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HF 276

Status in the House for the 88th Legislature (2013 - 2014)

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Revisor number: 13-0052
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Constitutional amendments; a resolution requesting Congress propose a constitutional amendment and if not, applying to Congress to call a constitutional convention to propose an amendment clarifying that the rights protected under the Constitution are the rights of natural persons and not artificial entities, and that spending money to influence elections is not speech under the First Amendment.




01/31/2013 Introduction and first reading, referred to Elections pg. 113 Intro
02/04/2013 Authors added Freiberg and Ward, J.A. pg. 141
02/06/2013 Authors added Kahn, Faust and Anzelc pg. 160
02/14/2013 Author added Mariani pg. 331
02/18/2013 Author added Morgan pg. 373
02/20/2013 Author added Lillie pg. 398
02/21/2013 Author added Paymar pg. 427
02/25/2013 Author added Laine pg. 473
03/04/2013 Author added Rosenthal pg. 671
03/21/2013 Committee report, to pass and re-refer to Civil Law pg. 1517
04/02/2013 Committee report, to pass pg. 1559
04/02/2013 Second reading pg. 1751
04/18/2013 Author added Ward, J.E. pg. 3505
04/22/2013 Author added Bernardy pg. 3788
04/24/2013 Author added Persell pg. 3908
04/25/2013 Author added Davnie pg. 3951
05/02/2013 Author added Winkler pg. 4252
05/03/2013 Referred to Chief Clerk for comparison with SF17 pg. 4287
05/06/2013 Bills not identical, R/S, SF substituted on General Register pg. 4322
05/06/2013 HF indefinitely postponed pg. 4322
05/06/2013 Authors added Dorholt and Melin pg. 4353
05/07/2013 Authors added Newton, Fritz, Bly, Clark pg. 4398
03/17/2014 Author stricken Paymar pg. 7188
03/31/2014 Author added Selcer pg. 8588
See Senate file in House SF17

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