts; modifying certain game license provisions relating to resident
and nonresident hunting licenses; reducing the resident trapping license fees
for senior citizens; allowing moving of carcasses from kill site without tagging
under certain conditions; modifying certain transportation of fish tagging and
registration requirements; modifying certain possession of firearms provisions
for persons under a certain age, specifying certain parent and guardian duties;
regulating the collecting of antler sheds; modifying certain all season deer
license and limits requirements; establishing firearms use areas, defining
shotgun use and legal firearms areas; modifying certain provisions for fishing
contests relating to the permit application process, limits on number of fishing
contests and permit restrictions; modifying a certain provisions relating to the
transporting and stocking of fish and including shelters in the provision
prohibiting ice or dark houses on the ice on state waters between certain hours
after a certain date; extending the season for spear fishing; authorizing county
boards to offer a bounty for taking coyote; requiring the board of water and
soil resources (BOWSR) to convene a task force to address a certain public
drainage ditch buffer study recommendations and findings; providing for a
moratorium on licensing or use of new public waters for aquaculture, authorizing
the DNR to permit certain exceptions; repealing certain restrictions for
nonresident fish houses