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HF 2724

Status in the House for the 92nd Legislature (2021 - 2022)


Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (POST); Office of Public Safety Innovation established within Office of Justice Programs; POST adoption of rules directed for unauthorized use of force by peace officers; POST directed to amend portable recording systems policy to require showing and releasing video; civilian oversight councils permitted by local governments to impose discipline on peace officers; citizen oversight councils required to provide information to POST; POST authorized to take licensure action against licensees committing criminal acts; alternative courses to peace officer licensure task force established and funding provided; independent evaluations required; funding provided for Office of Public Safety Innovation, POST investigators, community safety grants innovation, local community policing grants, crime investigation grants, law enforcement agency portable recording systems, and opiate epidemic response grants; reports required; money transferred and appropriated.

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Introduction and first reading, referred to Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform Finance and Policy
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